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The New Game of IP

An introduction to the IP Licensing Academy

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The New Game of IP

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  1. Winning the New Game of IP www.iplicensingacademy.com Introducing The IP Licensing Academy Presented by: Rand Brenner Licensing Consulting Group

  2. IP is the New Currency www.iplicensingacademy.com

  3. IP is Everywhere www.iplicensingacademy.com

  4. How do you Create Wealth with IP? www.iplicensingacademy.com

  5. Making Money with IP www.iplicensingacademy.com

  6. Everybody Has IP www.iplicensingacademy.com

  7. Learning the Money Making Side of IP www.iplicensingacademy.com

  8. IP is the Economy of Knowledge • The secret to making money with IP is only limited by your own imagination and your ability to think about what you can do with it. www.iplicensingacademy.com

  9. The Licensing Essentials Clinic • 7 Part Audio Clinic • Get it Free • Why IP has become the most important asset class in the world • How IP creates wealth • Why everyone needs to be in the IP game www.iplicensingacademy.com • www.iplicensingacademy.com

  10. About IP Licensing Academy www.iplicensingacademy.com

  11. Are You Ready to Get in the IP Game? • If you are, then visit our website and get the free Licensing Essentials online clinic. www.iplicensingacademy.com • www.iplicensingacademy.com

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