proposal for a european faculty of regenerative medicine n.
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Proposal for a European Faculty of Regenerative Medicine PowerPoint Presentation
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Proposal for a European Faculty of Regenerative Medicine

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Proposal for a European Faculty of Regenerative Medicine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proposal for a European Faculty of Regenerative Medicine. ScanBalt Campus Knowledge centers. Focus on Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Technology in health care.

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Proposal for a European Faculty of Regenerative Medicine

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focus on regenerative medicine and stem cell technology in health care
Focus on Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Technology in health care
  • The project is a network interaction between the ScanBalt universities and partner institutions focusing on life science technology and regenerative medicine. A research center will be established in Rostock as a “institute of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy” driven by the three universities and Scanbalt Campus university partner institutions. The concept is focused on setting up educational and scientific network interaction, rapid bench-to-bedside translation of novel strategies in regenerative medicine to aim a prime placement of the European region partner in the international research competition. Basic research fields focus on: 1. stem cell technology and control of (de)differentiation, 2. systems biology (genomics/proteomics/metabolomics/toponomics) of stem cell differentiation, 3. tissue engineering, cell-matrix interaction and biomaterials. The proposed network is integrating related network grants in the 6th framework program of the EU.
scanbalt campus perspectives in regenerative medicine
ScanBalt Campusperspectives in regenerative medicine
  • Establishment of a new growth and knowledge region in Northeastern Germany/Europe with a strong international profile:
  • Implementation of a training center for well-qualified scientists in an interdisciplinary environment including biotechnology, bioinformatics, laboratory engineering, specialized health services and medical technology
  • Creation of a new transregional competence clusters and partnerships between public and private institutions
  • Establishment of strong international visibility and attraction of capital and leading researchers from all over the world
  • Improvement of the position in the competition for EU funding based on the expectation that EU´s 6th and 7th Framework Program will favor interregional cooperation
  • Expansion of the network will tie the region’s Eastern countries closer to well-established European co-operation, thus gaining importance in terms of economy and science
scanbalt campus knowledge region
ScanBalt Campus – Knowledge region
  • “ScanBalt Campus Faculty of Regenerative Medicine”
  • Foundation of ScanBalt knowledge centersBiomaterials/Tissue EngineeringStem Cell Technology/ResearchClinical translation: Neuro/Cardiovascular etc.
scanbalt campus concept for regenerative medicine
ScanBalt CampusConcept for Regenerative Medicine
  • The proposed concept is a application to set up a management structure for a network institution of ScanBalt partners for
  • ScanBalt Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy
  • ScanBalt Faculty of Regenerative Medicine
  • The network represents a dense infrastructure consisting of university hospitals, faculties of engineering, natural sciences and competence centers in systems biology (functional genomics and proteomics), tissue engineering, laboratory automation and biomaterials.
  • All partner universities are focused on medical and life science technology and are closely cooperating with scientific partners in the Baltic region.
scanbalt campus partners1
ScanBalt Campus partners
  • Oslo University
  • Göteborg University *
  • Chalmers University of Technology*
  • Lund University
  • Växsjö/Kalmar University
  • Copenhagen University
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Greifswald University*
  • Rostock University*
  • Gdansk University
  • Tartu University
  • BioTurku*
  • Institute of Experimental Medicine,St.Petersburg*
  • NovoNordisk
  • E-Geen Inc.
  • Sahlgrens University Hospital
  • The general aim of the present project is:
  • to discover and create more spearhead competencies in the field of modern regenerative medicine in the Baltic region
  • to attract competent and motivated staff, good ideas, manufacturing companies and venture capital by combining basic and clinical research institutions as a modern cornerstone for stem cell development
  • to form a close network of contacts and cooperation to generate synergies and establish the best possible exploitation of common resources in the field of regenerative medicine
  • to coordinate existing and future cooperation and financial support
  • to facilitate formation of partnerships between academia, industry and public institutions such as university hospitals in Rostock, Greifswald and Lübeck
  • to promote the application of cell therapies and development of small molecules regulating and modifying cell differentiation for the benefit of the general public within health services.
  • The plan for the formation of the research center will involve the immediate foundation of a postgraduate faculty of regenerative medicine by the partner universities in order to establish:
  • Interdisciplinary and integrated academic propagation of the research and clinical field of regenerative medicine
  • International postgraduate teaching institution (basic language English) offering special education in Regenerative Medicine:
  • M.Sc. /Ph.D. in stem cell technology and systems biology
  • M.Sc. /Ph.D. in Tissue engineering
  • M.Sc. /Ph.D. in medical device technology
  • participate in the Scanbalt framework activities in terms of meetings and conferences as well as publication and public relation activities
  • set up training courses on methodologies applied within the cell technology biology
  • approach in order to actively contribute to a transfer of knowledge within the network. For this a mandatory educational rotation of students and scientists is planned. This program is planned to take half-time of the M.Sc./Ph.D. program
  • participate at the EU framework program (6th framework projects EXPERTISSUES etc.)
scanbalt campus network of education
ScanBalt CampusNetwork of education

To deliver a framework for joint activitiesin knowledge formation and educationin the ScanBalt Bioregion, e.g.. Graduate courses

. Postgraduate courses. Special courses (summer schools, workshops)

. Knowledge centers.

scanbalt campus curriculum
ScanBalt CampusCurriculum
  • Bachelor / Master / Ph.D. Clinical Science
    • EU approved degree / EU examination
    • Mobility required (3 different locations)
    • Integrated transdisciplinary curriculum

2nd Spring School Regenerative Medicine, Rostock

Neuronal stem cell differentiation, June 2 -18, 2005

3rd Baltic Stem Cell Conference, Rostock-Heiligendamm,

August 22-24,2005 (6th Framework programs EXPERTISSUES,


Application 7th Framework program

  • Prof. Dr. med. Gustav SteinhoffUniversity of Rostock

Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell




Klinik für Herzchirurige, Universität Rostock,

Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy

Klinik und Poliklinik für Herzchirurgie, Universität Rostock,