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“Find out what you don’t know…” Agenda Introduction To disclose or not to disclose What is Defcon Defcon 12 Presentations The Future Questions Introduction Who am I? Why am I here? What are we talking about? To disclose or not to disclose… Vulnerability disclosure Long running debate

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction
  • To disclose or not to disclose
  • What is Defcon
  • Defcon 12 Presentations
  • The Future
  • Questions
  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What are we talking about?
to disclose or not to disclose
To disclose or not to disclose…
  • Vulnerability disclosure
    • Long running debate
    • Most security companies have a formal disclosure policy
      • CERT/CC -
      • Microsoft -
      • @Stake -
    • Provide various levels of information
    • But how much information should be provided
what is defcon
What is Defcon?

One of many different “underground” conferences:

Defcon (Aug) Las Vegas, NV

Toorcon (Sep) San Diego, CA

PhreakNIC (Oct) Nashville, TN

HOPE (Jul) New York, NY

what is defcon6
What is Defcon?

Defcon is a convention for the more "underground" elements of the computer culture. Defcon is geared towards hackers, programmers, phreaks, cyberpunks, cypherpunks, open source hackers, civil liberty and privacy advocates, HAMs, casual bystanders, lookieloos, feds, reporters, and anyone interested in seeing what's going on in the computer underground today.


defcon 12 presentations
Defcon 12 Presentations
  • A few starting points:
    • This presentation is just the tip of the iceberg
    • Over 70+ presentations at Defcon
  • Look at examples of presentations that effect:
    • Securing Workstations
    • Passwords
    • Trouble on the Internet
    • Personal Responsibility
defcon 12 presentations securing workstations
Defcon 12 PresentationsSecuring Workstations
  • Black Ops of TCP/IP 2004
    • Dan Kaminsky
  • DNS – Domain Name System – Converts human readable names into IP addresses
  • DNS tunneling – allows communication via a covert channel
  • Many interesting uses/issues with protocol
defcon 12 presentations securing workstations9
Defcon 12 PresentationsSecuring Workstations
  • The Insecure Workstation
    • The Results of Poorly Defined and Deployed Group Policies
    • By Deral Heiland
  • Windows group policies are not bullet proof
  • Misconceptions
    • If I can’t get around it - it must be secure
    • They aren’t hackers they won’t figure a way around it
    • So they break out of it. That don’t matter (There is nothing important there)
defcon 12 presentations passwords
Defcon 12 PresentationsPasswords
  • MySQL Passwords
    • Password Strength and Cracking
    • By Devin Egan
  • How to crack MySQL passwords
  • Why? For auditing.
  • Best practices for MySQL passwords
defcon 12 presentations trouble on the internet
Defcon 12 PresentationsTrouble on the Internet
  • Mutating the Mutators
    • Metamorphic computer virus
    • Sean O’Toole
  • “How-To” make a virus harder to detect
  • Pseudo code given in presentation
defcon 12 presentations trouble on the internet12
Defcon 12 PresentationsTrouble on the Internet
  • Far More Than You Ever Wanted To Tell
    • Hidden Data in Document Formats
    • By Maximillian Dornseif
  • The problem – The format of data files can be complex and they are getting more and more complex
  • This problem is not limited to just MS Office data files
    • Other formats such as HTML, JPEG as well as many others have problems
defcon 12 presentations trouble on the internet13
Defcon 12 Presentations Trouble on the Internet
  • Credit Card Networks Revisited: Penetration in Real-Time
    • By Robert Imhoff-Dousharm

“This interactive demonstration will give first hand experience in

understanding and searching out credit card traffic on TCP/IP networks.

It will also demonstrate how to deconstruct, rebuild and transmit rouge

credit card packets. As an added bonus, prizes will be handed out to

those who can craft and transmit rouge packets by end of speech. My

incentives and guidance will illustrate how vulnerable credit card data

is on merchant networks.“

defcon 12 presentations personal responsibility
Defcon 12 PresentationsPersonal Responsibility
  • Bluesnarfing – The risk from digital pickpockets
    • By Adam Laurie, Martin Herfurt
  • Bluesnarfing
    • First publicized by A L Digital, November 2003
    • ‘Snarf’ – network slang for ‘taking an unauthorized copy’
    • Copy data via Bluetooth, including phonebook, calendar, IM and images
defcon 12 presentations personal responsibility16
Defcon 12 PresentationsPersonal Responsibility
  • Attacking Windows Mobile PDA’s
    • By Seth Fogie
  • Intrinsically lacking in security
  • Contain sensitive information
    • Passwords
    • Names / Addresses / Phone Number
    • Credit Card Information
    • Proprietary business information
    • Personal email
    • Business email
the future
The Future
  • Security will continue to be a challenge
    • How much security is enough
    • Cost vs. protection
    • Is it working
    • Preparing for the unknown
  • Never under estimate the threat
  • KNOWLEDGE is the key
  • Defcon 13 – July 29-31, 2005
  • Defcon
  • Defcon Media Archive
  • Sound of Knowledge