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Writing for Grades K-2. What kinds of writing?. Kindergarten- (morning message, 4 square sort, class books, journal entries, drawings with labels, teacher writes what child says)

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What kinds of writing l.jpg
What kinds of writing?

  • Kindergarten- (morning message, 4 square sort, class books, journal entries, drawings with labels, teacher writes what child says)

  • First Grade- (sentences, 4 square paragraphs, journal entries, half and half paper, class books, holiday writing projects, response to reading, writer’s workshop)

  • Second Grade- (sentences, 4 square paragraphs, add to the 4 square, writer’s workshop, written response to reading, holiday writing projects, book reports, journals, class books)

Morning message modeled writing l.jpg
Morning Message / Modeled Writing

  • Think out loud.

  • Make mistakes. Model how to correct them.

  • Can be interactive (white boards)

  • Include your high frequency


Class books l.jpg
Class Books

  • K-2 can all make them.

  • Second Grade can donate them to a Kindergarten class for the Kindergarten class to read.

  • Modify the process for your particular grade.

How to make class books l.jpg
How to make class books

1. Start with a predictable sentence that has a missing word.

I see a ____________.

How to make class books6 l.jpg
How to make class books

2. Allow each child to fill in the blank with a word or words of their choice.

I see a brown dog.

How to make class books7 l.jpg
How to make class books

3. (Optional) Cut up the words in the sentence. Let the children build the sentence by putting the words back in the correct order.

How to make class books8 l.jpg
How to make class books

4. Allow each child to illustrate his or her sentence. Add photographs of the children.

How to make class books9 l.jpg
How to make class books

5. Bind the pages to make a book.

How to make class books10 l.jpg
How to make class books

6. Read the book with the class. Make the book available for children to read.

Publish a book l.jpg
Publish a Book


Emily Morgan’s second grade at Rush Strong.

Take home writing l.jpg
Take Home Writing

  • Birthday bag! (with journal inside)

  • I lost a tooth bag! (journal page inside)

  • Souvenir Bit (aides comprehension, relates reading to writing, written response to literature)

4 square review l.jpg
4 Square Review

  • What are each grade level’s responsibilities?

4 square review14 l.jpg
4 Square Review

Kindergarten 4 Square = Picture Sorting

Kindergarten Students may be able to copy a topic sentence and add labels to the 4 Square.

4 square review15 l.jpg
4 Square Review

First Grade 4 Square = Sentences in each square that form a paragraph. The sentences are on topic. The last sentence can be a feeling sentence.

4 square review16 l.jpg
4 Square Review

Second Grade 4 Square = Add to the basic paragraph.

(4 Square +1 Detail)

(4 Square +1 Detail + Transition words)

What are the problems with 4 square l.jpg
What are the problems with 4 square?

  • One way to make our student’s 4 square writing pieces better is with the 6 + 1 traits.

What are the 6 1 traits l.jpg
What are the 6+1 Traits?

  • Voice

  • Word Choice

  • Conventions

  • Sentence Fluency

  • Organization

  • Ideas

  • Presentation







Writer s workshop l.jpg
Writer’s Workshop

  • Teacher models or does mini lesson.

  • Students have time to write drafts and publish while teacher conferences.

  • Author’s Chair/ Share

    • Four Blocks Website


Possible mini lessons l.jpg
Possible Mini Lessons

  • Any grammar topic

  • Using similes

  • Using “Wow words” or “Sparkle Words”

  • Using “Hooks” to engage the reader

  • Varying sentence structure

  • Killing over-used words

  • How to write stories that persuade

  • How to write narrative stories

  • How to write non-fiction

  • How to edit a story

  • How to use a dictionary or thesaurus

  • How to use “inventive” spelling

  • How to stretch a sentence

  • How to write to a prompt

  • How to add transition words

Sentence stretchers l.jpg
Sentence Stretchers

  • The toad ______through the mud..

  • The ______ toad ________through the _________mud.

  • The _______ ________ toad __________ ________ through the _________ _________ mud.

    ~ For more ideas, see Connie’s Write On Sentence Stretchers. http://jc-schools.net/write/stretching_files/frame.htm

Web resources l.jpg
Web Resources

Ed Helper

K-2 Anchor Papers

6 Trait Mini Lessons (1st and 2nd Grade)

Prompts List (1st and 2nd Grade included)

Holiday Sentence Stretching Powerpoint

Writing Bugs (Contains monthly prompt ideas)

Expository Writing Prompts (may need to be modified for 1st and 2nd Grade)

Transition Words List

Possible Mini Lessons

Editing/Publishing For 1st and 2nd Grade