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Small Equipment for Farmers

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Small Equipment for Farmers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Small Equipment for Farmers Chuck Schuster Extension Educator University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Montgomery County Office 301-590-2807 Are You Large Scale or Small? Equipment Needs Should Reflect Field Size and Actual Needs. Determine the Size of Equipment Needed

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small equipment for farmers

Small Equipment for Farmers

Chuck Schuster

Extension Educator

University of Maryland Cooperative Extension

Montgomery County Office


determine the size of equipment needed
Determine the Size of Equipment Needed
  • Equipment that is smaller than needed can result in additional labor time.
  • Equipment that is larger than needed can provide for room to grow, but also may lead to compacted soils, wasted fuel and capital that cannot be spent on other needs.
powered equipment
Powered Equipment
  • Tractors
    • Rated by Horsepower and Hitch Category
    • PTO Horsepower and Drawbar Horsepower
    • Fuel Systems, Gas or Diesel
    • Two Wheel drive or Four Wheel drive
advantages of four wheel drive
Advantages of Four Wheel Drive
  • Lower horsepower requirements for ground engaging equipment.
  • More versatile for a wide range of uses.
specialty equipment
Specialty Equipment

Narrow, Low Profile, Nursery or Orchard Tractor

advantages of two wheel drive tractors
Advantages of Two Wheel Drive Tractors
  • Lower Investment Cost
  • Tighter Turning Radius
  • Lighter Weight
  • Less Turf Damage When Turning
tractor hitch ratings
Tractor Hitch Ratings
  • Tractors are Rated by horsepower and hitch size
  • Hitch Size is classified as “Category” and is related to horsepower
  • Category I Hitch is generally below 45 Horsepower
  • Category II Hitch is above 45 Horsepower
  • Tillage
  • Plastic Layers
  • Transplanters
  • Seeders

Single Bottom Moldboard Plow

Cost $100-$200

per “Bottom”


3 Point Hitch Disc Harrow for Soil Preparation

Cost: Varies with width, starting at $600


Reciprocating Spader

Provide tillage without creating the

plow pan often caused by plows or

rotary tillers. Does not invert the soil.

Cost: Starting at $1,900 for

Walk behind power units,

$3,500 for tractor mounted


Cost: $1,700

raised bed former
Raised Bed Former
  • This Bed Former

and transplanter

does not lay plastic.


This all in one Mulch Layer also builds a raised bed in one pass of the


Cost: Starting

at $2,000


Plastic Mulch Layer

2 foot model $350.00

3 foot model $525.00

Dibble Wheel Cost $200.00

For Walk Behind units

dibble wheel
Dibble Wheel

Tractor 3 Point Hitch Mount


Cost: $1,900 to $2,700 depending on options.

  • Many options are available, from hand seeders, to push type, to walk behind mounted and of course 3 point hitch.
  • Selection is based upon many factors, acreage, seed type and size, and power unit available.
  • Talk with others who have tried a piece of equipment.
  • Purchase equipment that parts are available for.
  • Remember, necessity is the mother of all invention, so if you can’t find what you need build it!