coast guard fy 2010 budget strategic priorities
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Coast Guard FY 2010 Budget & Strategic Priorities

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Coast Guard FY 2010 Budget & Strategic Priorities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coast Guard FY 2010 Budget & Strategic Priorities. Captain Karl Schultz Acting Director Governmental and Public Affairs. Navy League Coast Guard Affairs Committee. Safety . Responded to more than 24,000 SAR cases and saved more than 4,000 lives and $158 million in property

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coast guard fy 2010 budget strategic priorities
Coast Guard FY 2010 Budget & Strategic Priorities

Captain Karl Schultz

Acting Director

Governmental and

Public Affairs

Navy League Coast Guard Affairs Committee

  • Responded to more than 24,000 SAR cases and saved more than 4,000 lives and $158 million in property
  • Conducted more than 70,000 commercial inspections of U.S vessels
  • Performed more than 12,000 safety and environmental examinations of foreign vessels entering U.S. ports
  • Conducted nearly 4,700 marine casualty investigations
  • Boarded nearly 3,700 underway fishing vessels to perform safety and compliance checks
  • Performed nearly 7,300 dockside safety examinations
  • Issued more than $122 million in state grants and $6.2 million in nonprofit grants for boating safety
  • Issued nearly 84,000 credentials to qualified merchant mariners, who ensure the safe, secure, and efficient navigation of ships carrying 2.6 billion tons of commerce through our nation’s ports and waterways
  • Broke last year’s record by interdicting nearly 370,000 lbs (185 tons) of cocaine
  • Interdicted nearly 5,000 undocumented migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States
  • Deployed six patrol boats and 400 personnel to protect Iraq’s maritime oil infrastructure, train Iraqi naval forces, and enforce U.N. sanctions in the Arabian Gulf
  • Conducted more than 1,500 security boardings of high interest vessels bound for the United States
  • Provided waterside security and escorts for nearly 500 military freight conveyances, which provided supplies to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Serviced nearly 42,000 aids-to-navigation
  • Delivered the first U.S. aid (more than 30 tons of supplies) to the Republic of Georgia following the South Ossetia war
  • Rescued citizens and helped restore the marine transportation system during and after Hurricanes Ike and Gustav
  • Performed domestic icebreaking, keeping waterways open for commercial traffic and assisting 680 ice transits that carried more than $2 billion worth of cargo
  • Performed nearly 17,000 facility safety inspections and 20,000 container inspections
  • Conducted more than 5,600 fisheries conservation boardings
  • Investigated almost 4,000 pollution incidents
legislative issues
Legislative Issues
  • FY 10 Appropriations
    • $10.1 Billion
    • 5.1% increase in discretionary funding
  • CG Authorization Bill
    • Modernization Provisions
    • Acquisition Reform
    • Marine Safety
    • Port Security
    • Alien Smuggling
fy 10 budget
FY 10 Budget

* Although not part of FY10 President Request, Conference Report includes

funding to support Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO)

recapitalize operating assets and sustain infrastructure
Recapitalize Operating Assets and Sustain Infrastructure
  • Recapitalize and sustain aging assets
  • Reduce shore infrastructure backlog
fy 10 ac i funding highlights
FY 10 AC&I Funding Highlights
  • $1.54B in FY10 Budget for AC&I
  • $389.5M for the fourth National Security Cutter (NSC) and $108M for Long Lead Time Materials for the fifth NSC;
  • $121M for 39 Response Boats – Medium (RB-M);
  • $243M for four Sentinel class cutters (153ft patrol boat);
  • $9.8M for Offshore Patrol Cutter pre-acquisition;
  • $138.5M for Maritime Patrol Aircraft;
  • $32.5M for Polar Icebreaker sustainment;
  • $117M for Rescue 21 implementation in CA., New England, and Great Lakes;
  • $4M for HEC Sustainment
  • $10M for Interagency Operations Centers
  • $27.1M for shore projects
enhance maritime safety and security
Enhance Maritime Safety and Security

Increase marine inspector, investigator, and naval engineering capacity

FY10 includes $8.6M for 74 marine inspectors

Additional personnel for 5 Centers of Expertise

Reduce the threat of vessel-borne aquatic nuisance species

Protect seafarer witnesses

Address small vessel security threats

Enhance Biometrics at Sea Program

4 permanent positions in FY10 budget

Increase armed helicopter deployment days

Sustain Sea Hawk Charleston Interagency Operations Center (Improve C2)

$1.1M for Charleston and $10M for IOC project

improve business practices
Improve Business Practices

Continue Coast Guard Modernization

Modernization provisions included in CG Auth Bill

Improve financial management

$20M and 86 new positions

Continue acquisition reform

100 new acquisition billets

Fortify information systems security

Cyber Command stand-up

optimize workforce capacity
Optimize Workforce Capacity

Increase diversity

Achieve benefit and entitlement parity with DOD

Improve capabilities and competency

FY 10 increases Command Center watchstanders; AUF and LEDETs

looking forward to fy 11
Looking Forward to FY-11

Keen focus on sustaining recapitalization efforts; need for a stable AC&I (capital) funding stream

Anticipated to be a period of exceptional fiscal constraint: reduced Gov’t revenues; escalating federal budget deficits

Discretionary spending likely to be curtailed across Gov’t; CG will be looked at to do our part

Critical to champion/socialize “value proposition”

defense operations
Defense Operations
  • Out of Hemisphere Operations:
    • Maritime Interdiction Operations
    • Coastal Sea Control Operations
    • Humanitarian Support
    • Security Cooperation iso COCOM Theater Campaign Plan
    • International Exercises
  • Individual Development Training (typical year)
    • Deploy 100 mobile training teams to 50-60 countries
    • Host 300 international students in resident courses
    • Conduct 12 training/technical needs assessments
coast guard support to cocoms
Coast Guard Support to COCOMS

Port Assessments

Military Outload

Redeployment Assistance

International Training

Major Cutters

Law Enforcement Detachments

Patrol Craft & PSUs


current support to oco
Current support to OCO
  • Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (WPB, LEDET, Support)
    • 104 Shoreside Support
    • 6 USCG WPB
    • 5 USN PC
  • Port Security Unit
  • CONUS Military Outload Operations (MOL)
    • 19 Strategic Ports across U.S.
  • Re-deployment Assistance Inspection Detachments (RAID)
    • ~10-15 personnel based out of Ash Shuiaba, Kuwait.
    • Assist in safe re-deployment of containerized cargo and HAZMAT
  • Maritime Security Advisor – MNFI (Baghdad)
  • Port Advisory Coordination Element – MNFI (Umm Qasr)
  • Joint Task Force GTMO (Cuba)
  • Law Enforcement Detachment support to CTF 151 (piracy)