new features in trnsys 16 l.
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New features in TRNSYS 16 PowerPoint Presentation
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New features in TRNSYS 16

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New features in TRNSYS 16 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New features in TRNSYS 16 Overview Presentation Outline This presentation (Michaël) TRNSYS package Solver, utility routines (KERNEL) Components (TYPES) Creating distributable applications (TRNSED) More details on: The new DLL architecture (Dave)

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New features in TRNSYS 16

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Presentation Transcript
presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • This presentation (Michaël)
    • TRNSYS package
    • Solver, utility routines (KERNEL)
    • Components (TYPES)
    • Creating distributable applications (TRNSED)
  • More details on:
    • The new DLL architecture (Dave)
    • IISiBat 4 (Werner)
    • Multizone Building: PREBID / Type 56 (Torsten)
    • Add-ons
      • TRNFLOW, SimCad, TRNSYSLite, TESS Libraries
we are listening to you
We are listening to you!
  • User Survey in May 2002
    • Results presented at the 2002 Belgian users day
  • Watch for the “user request” icon!
enhanced trnsys package
Enhanced TRNSYS Package
  • Improved usability, better integration
    • IISiBat  “Simulation studio”, central point
    • Improved documentation (How To’s)
    • Project templates
    • New applications in IISiBat (e.g. interactive data input)
  • Up-to-date documentation
    • Latest version always available on the TRNSYS web site
    • You will still get the printed manuals
  • Improved error handling
    • More flexibility in the TRNSYS Kernel
    • IISiBat will tell you about warnings / errors
trnsys 16 kernel
TRNSYS 16 Kernel
  • Improved numerical solver
    • New solver with numerical relaxation
  • Improved numerical precision
    • Double precision variables
    • Small time steps (1 sec)
  • Clean coding practices
    • “Implicit none”
    • Data modules instead of common blocks
  • New error message handling
    • Separate routine
    • Types send Error number OR string
trnsys 16 kernel 2
TRNSYS 16 Kernel (2)
  • DLL architecture
    • Add a new component = drop a DLL in a folder
    • Types written in any language!
  • Call to external programs
    • Call to EES
      • More than one component
    • Call to Matlab
standard component library
Standard Component Library
  • Combined Data Reader/Solar Radiation Processor
    • Very frequent error cause
  • Hydrogen Systems Components
    • HYDROGEMS Library included in standard package
    • Improvements to HYDROGEMS:
      • New SOFC model
      • Improved thermal modeling
  • Improved control library
    • PID controller
    • 5-stage thermostat
standard component library8
Standard Component Library
  • New HVAC components
    • Proportional Furnace
    • Variable Speed Pump
    • New Absorption Chiller Model
    • Etc.
  • Enhancements to existing components
    • More flexibility for data reading
    • More robust Storage Tank model (Type 60)
  • Improved navigation inside the TRNSED file
    • Multiple windows or HTML-like anchors
  • Clickable areas in pictures
  • Improved usability for developers
    • Menus to insert TRNSED features (e.g. check box)
  • Recallable default values
  • Interaction between TRNSED variables
    • E.g. selecting a line in a pull-down menu will change another displayed variable
dll architecture
DLL Architecture



dll architecture what is the advantage
DLL Architecturewhat is the advantage ?
  • Memory issue: trnlib.dll is getting too big.
    • Only load the Types that are needed.
  • Many non-standard libraries.
    • Transsolar “no-standard types,” TESS Libraries, Hydrogems, User Components.
    • Allows for easier updates.
  • Non Fortran Language Types may be used.
  • Shorter recompilation time.
dll architecture how does it work
DLL Architecturehow does it work ?
  • After reading the deck, TRNSYS calls subroutine LoadLibrary.
  • LoadLibrary searches the UserLib directory for DLLs and loads any that are found.
  • LoadLibrary searches each DLL for “exported” subroutines that have “Type” in their name.
  • LoadLibrary compiles a list of pointers to each exported subroutine.
  • Instead of calling Types, TRNSYS calls each pointer in the list.
dll architecture what do i need to do
DLL Architecturewhat do I need to do ?
  • One new line of code must be added to each Type:


dll architecture what are the disadvantages
DLL Architecturewhat are the disadvantages ?
  • Setting up a Compaq Visual Fortran workspace is more complicated.
    • TRNSYS now comes with a ready made workspace.
  • Debugging in the Developer Studio is more complex.
    • Be careful of which project is “active” when you recompile.
    • You can only set breakpoints in the active project.
iisibat 4 plans for trnsys 16
IISiBat 4Plans for TRNSYS 16
  • New, DLL-based software architecture; optimized for Windows XP/ME (but still supporting Windows 95, NT, 2000)
  • New equipment-oriented features
  • Better integration of the building model (better connection with PREBID / TYPE 56)
  • New connection editor
  • New wizards
  • New developer in the team: Paul SETTE
iisibat 4 new equipment oriented features
IISiBat 4New equipment-oriented features

IISiBat 4

IISiBat 3

Information and ‘real’ flow – engineer’s point of view

Information flow – computer scientist’s view



Input-Output logic

Network logic

simsol new wizards 1
SimSolNew wizards (1)
  • Integration of tools from the SimSol project(cf. article by Dominique Caccavelli)
simsol new wizards 2
SimSolNew wizards (2)
  • Interactive mask editor for type 68
simsol new wizards 3
SimSolNew wizards (3)
  • New profile editor for type 14
iisibat 4 divers
IISiBat 4Divers
  • Possibility to define UNIT numbers
  • Automatic assignment of Logical Units
  • Allow to customize deck style
  • And … ?






cooled ceiling new features of type 56
cooled ceilingNew Features of TYPE 56
  • Integration of a cooled ceiling model in TYPE56
  • according to norm for cooled ceiling tests (DIN 4715-1)
cooled ceiling new features of type 5624

cracteristic resistance for the cooled ceiling



from DIN Test

cooled ceiling New Features of TYPE 56
  • advantages:
  • integrated in TYP56
  • heat exchange with zone is taken into account
  • heat transfer to the fluid is taken into account
  • Library of cooled ceilings tested and available on the market
two band model for windows new features of type 56
Two band model for windowsNew Features of TYPE 56
  • currently one band model for windows
cooled ceiling new features of type 5627









cooled ceiling New Features of TYPE 56
  • automatic segmentation (internal Loop input /output for TYPE56)
  • minimum specific mass flow needed for linear approximation of e-function
  • => several serial segments are needed. Now these segments are connected
  • automatically (Tout1=Tin2, Tout2=Tin3, mflow1=mflow2=mflow3)
cooled ceiling new features of type 5628
cooled ceiling New Features of TYPE 56
  • Demands from the user survey:
  • Include balance checks for outputs
  • improve Libraries (for schedules, gains)
  • rename or delete a type that has been created
  • .......
  • ......
  • ......