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A E I P. The Regional supplementary pension funds and the role of the local governments Committee of the Regions, 18/11/09. Important preliminary remarks:. Ageing + Demographic challenge = Declining of the public social security systems

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A e i p


The Regional supplementary pension funds


the role of the local governments

Committee of the Regions, 18/11/09

Important preliminary remarks
Important preliminary remarks:

  • Ageing + Demographic challenge = Declining of the public social security systems

  • Strong (even national) regional differentiation: population’s age + costs of living

  • Large part of the costs of old age will fall on the regional budgets

Supplementary complementary social protection funds so called ii pillar
Supplementary/complementary social protection funds (so called « II pillar »)

  • Not always compulsory for the working population

  • If voluntary, especially widespread among:

  • the strong unionized industry sectors

  • big companies having their own funds

So a large part of the european workers risk of not being covered
So, a large part of the European workers risk of not being covered


  • Many economic sectors have a low unionization rate and issues of sectoral mobility

  • The great majority of the European economy is based on SMEs

    3) LACK OF INFORMATION to the workers about the importance of the supplementary social protection

This is why some regional pension funds were set up
This is why some regional pension funds were set up!

  • Territorial proximity as fundamental criterion for the choice of adhering (SMEs workers, craftsmen, independent workers, etc)

  • Sometimes role of Regional Governments in promoting these funds or the adhesion to pension funds in general (either local or national)

  • Great question/opportunity of the local investments of these funds (potential public and private feedbacks)

Where have we found regional territorial pension schemes in the private sector so far
Where have we found regional/territorial pension schemes in the private sector (so far) ?

  • In Italy

  • In Spain

  • In France

Role of regional governments in italy and spain
Role of Regional governments in Italy and Spain

How? Through regional laws aimed to:

  • Promote information campaignsand/or

  • Finance some services of the fundsand/or

  • Providing financial help to the citizens in order to:

  • Promote the adhesions or

  • Protect the people having troubles with the payments of the contributions (solidarity)

The regional funds in italy over there pension funds are not compulsory
The regional funds in Italy(over there pension funds are not compulsory)

3 Regions have regional funds:

  • Trentino Alto Adige/Süd Tyrol (PensPlan)

    2) Valle d’Aosta (“Fopadiva” Pension Fund)

    3) Veneto (“Solidarietà Veneto” Pension fund)

Pensplan in trentino alto adige s d tirol
PensPlanin Trentino Alto Adige / Süd Tirol


Alto Adige/

Süd Tirol



A Regional Government's initiative taken through a

Regional law aimed at promoting:

  • The membership to the supplementary pensions of the local citizens

  • Know how

  • Some protection to the citizens in trouble (contributions)

  • Structure of PensPlan’s project:

  • 3 companies (PensPlan Centrum, PensPlan Service; PensPlan Invest)

    - 5 pension funds (Laborfonds is a paritarian fund, the others are “OPEN funds”)

  • Remarkable coverage of the population compared to the national average(60,1 % VS 27,1 % )

Fopadiva in valle d aosta
FopadivaIn Valle d’Aosta





  • A Regional government initiative (law) in cooperation with social partners (1999) aimed to:

  • Promote the supplementary pensions for both the public sector employees, SMEs, seasonal workers and self employed people

    2) Provide Regional contributions for:

  • pension’s administration Services

    - in favor of citizens in trouble

    Very similar “philosophy” of PensPlan (indeed strong cooperation)

  • Features:

  • Inter-sectoral fund (in 1999 devoted to public officials; in 2007 all employees of private and public sector)

  • Remarkable coverage: 6.500 members and about 250 companies and public Entities concerned on a total population of 120.000 citizens

Solidariet veneto in veneto
Solidarietà VenetoIn Veneto



Solidariet veneto
Solidarietà Veneto

  • Initiative of 1 trade union (Filca-Cisl coveringwood and furnishings; building etc.)

  • EVOLUTION of Solidarietà Veneto:

    1) New sectors joined: Food, clothing, glasses

  • New social partners, and in 1999 it became “paritarian”, by involving also employers’ organisations.

    Since 2006, other social partners joined the fund.

    3) Huge increase of the members:

    in 1990: 1.500 members; in 2008: 45.000 members

  • Important: Subsequent involvement of the Veneto Region Goverment in suppementary pensions’ promotion

    (Bottom-up approach?)

Subsequent interest of the veneto region government
Subsequent interest of the Veneto Region Government

  • Regional law May 2007:

    “Provisions aimed at promoting the supplementary social protection in Veneto Region”

    1) Training of agents (from the social partners) and

    promotional campaigns aimed at favoring the adhesion of

    citizens to supplementary social funds

    2) Support to the weaker workers

    (i.e.: incentives to the adhesion for young workers and

    temporary payments of the contributions made by the Region

    for those workers in parental leave and temporary workers)

    3) Support to those companies that promote the adhesions to

    the supplementary funds

Some features of the basque country experience in territorial pension schemes
Some features of the Basque Country experience in territorial pension schemes

1) Involvement/promoting activity of the Basque Government (regional law):

  • Favorable TAX system

  • Government’s contributions

  • Information campaign and trainings

    2) In 2006: 37% of the working population covered (goal: 70% in 8 years)

  • There are several voluntary social protection Entities (EPSV: 2° and 3° pillar) in the Basque country

  • EPSVs deal with several fields of the social protection and they are associated in a Local Federation of EPSVs

    5) Local investments are easier than in Italy

Geroa in province of guipuzcoa basque country
Geroa territorial pension schemes(in province of Guipuzcoa, Basque Country)



Province of


Geroa epsv epsv voluntary social protection entity
GEROA territorial pension schemesEPSV(EPSV = voluntary social protection entity)

  • Set up by a collective agreement at provincial level (GUIPUZCOA)

  • It started at sectorlevel (metal workers) and then extended to other sectors

  • It is a PARITARIAN fund (jointly managed by social partners)

  • Local investments

  • Remarkable number of members (145.000 members, 10.000 companies in 700.000 habitants populated Province)

France 100 departments and 26 regions
France territorial pension schemes(100 departments and 26 Regions)

France and the territorial percoi
France and the territorial « PERCOi » territorial pension schemes

  • What is a PERCO? (Collective saving-retirement plan)

  • Inter-company (SMEs) and territorial products for the supplementary pensions

  • Focal role of social partners (territorial agreements: not necessarily regional scope, but also departmental or interdepartmental)

Aeip regional territorial social schemes task force
AEIP Regional/Territorial social schemes’ Task Force territorial pension schemes

  • Specific working group (Task Force)

  • Main goals (To discover Reg/Terr social schemes in Europe; Exchange of experiences; Promotion)

  • Several participants (Regional/Territorial social schemes; Regional Governments; CoR)

  • Conferences (Bolzano ’04; Barcelona ’05; Paris ’06; Brussels CoR ’07 and ’08; Venice spring ’09)

  • Interested?Just contact us:[email protected]