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The American Identity

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The American Identity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The American Identity. Shared Values A Diverse Population (Demographics). The “American” Identity. Shared values: 1. equality – doesn’t mean everyone is the same (egalitarianism) 2. liberty – freedom, rights 3. justice – fairness, protection. American Population.

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the american identity
The American Identity
  • Shared Values
  • A Diverse Population (Demographics)

The “American” Identity

  • Shared values:

1. equality – doesn’t mean everyone is the same (egalitarianism)

2. liberty – freedom, rights

3. justice – fairness, protection


American Population

  • Diverse – many ethnic & religious groups
  • A nation of immigrants
  • “melting pot”
  • “salad bowl”
  • Native Americans – original inhabitants – not immigrants

Demographics (characteristics of a population)

  • Continuously growing population – natural increase (birthrate), adding territory, immigration.
  • More one-parent households, headed by women
  • Smaller families
  • Longer life spans – older population
  • Women working outside the home & in jobs previously held by men only.
  • More women than men attend & graduate from college.
  • More industrial than agricultural
  • Work in cities; live in suburbs or in the surrounding counties
  • Migration to the Sunbelt – South & Southwest (NC to FL to CA)
demographics continued
Demographics continued…
  • Marriage
  • Blended Families
  • Delayed marriages – marrying at an older age
  • Being single is more accepted.
  • Waiting longer to have children.
  • One or both partners bring children from previous relationships into the new marriage.
demographics continued1
Demographics continued…
  • Income
  • More 2-income families
  • More single-parent families
so what unites americans

So, what unites Americans?

All of us are descended from families that immigrated at one time or another. Even the Native Americans migrated from Asia to America.

We share a common civic and political heritage based upon the country’s founding documents – Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Bill of Rights.


We share the same values of individual rights – life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, popular sovereignty (government by consent of the governed), equal justice under law, majority rule through the people’s representatives in government).

  • English is generally accepted as the primary means of communication in education, government, and business.
  • As Americans, we demonstrate patriotism in many ways – flying the flag, singing the national anthem, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • We follow the nation’s laws and participate in civic life.
  • We stand together and fight bravely in times of trouble.