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Ohio Sierra Club. Forests and Public Lands Committee 2008-2009. 2008-2009. Columbia Gas/DoF pipeline maintenance agreement DNR funding discussions Forest Legacy projects DoF Strategic Plan NiSource ITP Drilling on State Parks. 2008-2009. State Forest harvest bids Shawnee Cuts and burns

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Ohio sierra club l.jpg

Ohio Sierra Club

Forests and Public Lands Committee


2008 2009 l.jpg

Columbia Gas/DoF pipeline maintenance agreementDNR funding discussionsForest Legacy projects

DoF Strategic PlanNiSource ITPDrilling on State Parks

2008 20093 l.jpg

State Forest harvest bids

Shawnee Cuts and burns

Prescribed Burns on State Forests

Wayne National Forest projects

Woody Biomass, a new threat

2009 work l.jpg
2009 work

A strategy to offer opportunities to state forests and to the Wayne National Forest that supports ecosystem services.

This supports the National Sierra Club Energy Policy to decrease GHG emissions. However, forests are not part of the current 2006 policy.

Forest ecosystem services l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Forests are one of the most important renewable natural resources supplying fuel, building materials, paper and other forest products.

This including non-wood products, such as fruit, cocoa, coconut, rubber, coffee

Ohio woodland products as Paw Paw, ginseng and herbaceous plants.

Forest ecosystem services6 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Forests provide essential ecosystem services that are not usually not monetarily compensated as:

Protect and filter watersystems and watersheds

Conserving biodiversity and gene-pools

Regulation of the water cycle and climate

Forest ecosystem services7 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Soil formation, nutrient recycling, and plant pollination

Provide a net increase in oxygen provided by plant and tree growth

The provision of high quality managed water flows from forested catchments

Forest ecosystem services8 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Habitats for native flora and fauna

The control of surface runoff to limit erosion of soil as well as improving water quality

Wetlands and their nutrient cycling, filtering

Forest ecosystem services10 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

USFS webpage on forest ecosystem services.



Forest ecosystem services11 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Costa Rica and others as models, funding by World Bank, companies and governments.


Forest ecosystem services12 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Carbon Sequestration and Forests

Forests are the world’s most important terrestrial storehouses of of carbon and play an important role in controlling climate. The world’s remaining forest ecosystems store an estimated 638 gigatonnes (Gt) of carbon. This is stored in the forest biomass, forest floor and soil.

There is approximately 50% more carbon in forests than in in the atmosphere.

(Climate Change and Forests, 2008)

Forest ecosystem resources l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Resources

2006 Review on the Economics of Climate Change commissioned by Nicholas Stern, former chief economist of the World Bank; identified avoided deforestation as the cheapest option for mitigating increases in emissions of greenhouse gases.

Forest ecosystem services14 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

“Curbing deforestation is a highly cost-effective way of reducing GHG emissions and has the potential to offer significant reductions rather quickly…Encouraging new forests and enhancing the potentials of soils to store carbon offer further opportunities to reverse emissions from land use change.”

  • Climate Change and Forests, 2006 p. 25-26

Forest ecosystem services17 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in Bali December 2007, included avoided deforestation, (reducing emissions from deforestation and forestation degration) in the Bali Action Plan. This plan will be implemented when Kyoto Protocal expires in 2012.

Forest ecosystem services19 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Chicago Climate Exchange

Cap and Trade

May trade when use less emissions than contracted for

Forests are used as offsets

Forest ecosystem services20 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Forests must be registered with the CCX

Afforestation, forest enrichment, and conservation projects

Certain percentage of CO2 tonnage is necessary

Encourages conservation, afforestation or reforestation.

Sierra club energy policy l.jpg
Sierra Club Energy Policy

  • http://www.sierraclub.org/policy/conservation/energy.pdf

Forest ecosystem services22 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services


Forest ecosystem services23 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Budapest Conference in carbon markets 2007


Ecosystem services l.jpg
Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem Services of Tropical Forests to be Protected with Precedent-Setting Memorandum November 20, 2008

California, Illinois and Wisconsin joined forces with six states in Brazil and Indonesia to fight climate change, the states will develop programs that will protect and restore tropical rainforests to ensure the safety of these essential carbon sinks and are willing to pay for the service the tropical forests are providing: storing and absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Ecosystem services25 l.jpg
Ecosystem Services

"This would open the door for carbon credits derived from protecting forests to be used for compliance purposes under US climate legislation," said Toby Janson-Smith, the senior director for forest carbon markets in CI's Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. "International negotiators will see that it can be done in a credible and robust way, and that reducing emissions from deforestation should finally be included in the global climate change framework."

Forest ecosystem services26 l.jpg
Forest Ecosystem Services

Nature Valuation and Financing Network A Network established to stimulate development of practical tools for proper valuation of goods and services provided by ecosystems and biodiversity, so that decisions about economic development are made with full understanding of all costs and benefits involved. www.naturevaluation.org

Ecosystem services27 l.jpg
Ecosystem Services

Brent Sohngen OSU Forest Economist


Ecosystem services28 l.jpg
Ecosystem Services

Heartwood Economic Analysis of the 2006

Wayne National Forest Management Plan.

Management activities had substantial

economic costs while providing

questionable public benefits.

Impact tourism and deminish the capacity

of the WNF to deliver ecosystem services

Economic and ecosystems services analysis of the shawnee l.jpg
Economic and EcosystemsServices Analysis of the Shawnee

Ohio Sierra Club, Ohio Environmental Council, Buckeye Forest Council, Voices for the Forest, Friends of the Shawnee Forest, have collaborated to hire Greenfire, an environmental economic analysis group to provide an analysis of the Shawnee State Forest management plan.

Economic analysis l.jpg
Economic Analysis

Promote report through the media

Meet with Sean Logan, Director of ODNR

Meet with David Lytle, Chief of Forests ODNR

Work to expand analysis to other state forests.

Economic analysis31 l.jpg
Economic Analysis

Model for future work

Forest call l.jpg
Forest Call

Upcoming National Forest Call

January 22 8:00 p.m. EST

1-866-501-6174 849-0000#