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Strategic Business Management

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Strategic Business Management. How you can develop general manager awareness and thinking in your middle managers. Offered by Richard M. DiGeorgio & Associates 215-369-0088. What is SBM? (Strategic Business Management). A middle management development program for hi-potential leaders.

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strategic business management

Strategic Business Management

How you can develop general manager awareness

and thinking in your middle managers.

Offered by Richard M. DiGeorgio & Associates


what is sbm strategic business management
What is SBM?(Strategic Business Management)
  • A middle management development program for hi-potential leaders.
  • A powerful digital computer simulation of a fictitious company – seems Real.
  • Participants manage many interdependencies to achieve success.
  • It is played in teams of 4-8.
  • The program is 80% experiential.
  • Tailoring and action learning align it with your organizational needs.
the need
The Need:
  • Alignment and boundarylessness: keys to success.
  • Developmental jobs are fewer.
  • The bar is higher - competition greater.
  • How to capture managers’ interest when dealing with conceptual business ideas.
  • How to get the benefits of a quality, intense university program for Hi-Po’s; yet avoid the costs and time required?
program challenges
Program Challenges:
  • Align an organization & keep it aligned
  • Develop a strategic plan to grow company
  • Turnaround a struggling company
  • Understand key levers to change
  • Develop people and future leaders
  • Develop a balanced scorecard
  • Work effectively as cross functional teams
  • Apply lessons to real world situations
how is this program different
How Is This Program Different?
  • Provides a hands-on, highly interactive experience.
  • Allows managers to make the hard decisions that come with running a business.
  • Provides immediate feedback based on decisions made.
  • Makes learning difficult conceptual topics fun.
  • Great platform to understand your firm’s strategy and alignment issues.
  • Easily tailored to emphasize your needs.
key objectives
Key Objectives:
  • Strategy:
    • Understand what alignment really means
    • How Balanced Scorecard ties to Strategy
  • Change:
    • Understand levers of change
    • Experience turning around an organization
  • Organizational Effectiveness:
    • Keys to organizational success
    • Diagnosing organizational effectiveness
key objectives8
Key Objectives:
  • Teams:
    • Learn the keys to team effectiveness.
    • Learn to apply team concepts in challenging situations by getting feedback.
  • Profitability:
    • Understand the factors that impact profitability.
    • Understand the difference between leading and lagging indicators of success.
screens from simulation description of each below
Screens From SimulationDescription of Each Below
  • Home page for Simulation
  • HR Decisions Available in Simulation
  • Example of Competency Report for One of five departments
  • One Portion of the Sales Report
  • Another Portion of the Sales Report – (other portions not shown) – there are 15 reports – Sales, Finance, etc. – all reports updated automatically each quarter
  • Marketing and Sales Decisions
  • Graph of Quality & Timeliness for one Product
  • Graph Shows Comparison of your Product’s Price and Equivalent Product Prices (There are many other graphs which are automatically updated after each quarter is played)
materials used
Good to GreatCollins

The Discipline of Market LeadersTreacy, Wiersema

Competing for the FutureHamel, Prahalad

Leading ChangeKotter

The Service Profit ChainHeskett, et. al.

The Wisdom of TeamsSmith, Katzenbach


Bossidy, Charan

Materials Used:
options to tailor
Options To Tailor
  • Emphasize soft side skills:
    • Provide coaches
    • Tie to feedback instruments
    • Strengthen team building learnings
  • Tie to your strategic planning process:
    • Change exercises and handouts to reflect
    • Use cases from inside the company
    • Presentations by key executives
  • Integrate with larger Exec Dev Program
benefits to your organization
Benefits to Your Organization:
  • Attendees will:
    • Be better strategic thinkers and organizational diagnosticians
    • Better understand your organization’s strategy and challenges
    • Identify issues of alignment they personally need to address
    • Increase their understanding of team effectiveness
    • Be better leaders
    • Be encouraged to lead change in their unit
  • Follow-up Two Months after allows attendees to share their learnings and encourage application of learning