three lines of defense
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Three Lines of Defense

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Three Lines of Defense - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Three Lines of Defense. Presented by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Three Lines of Defense. The cost of poor security is always passed on to the consumer in the form of increased prices. Many businesses end up in bankruptcy because they have priced themselves out of the market.

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three lines of defense

Three Lines of Defense

Presented by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office

three lines of defense1
Three Lines of Defense
  • The cost of poor security is always passed on to the consumer in the form of increased prices.
  • Many businesses end up in bankruptcy because they have priced themselves out of the market.
  • Many businesses have realized that proper application of security has never been in quantity but rather in quality.
three lines of defense2
Three Lines of Defense
  • A protected site’s perimeter barriers.
  • The buildings exterior.
  • The buildings interior policies and procedures.
first line of defense perimeter barriers
First Line of DefensePerimeter Barriers
  • There are factors to consider limiting the usefulness of perimeter barriers that include:
  • They only delay intrusion, they do not prevent it.
  • Maintenance is essential to this line of defense.
  • They should channel personnel and vehicles through designated entrance and exits away from areas of easy unlawful access.
  • Visibility of the protected building must not be reduced.
first line of defense landscaping
First Line of DefenseLandscaping
  • Remember, poor landscaping is a definite advantage to a criminal. Crime Prevention measures should include:
  • Shrubs should be 18 to 24 inches away from all entry points.
  • Hedges should be cut 6 inches below the level of all windows.
  • Trees and shrubs should be trimmed from the bottom up.
  • Hedges should be separated to reduce the ability of a person to effectively hide behind them.
first line of defense lighting
First Line of DefenseLighting
  • Remember, lighting is still considered to be the most effective crime deterrent available. Areas that require lighting are:
  • Doorways.
  • Windows.
  • Sidewalks and parking lots.
  • Building sides, fire escapes, roof and basement entries.
second line of defense building exteriors
Second Line of DefenseBuilding Exteriors
  • Defined as the top, sides and bottom of the building. (The Square Box)
  • Good doors are essential.
  • Here are some important security requirements for doors:
second line of defense doors
Second Line of DefenseDoors
  • Frames should be constructed of heavy material and be well braced.
  • Hinges should not be exposed; however, if they are, they should be spot welded or pinned.
  • Doors should be made of solid construction and material.
  • Sliding glass doors should have flathead screws installed in the upper track and a dowel. A charlie bar or an auxiliary lock should be installed in the lower channel.
second line of defense windows
Second Line of DefenseWindows
  • Windows are a popular point of entry.
  • Any window, 18 feet or less above the ground should be considered a potential easy access point.
  • Windows can be secured by pinning the corners or by using a secondary locking device.
third line of defense interior controls
Third Line of DefenseInterior Controls
  • Interior controls: Defined as consisting of the internal operations of the protected site as well as the internal security needed to protect the site.
third line of defense interior controls1
Third Line of DefenseInterior Controls
  • Examples of interior controls include:
  • Locks, safes, containers and cabinets.
  • A room or area with controlled points of entrance or exit.
  • Steel bars.
  • Intrusion detection devices.
  • Key control.
third line of defense interior controls2
Third Line of DefenseInterior controls
  • Interior controls continued:
  • Policy of opening and closing of the building.
  • Location of a safe.
  • Elimination of obstructions in the windows.
  • Interior lighting.
third line of defense interior controls3
Third Line of DefenseInterior Controls
  • Interior controls continued:
  • Leaving shades open for commercial establishments.
  • Good policies and procedures that cover use of all security hardware in addition to protecting persons and property.
  • The concept of “Risk Management.”
three lines of defense3
Three Lines of Defense
  • Remember, Crime Prevention is a tool that can assist us in reducing our chances of victimization.
  • Remember the Three Lines of Defense concept.