the lightning thief setting the underworld n.
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The lightning thief setting: The underworld

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The lightning thief setting: The underworld. BY: Jaron register. The Underworld.

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the underworld
The Underworld

The underworld is hidden in the earth and is controlled by the god Hades. He is a greedy god and judges his power by the amount of subjects that are in his kingdom. The underworld is forever joyless place and without sunlight for eternity. Cerberus is the guardian of the underworld. The underworld is mostly made up of a series of rivers, Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegethon, The Styx, and The Lethe. Once you are in the underworld you will be carried to the panel of three judges by Charon, the underworlds chauffeur. Then the three judges will decide that souls fate to either go to the Elysian fields, Sisyphus, or Tantalus. The underworld is home to many of the monsters in Greek mythology, especially the three Furies. Hades’ wife, Persephone, was kidnapped by Hades and now has to spend eternity in his service.


He is the god of the underworld. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and the brother to Zeus and Poseidon. He was wrongfully banished to the underworld by his siblings and cannot return to Mt. Olympus. In the book Percy travels to the underworld and finds that Hades’ Helm of Darkness was stolen and returns it to him at the end of the book. The underworld


Cerberus is the three headed dog that guards the gate to the underworld. He is a menacing beast that is thousands of years old. He has never been bested until Percy, Annabeth, and Grover passed by him. The underworld


Acheron is the river of pain. It is one of the 5 rivers in the underworld. It is said that if you go into this water you will experience menacing pain upon measure. The underworld


Cocytus is the river of wailing. It is one of the 5 rivers in the underworld. From anywhere in hades, you can hear the screams coming from this river. That is why in famous books the underworld is full of horrified screams. The underworld


Phlegethon is the river of eternal flames. It is made of fire from the pits of Tartarus. It flows through the underworld in twists and turns and then flows back into the depths of Tartarus. The underworld

the river styx
The River Styx

The River Styx is the river of sworn oaths. In the first was, Zeus made an oath to Styx (the goddess of oaths). She then created that river in the underworld to be sworn upon. The underworld

the lethe
The Lethe

The Lethe is the river of forgetting. Whoever swims into this river will forget everything that has ever happened in their life. The only way to get their memory back is if Hades grants it back to them. The underworld


Charon is the ferryman of the underworld. He carries the new souls of the underworld across the River Styx to the panel of judges. The underworld


Persephone is the goddess of nature and springtime. She was kidnapped by Hades while she was distracted in her garden. She now is the wife of Hades and is forced to spend millennia in the underworld. The underworld