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Ultra Low-Cost Computing for Schools

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Ultra Low-Cost Computing for Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ultra Low-Cost Computing for Schools. April, 2009. US K-12. Introducing the $70 Virtual Desktop. Over 1 million installed!. The NComputing Approach . Maximize your investment in PCs by sharing their excess power with many users for as little as $70 per user. 1. 3.

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introducing the 70 virtual desktop
Introducing the $70 Virtual Desktop

Over 1 million installed!

the ncomputing approach
The NComputing Approach

Maximize your investment in PCs by sharing their excess power with many users for as little as $70 per user.

how it works



NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization software creates virtual independent desktops inside one Windows or Linux PC.

NComputing access devices are small, silent, energy-efficient, reliable, and very inexpensive.


NComputing User eXtension Protocol (UXP) delivers an efficient, secure, multimedia interface.

How It Works
two product lines
Two Product Lines


  • Ethernet connection
  • Up to 30 users per PC
  • Low cost ($149)
  • Web-quality multimedia
  • No distance limit from PC
  • Just 5 watts of electricity


  • Direct connection to the PC
  • Up to 11 users per PC (w/ 2 X550 kits)
  • Ultra-low cost ($70)
  • Best multimedia
  • Up to 33 feet from PC
  • Just 1 watt of electricity
the x series
The X-series



adds 3 users per kit (7 total)

adds 5 users per kit (11 total)


11 users

X55011 users

11 users on the x550
11 Users on the X550
  • $364 Dell Vostro 200
    • Core2 Duo 2.4GHz, 1G RAM, 80GB HDD
  • 11 users
    • Multimedia
    • Office productivity
    • Presentations
    • Internet
  • Total electricity usage including PC & monitors is 239 watts
  • CPU usage at 65% of capacity
  • Memory usage: 569 MB RAM of 1 GB

Dell Optiplex 760 Minitower $837.75


OLP WIN TRMNL SVCS CAL 2008 SNGL NL AE USER 10@ $17.77 $177.70

OLP WIN SVR CAL 2008 SNGL NL AE USER CAL 10@6.95 $76.45

nComputing X550 5-User Desktop Virtualization Kit 2 sets @$399.99 $799.98

Acer V173B 17" LCD Display 10 @ $98.47 $984.70

Logitech Deluxe 250 Desktop PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Combo 11@ $12.16 $109.44

Total: $3082.51

Cost per Computer (not including tax) $256.88

Cost with old monitors, mice, and keyboards $1988.37 or

$165.70 each

how did we get started
How did we get started?
  • We ordered a demo unit and set it up at an elementary that was in serious need of an overhaul. Their lab was over 10 years old and of the 30 workstations usually has 3 to 5 that were out of service during a class period.
  • Tested the demo for a few weeks and the school had the money to order 30 new workstations.
  • The decision was made to put 25 of the new computers into the classrooms and use 5 to build the lab. Most classrooms received one new computer with the goal to use Ncomputing to create at least 6 workstations per classroom.
how have we used it in our district
How have we used it in our district?
  • Computer Labs
    • We have one lab with 30 workstations using 5 computers. (x300)
    • We also have a lab with 33 workstations using 3 host computers (x550) and recycled monitor, mice, and keyboards. The cost for this lab including licensing was $6,500.
    • We have one of our libraries using it and we are looking to expand to the others.
pros and cons
Pros and Cons
  • Pros:
    • Easy Management
    • Great Support
    • Low Power
    • No noise, no heat
  • Cons:
    • Some programs don’t work
    • Lose one lose them all
  • The most innovative education technology since the PC
  • Immediate and long term benefits for IT
  • Next steps
ncomputing can be used throughout the school
NComputing Can Be Used Throughout the School





immediate and long term benefits for it
Immediate and Long Term Benefits for IT





ncomputing breaks the affordability barrier
NComputing Breaks the Affordability Barrier

Typical 300 Station Deployment Example

63% Lower

Cost Assumptions: PC $700; NComputing $70, Monitor $100; Keyboard/Mouse/OS $35

ncomputing delivers a sustainable future
No obsolescence

Only one PC to replace/upgrade

Devices have 10 year life

90% less electricity

70% fewer service calls

NComputing Delivers a Sustainable Future

Typical 300 Station Deployment Example

72% Lower

ncomputing is compatible with industry standards
NComputing is Compatible with Industry Standards
  • Works with standard PCs
  • Works with standard peripherals
  • Works with standard applications
  • Works on Windows & Linux
the most efficient computing on earth
The Most Efficient Computing on Earth
  • Just 1-5 watts per device
  • Reduces AC costs
  • Saves desk space
  • Reduces clutter

Step 1: Install PCI card


Step 2: Connect devices


Step 3: Connect monitor, keyboard & mouse


Step 4: Install vSpaceTM software


Install in less than 30 minutes

NComputing is Simple to Install and Manage

  • The most innovative education technology since the PC
  • Immediate and long term benefits for IT
  • Next steps
next steps
Next Steps



Run a pilot test

Get a no-risk demo


Start rollouts

  • Classrooms
  • Computer labs
  • Libraries & IRCs
  • Offices
ncomputing contact person
Ncomputing Contact Person
  • Breanne Simpson
  • Account Executive
  • NComputing, Inc.
  • www.ncomputing.com
  • Office:  (530) 229-0881 x312
  • Email:  bsimpson@ncomputing.com
demo videos and savings calculators
Demo Videos and Savings Calculators

Product Overview Videowww.ncomputing.com/overview

L-series Overview Videowww.ncomputing.com/Lseries

X-series Overview Videowww.ncomputing.com/Xseries

X550 Performance Demo Videohttp://www.ncomputing.com/X550

Purchase, Cost and Environmental Impact Calculatorwww.ncomputing.com/calculator


Permission provided by nComputing to use this PowerPoint

Presented by Mark Pierson, Rim of the World School District