management 1 before the event l.
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Nights Away

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Management 1 (Before The Event). Nights Away. Before the Event. Information What When How To Whom. Before the Event. Home contacts (A Home Contact is required for every Nights Away event) Who Must be contactable Adequate Information. Before the Event. Leadership Team

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Nights Away

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management 1 before the event
Management 1

(Before The Event)

Nights Away
before the event
Before the Event
  • Information
    • What
    • When
    • How
    • To Whom
before the event3
Before the Event
  • Home contacts

(A Home Contact is required for every Nights Away event)


Must be contactable

Adequate Information

before the event4
Before the Event
  • Leadership Team
    • Beaver Scouts: it is highly recommended that for indoor activities there should be a ratio of one adult for six Beaver Scouts and for outdoor activities a ratio of one adult to four.
    • Cub Scouts: apart from the leader in charge there must be one adult to every six Cub Scouts
before the event5
Before the Event
  • Leadership Team (cont.)
    • For Scout and Explorer Scouts the young people may be able to camp on their own, but the leaders must be confident in their abilities.

(Event Passports)

    • Adults must of course be suitable in respect of their competence and suitability to work with young people. Checked via CRB.
before the event6
Before the Event
  • Transportation
    • Road
    • Rail
    • Sea
    • Air
before the event7
Before the Event

Authorising a Residential Experience

  • Nights Away Permit Scheme
    • Permit issued under the authority of DC.
    • Credit card in size
    • Usually Section specific
    • Based upon 8 core skill areas
    • Notification of Nights Away event
before the event8
Before the Event
  • Eight Core Skills
    • Planning a Nights Away Event
    • Ensuring the effective administration of an event
    • Preparing and co-ordinating a programme of activities
    • Choosing and preparing the event team
    • Choosing, organising and maintaining the right equipment
    • Ensuring the health, happiness and safety of self and others
    • Organising good catering
    • Making the best use of the venue
before the event9
Before the Event
  • Permit gives authority for an adult to lead Members under the age of 18 on a Nights Away event in one or more of the following:
    • Indoor
    • Campsite – e.g. Abington
    • Green Field
before the event10
Before the Event
  • PPC (Parents’ Permission to camp) Form
    • Gives permission to take a young person away
    • Important document
    • Use HQ form or create your own, but follow wording
    • Usually contains the health information
before the event11
Before the Event
  • Young People (under 18) Event Passports
    • Scouts/Explorer Scouts
    • Issued for one event
    • Suitable for Patrol Camps, overnight hikes
before the event12
Before the Event
  • Other aspects
    • Finding a campsite or somewhere to stay
    • Insurance implications
    • Family camps or joint activities
    • International Camps
before the event13
Before the Event
  • Task

Devise a checklist of things that you believe that you will need to do and agree on before you go on residential experiences. As the weekend progresses, prioritise this list, add to it and change it, so that at the end of the weekend you have a comprehensive checklist for going away on residential experiences, whether it is with leaders, Beaver Scouts, Cubs, Scouts or Explorer Scouts