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Gift Giving PowerPoint Presentation
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Gift Giving

Gift Giving

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Gift Giving

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  1. Gift Giving

  2. Remove the price tag before giving a gift.

  3. When possible, wrap a gift nicely.

  4. Don’t ask where the gift was purchased or how much it cost.

  5. If you aren't sure whether to write a thank you note or not, always write one just to have good manners.

  6. Write a thank you note right after you receive the gift.

  7. Compliments

  8. Some people have low self-esteem and can’t imagine others paying them a complement.

  9. When someone pays you a compliment, say thank you.

  10. Tipping

  11. A standard tip for a waiter in a restaurant is 15% of the bill.

  12. If the service is really great or you are in a fancy restaurant you may tip 20%.

  13. Never tip less then a quarter($.25).

  14. In a hotel, tip the bellhop $1.00 per bag.

  15. Tip a maid about $1.00 per day.

  16. The concierge is the person who “ knows everything and can help with almost any problem.” Tip him or her between $5.00 and $10.00.

  17. For food delivery people, tip about $1.00 per pizza or person’s meal.Tip more if they have to climb stairs or carry a lot of food.

  18. Tip a taxi driver about 15% of anything over $3.00.

  19. Never ever tip a police officer!

  20. Family Car

  21. Don’t leave your trash in the car.

  22. Return the car with plenty of gas in the tank.

  23. Offer to run errands, like going to the grocery store, the post office, and tanks siblings to practices.

  24. Return the radio to your parents’ favorite station.

  25. Take the car through the car wash or do it yourself.

  26. Family Manners

  27. Ask permission before eating, because someone may need it for a special dish or meal.

  28. Clean up the bathroom after yourself.

  29. Don’t hog the television or stereo.

  30. Don’t spend too much time in the bathroom or waste all the hot water.

  31. Rude Adults

  32. When dealing with rude adults, the best policy is to reply with patience, a good sense of humor, and a smile. It will drive them crazy that’s a teenager has better manners then they do!

  33. Being a Guest

  34. Don’t arrive too early because the host might not be ready for guest yet.

  35. You do what to be time and not make others wait on you, especially if it is a dinner party.

  36. Don’t bring people who weren’t invited.

  37. Don’t snoop around in peoples drawers, closets, or cabinets.

  38. If you are an overnight guest,be sure you clean the bathroom after you use it and make your bed.

  39. Offer to help clean up. Carry dishes to the kitchen, wash or dry dishes, take out the trash, or sweep the floor.

  40. Introductions

  41. When introducing people, say the “greater”person’s name first, and introduce the “lesser” person to the “grater”. For example, say the most important or oldest person first and the less important or younger second.

  42. “Mrs. Townsel, I’d like you to meet my friend Sharon.”

  43. When someone is introducing you or someone to you, you should not sit, but stand.

  44. Make eye contact and shake his or her hand.

  45. Then reply with a polite greeting, such as “Nice to meet you” or “How do you do?”

  46. If the person introduces you has forgotten your name, help him or her out by saying, “hello, my name is (whatever your name is).”

  47. Telephone Etiquette

  48. First say, “Hello, this is (your name).” You always want to identify yourself.

  49. Ask “may I speak to Muffy?” not “Is Muffy there?”