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NSW Police Force Child Wellbeing Unit PowerPoint Presentation
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NSW Police Force Child Wellbeing Unit

NSW Police Force Child Wellbeing Unit

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NSW Police Force Child Wellbeing Unit

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  1. NSW Police Force Child Wellbeing Unit

  2. Our Team • The CWU is currently staffed by one Inspector (Operations Manager), four Sergeants (Team Leaders) and twenty one Child Wellbeing Assessment Officers (CWAOs). This Team is supported by one Administration Assistant/Intelligence Analyst. • CWU staff commenced training on 19th October 2009.

  3. NSW Police Force CWU Team

  4. DoCS Drug and Alcohol Housing Corrective Services Centrelink Supported Accommodation Services Youth work Disabilities Juvenile Justice Family Law Hospitality Family Services Department of Education & Training Various NGOs Out of Home Care Social Work Community Development NSW Health NSW Police Communications Attorney Generals Dept AUSTRAC (Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing) Backgrounds of Team Members

  5. Masters of Care & Protection of Children & Young People Bachelor of Social Science (Linguistics) Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Arts Diploma of Social Services Welfare Certificate Diploma of Community Services (Children Services) Diploma of Social Welfare Work Bachelor of Social Work x3 Nursing Certificate III Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology) x2 Post Graduate Certificate (Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism) Diploma of Community Services (Welfare) x2 Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology & Psychology) Bachelor of Social Work (Sociology/Psychology) BA (Hons) Art Therapy (Psychology) Cert IV in Social Housing Cert IV Community Services Diploma in Community Service (Protective Intervention) Bachelor of Health Science (Aboriginal Health/Community Development) Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) x2 Bachelor of Social Science (Welfare) x2 Bachelor of Policing Grad Diploma in Crime Prevention Bachelor of Criminology Diploma of Policing Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology Cert III Business Administration Tertiary Qualifications & Experience • Management Team – 84 years of experience in Child Protection. • CWU AOs – 179 years of experience in Child Protection.

  6. Statistics (Prior to 24 January 2010) • In 2008 there were 98,000 reports from Police to the DoCS Helpline • 8,000 reports were given a category 1 (<24 hr response) • 60,000 calls were DV related • Police CWU expect approximately 5,000 reports per month = 60,000 per year

  7. Statistics (After 24 January 2010) Since 24 January 2010 the NSW PF CWU has: • Received 16635 Non ROSH events in total. • Made 935 Referrals. • Escalated 1271 Non ROSH events to Community Services. • Received 926 de-escalated ROSH/IROSH events from Community Services.

  8. Role of CWU • CWU AOs interpret, analyse reports received from front line Police Officers. • Reports are received primarily electronically and also by phone. • CWU AOs will liaise closely with other CWUs to determine action in relation to risk of harm reports. • CWU AOs make referrals to appropriate organisations. • CWU AOs escalate incidents to the CP Helpline • CWU AOs do not case manage incidents.

  9. WellNet

  10. Evaluation Process • Police creates event on COPS that includes a Child at Risk • MRG Determination - Mandatory Reporter Guide • IROSH – OIC contacts CP Helpline • ROSH – electronic transfer to CP Helpline • Non ROSH – electronic transfer to CWU

  11. WellNet WellNet has been developed to support the implementation of CWUs and allows for the recording of reports, sharing information between CWUs and CS. WellNet is also used for reporting suspected ROSH matters to CS and for your CWU to execute operations reports. WellNet enables CWU staff to: • Create inbound communications in relation to reports made to CWUs • Create and record event details • Record appraisals and other activities • View shared information between CWUs and CS • Report suspected ROSH to Child Protection Helpline using eReporting and generate reports.

  12. Referral Databases HSNet + Service Link CYRUS MHA

  13. What legal right do NGOs have to make contact with a family? • Chapter 16A Children & Young Persons Care and Protection Act 2009 outlines that Police (prescribed agency) can share information with another prescribed agency (such as an NGO) if it is regarding the safety, wellbeing and welfare of children.

  14. Location & Hours of Operation • Tuggerah, Central Coast • Located within the PoliceLink Command which also incorporates Triple Zero, Crimestoppers, Police Assistance Line and the Customer Service Unit • Hours of Operation - 0700 to 2200 hrs Monday to Friday. 0700 to 1500hrs Saturday and Sunday.