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Magna Infotech Telecommunication Services

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Magna Infotech Telecommunication Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Magna Infotech Telecommunication Services Magna Infotech Ltd. USA EUROPE INDIA Organizations want to be competitive and provide better services to their customers Investors and stake holders want a better return on investment Technology is changing rapidly

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Magna Infotech

Telecommunication Services

Magna Infotech Ltd.


current scenario
Organizations want to be competitive and provide better services to their customers

Investors and stake holders want a better return on investment

Technology is changing rapidly

IT department work load is increasing

IT budgets are shrinking

Current Scenario
magna infotech
Has enabled organizations to focus on their core business rather than IT

Has put its extensive experience in technology to use for its clients

Has provided quality service at low cost, making funds available for other uses

Is a trusted partner to count on

Magna Infotech

“Magna Infotech consultants have the right technical expertise, skills and have delivered their best to my projects” – Verizon e-Business Executive

magna infotech profile
Managed by experienced IT professionals

Functionally and technically strong in several vertical sectors, including telecom, multimedia, health, manufacturing

Provides a “single window” for IT services

Global presence with own development centers in USA, Europe, and India

An associate of $1 billion Nagarjuna Group

Magna Infotech - Profile
magna infotech vision
Magna's corporate vision is to provide world

class services that help maximize the

customers Return on Investment and

promote teamwork and creativity. The

company strongly believes in the corporate

philosophy of fulfilling its commitmentsto its customers

Magna Infotech - Vision

United States

United Kingdom



IT Services




On site

Off site


News ‘N’ Stuff

Interactive CDs

Web design

Magna EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

Tell Me Teacher




magna infotech services
Technology management

System re-engineering

Software development & integration

Web, Internet, Intranet solutions

Multimedia solutions

Network, system and database administration

Magna Infotech - Services
magna beliefs
Partnership with clients from project inception to completion

Dedicated team assignment for each project

Clear channels of communication

Better project monitoring with clear management focus based on a SBU concept

Provide the best return on IT investment

Magna –Beliefs

“Ethan Allen’s project was done offshore at a very reasonable cost” – Director, IT

magna infotech the difference
Technical excellence – our people are among the most educated and experienced in the industry

Own infrastructure – Global presence, we do not farm our work out

Reliability – on-time, team members remain on project till completion

Cost – Low price,without compromise on quality

Financial stability – expanding since inception and part of $ billion group

Magna Infotech – The Difference

Magna resource has excellent project skills and require very little supervision. All projects were delivered on time and were of the highest quality.

  Project Manager, IT, International Comfort Products

magna infotech clients
Magna Infotech – Clients

Telecommunication: Verizon, Worldcom, Concert, ITDS, Lucent


Manufacturing: IBM, Sensormatic, GE, Solectron, Anderson

Windows, Trend Technologies, Toshiba America,

Ethan Allen, Saint Gobain, Tecumseh

Financial: Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Mellon Bank

Pharmaceutical: Glaxo Smithkline, Novartis, Pfizer

HealthCare: Oacis Healthcare, Aetna, John C.Lincoln Health

Automotive : Ford, Honda

magna infotech references
Magna Infotech – References

Magna Infotech consultants have the right technical expertise, skills and they have delivered their best efforts to my projects. Magna Infotech believes in partnering itself in the whole process of the projects, which gives them an edge over the rest. This has been proven by the efforts, sincerity, dedication and hard work of their consultants in mission critical projects.

Senior eBusiness Executive

Magna performed very well. Magna’s offshore philosophy is somewhat different from most I have previewed. They maintained good project control with shared communications and avoided delay in response by staffing appropriately. Additionally, Magna carries various areas of expertise which they can pull from when needed.

Director, Information Technology

We have had a good partnership with Magna Infotech and are happy with the technical knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by Magna team members. We could not have completed the project without them.

  Manager - Client Server Application Development


Magna Infotech

Communications Expertise

communications knowledge
Domain:Satellite communication, Microwave & RF, TCP/IP, Routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP), RADIUS, VPN (L2TP,ATMP,Vrouter,NAT), PPP, PPPoE, Switching, Ethernet, Frame Relay, X.25, SPX/IPX, Fiber optics

Networking Systems:Lucent MAX TNT, MAX 6000, cvMAx100 & Pipeline WAN-Access products, Lucent(former Springtide) IP Service Switch-5000, Netcom Smartbits 2000/5000 Performance Test Equipment, CISCO-7200, 1500 Routers, ACC Bridge/Routers, 3-Com and Bay network's LAN Switches, Gandalf bridges and Onetics 1Mbps modems

Telecommunication Systems:Satellite system (7.5 mts Casegrain feed antenna, 400W HPA, 60K LNA and tracking control system), HNS MCPC systems, HNS DSCPC systems, Microwave PP link for PDH (2Gc), Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Synthesizer, Power meter, GDCom's PDH multiplexers, Siemen's Omni switch, HP's network performance monitoring systems, Online Generation Data Acquisition and Monitoring System, Motorola Radio Paging system

Communications – Knowledge
communications knowledge16
Protocols: TCP/IP, RADIUS, L2TP, PPP, PPTP, PPPoE, PPPoA, OSPF, MP, Frame Relay, SNMP

Platforms:Unix V, AIX, Solaris, DG-UX, Netware, Windows NT/2000, MVS

Languages:C++, C, C#, Tcl/Tk, Expect, Unix Shell, TAMS, JCL

Internet:Java Servlets, Applets, JavaScript, EJB, J2EE, Weblogic, Swing, JDBC, Apache, Websphere, iPlanet, Visual Interdev, ASP, HTML, XML, UML, COM/DCOM, .NET

Mainframe:COBOL, VS-COBOL-II, DB2, JCL, VSAM, TELON, FILE-AID, QMF, NDM, File aid, HourGlass, Data Ager, Endevor

RDBMS:Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, SQLServer, MSAccess, DB2

Communications - Knowledge
communications experience
Operations administration and maintenance

Wireless systems

Data communications

Network Management Systems

System and database administration

Communications - Experience

Communication - Experience

  • Operations administration and maintenance
    • Technical field access system
    • Plug tracking solutions
    • E-business solutions
    • Heterogeneous system integration
    • Customer care and billing solutions
    • Back office systems including financial systems
  • Wireless systems
    • Wireless gateway to business applications
    • Test automation suites to test NMS functionality for AMPS and GSM
    • Network system management work for wireless and mobile network
    • Test automation and tools development for wireless products

Communications - Experience

  • Data Communications
    • Testing, development of protocols OSPF, TCP/IP, MP, Frame Relay, SNMP
    • SNMP Agent and Manager development
    • SS7 and IPDC implementation and testing
    • Accounting, Authentication and authorization inRADIUS and TACAS
    • Stress and performance testing of network devices
  • Network Management Systems
    • Management of a mix of multi vendor hardware, software
    • Acceleration of development and implementation schedules
    • Expertise includes highly scalable inter enterprise networks and intranets

Communications - Experience

  • System and database administration
    • System installation
    • Maintenance
    • Security
    • Backup and recovery
    • Database design, replication, performance tuning
communications projects
Intelligent Field Access System for Verizon

Wireless Field Access communications gateway for Verizon

Plug-in Tracking System for Verizon

Re-engineering of legacy apps for Verizon (BASAPS/ECR, HR Clean Sheet etc.)

Database setup and admin for Verizon

Unix system administration for Verizon

Communications - Projects
communications projects22
Financial Analysis, Reporting System, Revenue Planning Model for Concert

Contract Billing Solutions for MCI

Test & Automation for Springtide IPSS-5000 for Lucent

Configuration, test & automation of L2TP for Lucent

Test & automation of routing protocols for Lucent

Radio Network Controller ( RNC) Software Protocol Testing UMTS for Lucent

Communications - Projects

Communications - Other References

I have worked with Magna Infotech for almost two years. The staff at Magna Infotech has been very accommodating in supplying the necessary staff to complete our projects in a timely and quality fashion. I will definitely contact Magna Infotech in future to help us again.

Software Development Manager

Magna Infotech has been providing software services to my organization. I would recommend Magna Infotech resource for telecommunications related services.

Project Manager

Magna resource was our lead for requirements gathering, analysis and design of the new Project Management subsystem, handling daily use by 15 project managers. Magna resource’s work ethic is excellent and can be counted on.



Magna Infotech

Outsourcing Services

magna development center
MCSP and IBM Business Partner

Over 33,000 sq. ft of development space

Over 400 networked workstations running NT, AIX, Linux, Solaris

Multilevel firewall and security protection

Dedicated leased line for communication

UPS support and backup generators

Controlled access with 24 hour surveillance

Magna Development Center
outsourcing service offerings
System software

Application development

Application migration and re-engineering

Application maintenance

Application renovation

Dedicated Lab

Outsourcing – Service Offerings
outsourcing methodology
Typically, the outsourced development process consists of the following phases which could be scaled up or down depending on the size of the project.

Feasibility analysis and project agreement



Technical design

Setup offshore environment


Unit test

Link and system test

Offshore acceptance

Acceptance testing

Client acceptance

Ongoing support

Outsourcing - Methodology




Magna Software Team

  • Design
  • Development

Magna Admin Team

  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Network
  • Internet
  • Database Admin

Magna QA Team

  • Test Plans
  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • Documentation


Internet based Project status, Comments, Monitoring

Magna Local point of contact


Onsite, off site Implementation and Support Team






Magna Project Manager





outsourcing sample assignment
An application system to enable the complete monitoring of the available inventory with order automatic order placement facility/ features:

Providing information relevant to the inventory

Processing the various requirements of the sales departments

Providing product details like model number, item type, quantity etc.

Providing inventory available information and generate dispatch details/bill of lading

Selecting vendors/factory location from where to obtain the product if not available in the Inventory

Generating purchase order along with the dispatch details, price & delivery etc.

Generating various reports to facilitate management decision-making

Outsourcing – Sample Assignment

Magna Infotech

Multimedia Services

(c) 2002, Magna Infotech Ltd.

magna multimedia center
State-of-the-art design studio

Latest hardware and software resources

Visualization and conceptual design

Audio, video, editing and sound dubbing

Animation, special effects

Translation and multi lingual support

Experienced team of over 75 people including graphic designers, artists, programmers, QA, content writers, educators, psychologists

Has implemented over 1000 Internet sites for clients including Tecumseh, Saint Gobain, National, Pyramid, Coromandel Fertilizers

Magna - Multimedia Center
magna multimedia skills
Corel Draw Adobe Illustrator Freehand

Adobe Photoshop Fractal Painter Adobe PageMaker

Animator Pro Animator Studio Logo Motion

Infini-D 3D Studio 3DS Max

Adobe Premier Sound Forge Wave Studio

Elastic Reality Macromedia Director

HTML FrontPage Dreamweaver

Flash Fireworks Page Mill

Animshop Image Ready Image Styler

Magna – Multimedia Skills
magna multimedia skills34
Visual Basic VBScript JavaScript Visual Interdev


Java JSP J2EE Perl

COM/DCOM IIS Weblogic Apache

C C++ Assembly

Magna has its own corporate training center

All technical team members are equipped and trained with the latest skills needed

Magna – Multimedia Skills
magna multimedia projects
An integrated, interactive learning environment focusing on the intellectual, social & spiritual development of children between 3-12 years

This unique portal ( is completely technology driven and consists of over 5000 pages of quality graphics, animation and content in 9 languages. It uses a unique audio-visual method of presentation that is easy to use even for a 3 year old.

Magna – Multimedia Projects
babloo com methodology - Methodology

Factory Model



QMS -1

QMS -2














Publish on

Local Server




Testing on


Hosting &

on Internet










magna multimedia projects37
Magna – Multimedia Projects

This interactive CD is designed in collaboration with teachers and a leading publisher. It uses a unique method of presentation with easy to use interface, colorful graphics, animation and sound. It follows school curriculum with interactive exercises and a progress report for parents. An interesting feature is the ‘Tell Me’ button which provides more information on a given topic.

magna multimedia projects38
Magna - Multimedia Projects

This is a leading children’s newspaper published every two weeks in India. It contains information including current events, news, quiz, stories, games and other interesting articles for children. The intent of this publication is to enhance learning and general knowledge outside the classroom.

The articles are contributed by subject matter experts and the publication is edited by experienced individuals. The entire conceptualization, layout and publishing is done in house by Magna Infotech.

(c) 2002, Magna Infotech Ltd.

magna products magna emr
A comprehensive Electronic Medical Record system for doctors and hospitals.

Designed by practicing physicians and developed by skilled software professionals

Follows AMA and HL7 standards

In-built CPT 2001, ICT 9 & 10 coding

Comprehensive architecture includes more than 150 forms

Output in SOAP format

Prescriptions in neatly laid format integrated with the fax machine

Magna Products – Magna EMR
magna emr advantages
Simple to use – minimum training required

Saves time – information at the click of a button, allows physician to practice

Saves money – no expensive hardware or software required

Customizable – can be customized for a practice of any size

Planned product architecture allows additional features to be selected

Palm PDA interface allows for portability

Magna EMR - Advantages
training magna it
Provides qualified education to effectively prepare individuals for today's technology driven business environment

A highly flexible module of systems and procedures for individuals & organizations

Unique teaching methodology consists of online training, exhaustive lab practice and project work at the end of each module

Experienced instructors

Latest hardware and software resources

Well equipped reference library

Training – Magna IT