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University Information: NCAA 2008 assignment

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University Information: NCAA 2008 assignment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University Information: NCAA 2008 assignment Schools highlighted: Boise State George Mason University of Kentucky Mount St. Mary’s Siena Austin Peay Belmont Duke Butler Cal State at Fullerton

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University Information: NCAA 2008 assignment

Schools highlighted:

Boise StateGeorge MasonUniversity of KentuckyMount St. Mary’sSienaAustin PeayBelmontDukeButlerCal State at Fullerton

DavidsonGeorgetownGonzagaKansasMississippi Valley StateUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel HillOral RobertsPortland StatePurdueSt. Mary’s (Ca)Univ. of Cal at Los AngelesUniv. of Nevada at Las VegasUniv. of Wisconsin at Madison

boise state university
Location: Boise, Idaho (capital)

City Pop:

Student Pop: 18,844

Staff Pop: 496

School Colors: blue + orange

Mascot: Buster Bronco

Public college

Undergrad tuition: $12,578 (non idaho residents) per yr

Room/Board: $2,969 per semester

Admission requirements: 2.16 GPA w/ excellent SAT+ACT or 4.00 GPA w/870 SAT+ 18 ACT

Classes (semesters)

English: 8 – Math: 6 – Natural Science: 6 – Social Science: 5 – Humanities/ Foreign Languae: 2 – Other College Prep: 3

Pamela Nonga Ngue

Boise State University

“Splendor sine occasu”

boise state university3

Season STATS

07-08: 25-8

(as of mar. 16)

06-07: 17-14


First yr: 1933 Junior College/ 1969 NCAA

Most Consecutive Wins:14 (68-69)

Special Interests


Over 190 fields

Studying abroad

Largest internship program in Northwest

Campus Life

Over 200 student organizations

Fun Facts


Annual Gene Harris Jazz Festival

Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Celebration


1,660 Students performed 35,365 hours of service in Treasure Valley

Supports research Alzeihmer’s disease and cancer research

Boise State University

Research Links:

Pamela Nonga Ngue / Period: 3 / March 18, 2008

george mason university
Location- Northern Virginia

Mascot- Patriot

Student Headcount- 29,728

Specialty- programs in engineering, information technology, biotechnology and health care

New Student fee- 160.00

Out of state tuition- 9042.00 for 11 credit hours

Dormitory-style housing- $38 per day

Graduation requirement- GPA of 3.0 or better, letters of recommendation from 2 colleagues and 1 from principal

George Mason University
george mason university5
Men’s Basketball- selected as 12th seed

George Mason University will be making their 4th appearance in school history

Coach- Jim Larranaga

Its School of Law is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 35 law schools in the United States.


-Basketball Coach Jim Larranaga is teming up with leukemia and lymphoma Society’s National Capital Area Chapter to give gifts to children who are hospitalized at Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children

George Mason University
  • All Searches made on site above
  • By Justin Shie
  • 3/17/08
  • Period 3
university of kentucky by john byun


  • The University of Kentucky, also known as UK, is a public, co- educational, land-grant university located in Lexington, Kentucky, with over 26,000 (18,000 undergraduates) students.
  • The UK colors are blue and white, and their mascot is a “Wildcat”
  • Combined room and board expenses: $7,973 - $7,973
  • Undergraduate tuition: $6,302; $14,102 out-of-state
  • Scholarships are offered to incoming freshmens with high academic or with outstanding athletic abilities.
  • Kentucky University has been designated a Research University of the First Class by the Carnegie Foundation — one of just 59 public universities in the country. The UK educates 39% of all students going to private and public colleges in Kentucky.
  • UK Healthcare is made up of UK Hospital, Kentucky Children’s Hospital which is ranked among America’s best Hospitals in three specialties.
The Kentucky Wildcats finished off with a record of 22-12, second disappointing season in a row. Similar to the year before, the team entered the NCAA tournament as a #8 seed where they were able to win their 1st round game, but came up short in the second round to a #1 seed. This time their opponent was a Kansas team that was just too athletic for the Wildcats.

The UK provides many special activities for students such as art, sports(football, soccer, etc), hiking, and many more.

Fun Facts: 1. Kentucky leads the NCAA in NCAA tournament appearances, NCAA tournament wins, NCAA tournament games, and ranks second to UCLA in NCAA championships with 7.

2. The University of Kentucky Library maintains more than 2.5 million volumes, the 49th largest collection in the country.

Reference: Walter Cornet and WinterGreen Orchard House


mount st mary s university jeff kim period 3 steve wang period 4
Mount St. Mary’s is located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Under 2,500 students come to this university. The school colors are blue and white. The mascot is a mountain.

Total undergrads: 1,681 Degree-seeking undergrads: 1,681 First-time degree-seeking freshmen: 449 Graduate enrollment: 364. The cost for room and board is $9,130 living on campus, $2,100 living at home, and $4,500 conmmuting, not living at home. They grant 67% for scholarships and 33% for loans. Requires SAT Reasoning Test or ACT.

Mount St. Mary'sUniversityJeff Kim (Period 3) & Steve Wang(Period 4)
mount st mary s university
20 Jones, Kevin

22 Schwarz, John

30 Kenny, Ed

31 Thompson, Danny

34 Jackson, Tayvon

40 Atupem, Sam

45 Mitchell, Markus

50 Loughry, Jason

Mount St. Mary'sUniversity

Team Lineup

0 Cajou, Jean

1 Goode, Jeremy

2 Vann, Chris

4 Beidler, Kelly

5 Brown, Pierre

10 Atupem, Shawn

11 Holland, Will

12 Ashcroft, Matt

Head coach - Milan Brown

Assistant Coach - Brion Dunlap,

Dan Engelstad, Kevin Robinson Jr.

Fun Facts

  • Roman Catholic School
  • Mount St. Mary's University was founded in 1808, making it the oldest independent Catholic college in the United States.
  • The Knott Athletic Recreation Complex contains a 3,500-seat arena, indoor basketball and tennis courts, a 25-meter swimming pool, handball/racquetball courts, and exercise, training and sports medicine facilities.


siena college

Siena College


Tuition for the 2007-2008 academic year total is $22,510 and room and board is $8,875.

Surroundings: Suburban, 166 acres.

Kind: Private

Admission requirements:

Essay(s) required

SAT Test or ACT

Very important admission factors:

Rigor of secondary school record

Academic GPA

Location: Loudonville, New York (two

Miles north of Albany, NY and less than

Three hours from New York city and Boston.

Colors: Gold and Green

Mascot: Saint Bernard


3,000 undergrad students

Author: Michael Serio

siena college13
Siena College


#13 Midwest

The men's basketball team has In 2002-2003, won 21 games and advanced to the second round of the NIT-their fourth postseason appearance in five years.

The Siena baseball team has won four MAAC Championships since 1995 and advanced to the 1999 NCAA Tournament.


Author: Michael Serio

Interesting facts:

Created by Franciscan Friars


School of Business

School of Liberal Arts

School of Science

austin peay state university

Austin Peay State University

Home of the Governors

Colors: Red and White



In-state tuition (full year): $4,365

Out-of-state tuition (full year): $13,947


In-state tuition (full year): $2,290

Out-of-state tuition (full year): $6,072


Total enrollment for Fall 2006 was 9,207. Enrollment breakdown is as follows:

Number of Undergraduate students: 8,467

Male/Female ratio: 45 : 55

Number of Graduate students: 740

Male/Female ratio: 45 : 55

Minority representation at APSU for Fall 2006 is as follows:

American Indian/Alaskan Native: 0.8%

Asian/Pacific Islander: 2.4%

Black/Non-Hispanic: 17.1%

Hispanic/Latino: 4.5%

Caucasian: 64.7%

Race not reported:10.4%



The Govs and Lady Govs compete in NCAA Division I as part of the Ohio Valley Conference.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams and the men’s golf team went to the NCAA tournament in 2003, and the baseball team won the OVC regular season in 2003, 2004 and 2007 and the OVC Tournament in 2005 and 2007. The men's basketball team completed an undefeated conference season at 16-0 in 2004 and earned a berth in the NIT in 2007.

Other sports include tennis, cross-country, and cheerleading for men, and volleyball, tennis, cross-country, softball, indoor/outdoor track, golf, soccer and cheerleading for women.


belmont university
Located in Nashville Tennessee

Has about 4800 students

Mascot is a Bruin named Bruiser

Their colors are navy blue and red

Known for their art department

Have a well known faculty

Large city with a population over 250,000

Belmont University
private school
Private School
  • A Competitive school
  • Undergraduate Tuition per semester $10,035
  • Very generous with scholarships and financial aid
  • Rooms and Dorms $7570 a year
  • Requires about a 3.333 GPA
belmont university20
Belmont University
  • Seeded 15th
  • They’re best known for basketball with a record of 516-294
  • Have a well known women’s volleyball team, and a well known men’s baseball team
  • You should go if your interested in performing arts, religion, and business
belmont university21
Fun Facts

Has more than 80 clubs

Is a Baptist institution

Has been rewarded twice for a quality achievement award

Is a great place to get to know your spiritual side

Belmont University
  • "Belmont University." State University. 2008. 17 Mar 2008 <>.
  • "Belmont University." Belmont University. 2008. 17 Mar 2008 <>.
General Info: Boston College is one of the oldest Jesuit, Catholic universities in the United States. It has puts helping students achieving the highest academic excellence its top priority.Location: 140 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Town Statistics: Population (Approximate)11,078 people and 76% of the people who are 25 and up have a College Degree

Number of Students: 11,481

School Colors: Red & Gold

Mascot: Eagle

Private College

Undergraduate Tuition: currently totals to $35,150 for the year 2007-2008 (does not include room or book costs)

Room rate: approx. $6,820

Admission Requirements - students must be able to handle a HIGHLY competitive learning environment

-many highly qualified students apply to BC every year, so applicants must understand that they may be put ona waiting list (27% admission for freshman class)

-applicantswho have challenged themselves withhonors and Advanced Placement courses and have goodclassroom performance have a better chance of being admitted

SAT requirements: Critical Reading 610-710

Math 630-720

Writing 620-710

Total 1910 - 2110

(applicants accepted last year had an average score of 2061 for their SAT score)

ACTrequirements: applicants accepted last year had an average scoreof 32

involvement in extra curricular activitiesand other aspects that display leadership qualities of the individual

Essay: BC wants todiscuss your ideas and opinions in your essay to better understand who you are, and not paragraphs of your achievements.

Boston College

Athletic Info:

- 27 varsity teams

- All compete at the NCAA Division I level

History: Boston College was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1863 and, with 3 teachers and 22 students, opened its doors on September 5, 1864. Originally located on Harrison Avenue in Boston's South End, it was later moved to its current location in Chestnut Hill.

Fun Facts

-The Organic Chemistry division at BC is ranked 18th nationwide, andBC's Chemistry Department overall ranks 50th.

- Nikesh Arora (vice president of Google) graduated from BC

- For those of you who live in manga world, thevoice actress for Naruto, Maile Flanagan attended BC as well.

  • References:
  • Authors: Lenira Chan (P2) and Nichole Yang (P4)

Boston College vs. Maryland

Boston College vs. Michigan State

Boston College vs. North Dakota

Nikesh Arora

duke university 615 chapel drive box 90563 durham nc 27708 0563

estimated tuition: about $38230

Other cost:$13000{room,board…….}

SAT math score 740 SAT verbal score730 SAT total score 1460

Mascot : BlueDevils

Color : blue




Men's basketball

the men basketball team has captured three National championships while attending 14 Final Fours and nine Championship games there have 71 players have been chouse in NBA draft.

U.S. News & World Report in its 2008 edition, Duke ranked 1st in literary criticism and theory, 5th in ecology and evolutionary biology5th in biomedical engineering tied for 12th for doctoral programs in the sciences, tied for 21st in mathematics, tied for 25th in computer science, tied for 29th in physics, and ranked 38th in chemistry

Duke University615 Chapel Drive, Box 90563, Durham, NC 27708-0563
duke university 615 chapel drive box 90563 durham nc 27708 056326
In 1892, Trinity moved to Durham, largely due to generosity from Washington Dukeand Julian S. Carr, powerful and respected Methodists who had grown wealthy through the tobacco industry. Washington Duke gave what was then known as Trinity College a $100,000 endowment in 1896, with the stipulation that the college "open its doors to women, placing them on an equal footing with men."

In 1986 the soccer team win the first championship, and the basketball win the championship in 1991,1992 and 2001


Authors : Brent Ni , Liu Fan 3/17/2008


Duke University615 Chapel Drive, Box 90563, Durham, NC 27708-0563
butler university
Butler University is a private liberal arts university located in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis population: Approximately 781,870

Number of students: 4,437

School color: Blue/white

Mascot: Bulldog

Butler was given high acknowledgement for academic quality with an indication on the liberal arts and sciences by national guides

Tuition: $38,398 (annual rate)

Room and Board: $8,960

Admission Requirements (high school coursework):

English - 4 years

Mathematics - 3 years

Laboratory Science - 3 years

Social Studies/History - 2 years

Foreign Language - 2 years of the same language

Scholarships offered:

Freshman Academic Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

Morton-Finney Leadership Awards

Talent Awards

Center for Faith and Vocation Scholarship

Admission Data

5,265 applied; 3,987 admitted; 988 enrolled Average high school GPA: 3.7 Test Scores:        SAT critical reading scores over 500 87%        SAT math scores over 500 90%        SAT writing scores over 500 82%        ACT scores over 18 100%        SAT critical reading scores over 600 41%        SAT math scores over 600 49%        SAT writing scores over 600 35%        ACT scores over 24 82%        SAT critical reading scores over 700 7%        SAT math scores over 700 7%        SAT writing scores over 700 4%        ACT scores over 30 23%

Butler University
butler university28
2006-07 Butler Men's Basketball BUTLER Season Results (as of Mar 24, 2007)

All games


ALL GAMES........... (29-7) (13-2) (8-4) (8-1); CONFERENCE.......... (13-3) (7-1) (6-2) (0-0);

NON-CONFERENCE...... (16-4) (6-1) (2-2) (8-1)

THE STAT CREW SYSTEM BUTLER Season Results (as of Mar 20, 2006)

All games


ALL GAMES........... (20-13) (12-1) (5-10) (3-2); CONFERENCE.......... (11-5) (8-0) (3-5) (0-0);

NON-CONFERENCE...... (9-8) (4-1) (2-5) (3-2)

Butler Season Box Score (as of Mar 02, 2005)

All games


ALL GAMES........... (13-15) (10-4) (3-9) (0-2) CONFERENCE.......... (7-9) (4-4) (3-5) (0-0)

NON-CONFERENCE...... (6-6) (6-0) (0-4) (0-2)

Some Majors

Biological And Biomedical Sciences:

Biology/Biological Sciences

Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services:

Accounting; Actuarial Science; Finance; International Business/Trade/Commerce; Management Information Systems; Marketing/Marketing Management

Health Professions And Related Clinical Sciences:

Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology; Communication Disorders; Pharmacy; Physician Assistant

Social Sciences:

Anthropology; Criminology; Economics; International Relations and Affairs; Political Science and Government; Sociology; Urban Studies/Affairs

Visual And Performing Arts:

Arts Management; Dance; Dramatic/Theater Arts; Music; Music History, Literature, and Theory; Music Management and Merchandising; Music Performance; Music Theory and Composition; Piano and Organ; Violin, Viola, Guitar and Other Stringed Instruments; Voice and Opera; Wind and Percussion Instruments

Fun Facts:

The average class size is 21 students.

Butler has 291 full time faculty and zero teaching assistants. All of the classes at Butler are taught by professors, not teaching assistants.

The student to faculty ratio at Butler University is 12:1.


Butler University

Jeffrey Hong


Per. (5)

butler university29
Butler University
  • Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    • Population of 781,870.
  • About 4,400 students enrolled.
    • 3,900 undergraduates
    • 500 postgraduates
    • Capacity of 10,000 students
  • School colors are blue and white.
  • Mascot is a bulldog.
  • High regards for academics.
    • Ranked 4th in America's Best Colleges 2008 from US News and World Reports.
    • Specialties include liberal arts and sciences.
  • Private school
  • Tuition cost of $38,398 per year.*
    • Undergraduates pay only $13,035 per semester*

*applies to full time enrollment

  • Room costs vary with selection.
    • Triple room: $1,740 per semester
    • Double room: $1,970 per semester
    • Single room: $2,930 per semester
  • The Admission Committee takes high school academic achievement, test scores, school report by high school counselor, extracurricular activities, and a personal statement into account for application.
    • No minimum GPA, rank, or test is required.
    • Scholarships are offered
butler university30
Butler University
  • Conferences Joined:
    • 1932-1934: Missouri Valley Conference
    • 1946-1950: Mid-American Conference
    • 1979-1986: Midwestern Collegiate Conference
    • 1986-1993: Midwestern Collegiate Conference
    • 1993-present: Horizon League
  • Highest record seed is 5th in 2007
    • Previous record was 10th in 2001
  • Appeared in the NCAA 7 times
    • '62, 97, '98, '00, '01, '03, and '07
  • Best winning percentage and most wins of all Division I’s men’s basketball programs of Indiana.
  • School also has a strong history in soccer.
  • Butler’s basketball stadium, Hinkle Fieldhouse, hosted the historical final between the small Milan High School (161 students) and the larger Muncie Central High School (1,600 students) in 1954, where Milan was victorious.
    • The 1986 movie Hoosiers, based on the Milan Miracle story, featured a scene of the event that was shot in the Hinkle Fieldhouse.
  • References:
    • Wikipedia article on Butler University
    • Butler University homepage
    • NCAA Wiki article on Butler University
  • Author(s)
    • Brandon Nguyen, Period 4
cal state fullerton



  • Location: Fullerton, California
  • Number of Students: 36, 091 students
  • Mascot: Tuffy Titan (an elephant)
  • School Colors: Navy Blue, Orange, and White
  • School Faculty: Approximately 1900 full and part-time faculty members
  • Organized into 9 different “colleges/schools”
    • Arts, Business & Economics, Communications, Education, Engineering & Computer Science, Health & Human Development, Humanities & Social Sciences, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and University Extended Education
  • Town Information:
    • Population: 126003
    • Land Area: 22.2 SQ MI (57.5 km2)
    • Elevation: 155 ft.
  • Co-ed Public Research University
  • Undergraduate tuition: $1069 per semester for undergraduates who are taking six or fewer units and $1651 for undergraduates who are taking seven or more units (In-state). $339 per unit per semester + basic registration fees (Out of State).
  • Room and Board Costs: Housing fees for the 2007-2008 academic year, double occupancy space (a shared bedroom in a 3 bedroom apartment) was $5,167.00; a bedspace in a 4 bedroom single occupancy apartment was $6,898.00, which includes a $100 security deposit that is refundable once a resident moves out.
  • Admission Requirements:
    • • Complete the required A-G courses while in high school including language other than   English; 2 years in the same language (3 years recommended)• Graduate high school with the appropriate GPA• Receive an eligibility index score of 2900 or greater
  • Scholarships: Nearly $2 million in scholarships and awards is paid annually at Cal State Fullerton
cal state fullerton32

Athletic Information:

  • Men’s programs include NCAADivision 1 baseball (2004, 1995, 1984 and 1979 nationalchampionships), basketball, cross-country, fencing, soccer, track andwrestling. Division 1 women’s sports are basketball, cross-country,fencing, gymnastics (1979 national championship), soccer, softball(1986 national championship), tennis, track and volleyball

Basketball History:

  • Conference: Big West
  • 06-07 Season Basketball overall record: 20-10
  • 06-07 Conference record: 9-5
  • 2008 Big West Tournament Champions

Other Special Interest Information:

  • The College of Business and Economics is included in the 2008 edition of Princeton Review’s Best 290 Business Schools.
  • The Performing Arts Major’s College Guide lists Cal State Fullerton among its “Most Highly Recommended Undergraduate Programs” for drama and musical theater, and among “Noteworthy Programs” for dance.

Fun Facts

  • Notable Alumni include……
    • Bruce Bowen , a professional basketball player, who currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs
    • Damon Allen, a professional Canadian football player, who is an all-time leading passer in professional football history




Ashwin Ramachandran, Period: 3

March 18, 2008

davidson college
Davidson, North Carolina

City population: 8,100

About 20 miles north of Charlotte

1,700 students

Colors: red and black

Mascot: Mr. Cat

In the top 20 colleges for: "Best Overall Academic Experience For Undergraduates," "Professors Get High Marks," "Professors Make Themselves Accessible," and "Their Students Never Stop Studying.“

Alessia Dorin: Period 3

Vanessa Liu: Period 5

Private liberal arts college

Undergraduate tuition: $31,794

Room and board costs: $9,020

Admission requirements: essay or personal statement, high school transcript, 3 letters of recommendation

General scholarships may be awarded with additional preferences that include: scholar-athletes, students from specific geographic regions, or students with leadership skills or a significant commitment to service.

Competitiveness: Very difficult; 28% of applicants were admitted

Davidson College
davidson college34
Head Coach: Bob McKillop

Davidson's men's basketball team has competed in 10 NCAA tournaments.

Their last NCAA tournament victory was in 1969 vs. St. John's, 79-69, advancing Davidson to the Elite Eight before losing 87-85 to North Carolina in the East Regional Final.

In 2006-07, they completed the regular season conference schedule with only one loss and enter the conference tournament as a No. 1 seed, earning a first round bye.

MajorsAnthropology, Art, Biology, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Chemistry, Classics, Economics, English, French, German, History, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Spanish, Theatre

MinorsChemistry, Chinese, Economics, French, German, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Russian, Spanish, Theatre


Student Faculty Ratio:10:1

Governed by a vital Honor Code

First liberal arts college to eliminate loans in financial aid packages

History: Founded in 1837 by Presbyterians

Students of Color: 14 percent

International Students: 4 percent

Freshman Cake Race:Freshmen year is a nervous and scary experience for almost every Davidson student. For the incoming class of ‘34 the experience was made even more grueling by a mandatory 1.7 mile race. The race was established by Davidson track Coach Pete Whittle; his goal was to uncover hidden talent in the incoming freshmen class and ask them to come out for the track team The cakes rewarded to the winners are donated by people in the Davidson Community. The race is not simply a competition between runners; it is also a contest to see who can bake the best cake.

Davidson College
Jesuit private university

Located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Was founded in 1789

14148 students

School colors blue and gray

Mascot Jack the Bulldog

Georgetown's libraries hold 2,435,298 items in seven buildings.

16,171 applications and 3,305 admitted for the class of 2011, Georgetown has an overall undergraduate acceptance rate of 20.4 percent

The School of Medicine's acceptance rate for the entering class of 2007 was 3.5 percent, for which 10,643 applicants applied and 1,228 were interviewed for the 190 available slots.

Georgetown fields 27 varsity teams and 20 club teams.The varsity teams participate in the NCAA’s Division 1.

Georgetown faculty conduct research in hundreds of subjects, but

have priorities in the fields

of religion, ethics, science,

public policy, and cancer medicine.

Won the NCAA championship in 1984

Seeded 2nd in the Midwest

Roman Catholic (Jesuit)

The U.S. Civil War greatly affected Georgetown as 1,141 students and alumni enlisted and the Union Army commandeered university buildings

Only seven students graduated in 1869, down from over 300 in the previous decade.

Christian Chu P. 5 3-18-08

Located in Spokane, Washington
  • # of undergraduates:4,278
  • # of graduates:1,657
  • Private:intuition
  • Mascot:Bulldogs
  • Undergraduate tuition:$13,060 per semester
  • Room and board:$1,780
  • Admission requirements:
  • a four year baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
  • an undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • satisfactory scores on nationally recognized tests (GRE, GMAT, MAT, TOEFL)
Gonzaga’s tuition is one of the most expensive
  • Financial aid is provided for undergraduates
  • Funfacts:Independent Roman Catholic comprehensive, founded 1887
  • 67% of applicants were admitted
  • Average high school GPA 3.63
  • “Test scores SAT verbal scores over 500 91%, SAT math scores over 500 91%, ACT scores over 18 100%, SAT verbal scores over 600 47%, SAT math scores over 600 55%, ACT scores over 24 74%, SAT verbal scores over 700 12%, SAT math scores over 700 11%, ACT scores over 30 18%”
  • Men’s Basketball:
  • There making their first round of the NCAA tournament
  • Their 10th straight NCAA Tournament appearance
  • It was awarded seventh seed



gonzaga university41
Location: Spokane, Washington

Campus: 94buildings, 131 acres

College Opened : 1887

Average class size: 22

Motto: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam(For the greater glory of God)

Enrollment: 6,736

Mascot: Spike the Bulldog Nickname: Bulldogs

Colors: Blue,White& Red

Type: Private

Undergraduate Tuition: $26,120/year


Board: $7,520/year Scholarships & Financial Aid: Presidential, Alumni Association

Gonzaga's Law School is one of three law schools in Washington state.

Gonzaga University
gonzaga university42
Players are officially nicknamed the Bulldogs,but often called the Zags

Part of the NCAA Division I West Coast Conference basketball games are held in the, McCarthy Athletic Center.

Stadium has 6,000 seat arena to showcase

In addition to the annual Comcast Battle in Seattle game held at Key Arena in Seattle.

Facts: - he university was founded by, Father Joseph Cataldo

Gonzaga offers seven men's and seven women's sports at the top level of intercollegiate athletics,


Gonzaga University
kansas jayhawks

Kansas Jayhawks

Athletic info:

Conference on March 19th

#1 seed, taking on #16th seed

Other special interests:

The science of sounds

Spring break: natural history museum, explore sound the hands-on way.

Art and design gallery/exhibitions

Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Fun facts:

Students can spend spring break helping out homeless with a spring break school program.

Jerry Chen March 18th 2008 per.4

university of kansas
Location: Lawrence, Kansas

30,644 students

School colors: Red and Blue

Mascot: Jayhawk

Specialties: health, architecture and urban planning, business, education, engineering, fine arts, journalism and mass communications, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and social welfare.

University of Kansas
university of kansas45
University of Kansas
  • Undergraduate Tuition: $7675.50 per semester (Non-resident)
  • Graduate Tuition: $5175.45 per semester (Non-resident)
  • Room & Board estimated costs: $3,000
  • Public University
  • Admission Requirements:
    • Achieve an ACT score of 24 or above or an *SAT score of 1090 or above with a 2.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0-point scale, or
    • Earn at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0-point scale in the Kansas Board of Regents Curriculum, or
    • Rank in the top one-third of their high-school class.
  • Scholarships offered: Freshman Achievement Scholarship , Bob and Marlene Whittaker Leadership Scholarship , Summerfield and Watkins-Berger Scholarships,Endowment Meritorious Scholarship
  • Low competitiveness
university of kansas46
University of Kansas
  • FACT: James Naismith, Kansas Jayhawks first basketball coach, happens to have invented the game basketball.
  • FACT: The only college in the WORLD to have the Jayhawk as a mascot
  • Refrences:
  • Record: 31-3(13-3)
  • Been in the NCAA Tournament for 18 consecutive years
  • Were in the NCAA Final Four 2002 and 2003
  • This year, FIRST seeding in the Midwest Region
  • By Kelli Sum Per. 1
MVSU is located Leflore Country

School colors are white and green

Mascot is Delta Devils

Approximately 3,162 students

Estimated Costs per year: $3158 (in state), $7375 (out of state), $1542 (room), $1470 (board)

Requirements: SAT or ACT, passed at least 15 ½ units of college prep classes, a minimum of 3.2 GPA

Men’s Basketball has a relatively high win record

Currently in the NCAA, MVSU beat Jackson State: 59-58

Coach: James Green

Ass. Coach: Mike Smith

Special Facts: Majority of the students are black

Is the valley of scholars, MVSU has very athletic, talented, and smart students

Austin Ying 3-17-08 Period 1

the university of north carolina at chapel hill
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

3895 students enrolled of 51,598 residents in the town. The university’s colors are Light blue and white with the Strutting Ram as the mascot, Ranked #1 school for health careers in Newsweek.

Aprroximately 19,000$ a year for a student out of state in tuition fees, and 8,000$ a year in room and board. It is a public University, admission requirements, scholarships offered, The average GPA was 4.42 of students enrolled and SAT scores averaged 1302.

the university of north carolina at chapel hill50
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

North Carolina is entering tournament with 32-2 record and has won 26 regular-season ACC championships and 17 ACC tournament

Their school of information and Library Science as well as theirAnalytical Chemistry are ranked first in the nation.

Nicknamed the “Tar Heels”

  • References:,
  • Stephen Bennett 3/19 p1
oral roberts
Oral Roberts

By Yalta Li

Period 4


Costs(per semester) : $8,820.50 tuition

$1,855 room

$1.950 board

$215 general fees

$95 technology fee

Total cost: $12,997.50

  • Primary Requirements
  • Christian religion
  • Rank in top 40% of class
  • GPA of 2.6 or higher
  • ACT of 20+ or SAT of 990+
  • Secondary Requirements
  • 4 years of English
  • 2 years foreign language
  • 2 years of math (geometry and algebra 2)
  • 2 years of social studies
  • 2 years of science
  • 4 years of electives
  • Oral Roberts University is founded by Oral Roberts, a leader in the
  • charismatic movement and a former healer of faith
  • Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts University is a private
  • Christian school, where students there must attend chapel twice a week.
  • Prohibited activities include lying, cursing, smoking, drinking, gambling
  • and a range of sexual acts including homosexual behavior.
  • School uniforms are required
did you know
Did You Know
  • Nicknamed the golden eagle, current mascot is Eli
  • Founded by Oral Roberts who had a vision of Christ telling him to build a college
  • Receives an enrollment of 5,300 students a year, most from states but some international
  • Lawsuit filed against in October 2007 by three former professors claimed to be
  • wrongfully terminated
  • Receives generous donations from Mart Green family (founder of Hobby Lobby) about
  • $70 million total
  • Voice of Ned Flanders of The Simpsons graduated from Oral Roberts
  • Stephen Colbert picked ORU to win the NCAA because they had a 900 foot Jesus
  • Women basketball has appeared in NCAA 4 times in the past 8 seasons
  • Men basketball has appeared in NCAA several times
  • The baseball team made it to the 1978 College World Series and has recently won 10
  • straight conference championships while advancing to 10 NCAA Tournaments
  • The baseball team has now and then been ranked in the national top 25
portland state
Mascot: Vikings

Colors: forest Green and white.

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

The school is placed in an urban setting.

Public School

18,916 Undergrad

Tuition and costs

$6,000 in-state

$18,000 out of state

$8,500 housing

Required units: 14 total

English 4

Foreign Language 2

History 1

Math 3

Science 2

Social Studies 2

Recommended units: Science Lab 1

91% acceptance

Portland State
portland state56
Main strengths


sciences and biology.

Most popular majors


Social science

The school is a member of the Pac-10 wrestling conference

Pacific Coast softball conference

They first bid into the NCAA was in 2008 with their men’s basketball team

Kevin Hayes and Brian Siu P2 3-19-08

Portland State
purdue university
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

Student number: 39,228


Colors: Old Gold and Black

Mascot: Boilermaker Special

Nickname: Boilermakers


Postgraduates: 7,938

Established: May6, 1869

Named after John Purdue

School Type: Public, land-grant

Estimates Annual Undergraduate Expenses: Resident:$18,800; Nonresident: $34,444

Enrollment: 57%male, 43%female.

Purdue University
purdue university58
Home to 18 Division1/1-A NACC teams including football, basketball, cross county, etc.

A founding member of the Big Ten Conference.

Current Basketball coach: Matt Painter

Official school fight song: “ Hail Purdue!”

Author: Xiaosa Yang

Per: 6


Purdue University
st mary s college
St. Mary’s College


Location: Moraga, California

Established: 1863

Motto: Gaels

Setting: Suburban 420 acre campus.

Town Statistics:

  • Moraga has a population 16, 290 people (47.1% male and 52.9% female), 5,662 households, and 4,325 families residing in the town.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 9.54 sq. mi of its land and 0.11% water.
  • Moraga has great weather with warm sunny summers and cold winters.
  • The community was named after Joaquin Moraga, the landowner.
  • Undergraduate Student Population: 2, 685

School Information

Type: Independent Roman Catholic

Comprehensive Cost: $42, 170

-Tuition: 30, 930

-Room and Board: $11, 090

Admission Requirements:

-GPA: 3.3

-Test Scores:        SAT critical reading scores over 500 68%        SAT math scores over 500 68%        SAT critical reading scores over 600 24%        SAT math scores over 600 22%        SAT critical reading scores over 700 4%        SAT math scores over 700 3%


  • All scholarships are renewable for up to 4 years. There are no separate application forms to complete, with the exception of the Presidential Scholars Scholarships.
  • Merit scholarships are only awarded to students who are admitted before March 2nd.

Competitiveness: Applicants- 3, 929 and admitted- 3, 231.

st mary s college60
St. Mary’s College

Athletic and Recreational Sports:

-has a nationally recognized NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletic program.

-offer fitness activities, workout facilities, and off-campus adventure opportunities.

-promote integrity, personal responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership.

Men’s Basketball Information:


-St. Mary’s has only won only one NCAA tournament game. In 1959, the team had a first-round bye in a field of 23 teams. After beating Idaho State, the Gaels were a win from the Final Four, but they lost to eventual national champion California.


-Conference: Overall: 12-2

-No. 10 seeded St Mary’s men’s basketball team’s 2008 NCAA tournament’s visit to Arkansas began and ended with a 78-64 loss to the No. 7 seeded Miami Hurricanes on Friday afternoon (3/1/08).

Other Interests:

-honors programs

-study abroad programs


-grad. and professional programs

-other sports ex: baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, rugby, etc.


-Liberal Arts Tradition includes creativity and human expression.

-Courses, events and venues explore the full breadth of arts ex-only accredited art museum and SF Bay Area’s cultural resources.


  • 30,000 Under grads 11,000 Graduates
  • School colors true blue and gold school mascot bruins
  • Specialties: Social Sciences, Biology and psychology
  • Public institute
  • In-state tuition:$7,038 Out-of-state tuition:$26,658 Room and board:$12,420 Books and supplies:$1,515 Estimated personal expenses: $2,145 Transportation expense:$858
  • Percent applicants admitted: 24%
  • 97% in top 10th of graduating class
  • Author: Joe C. P.1
  • Men’s basketball has won 11 NCAA championships
  • From 1971 to 1974, UCLA men's basketball won 88 consecutive games
  • Fun Facts: UCLA has won 213 medals in the most recent Olympic games, UCLA also has eight million books in their library and is ranked 25th best college in the U.S.
  • Author: Joe C. P.1
university of nevada las vegas


  • General Information:
  • Location: Nevada, Las Vegas
  • UNLV: Public College
  • Highest Degree Offered: Doctor’s Degree
  • Enrollment: 19,329
  • Population Of City: 552,539 & Growing!
  • In State, living on campus: $15,026
  • Out of state, living on campus: $23,513
  • In state, living off campus: $14,926
  • Out of state, living off campus: $23,413
university of nevada las vegas65

More Information:

  • Esatblished: 1957
  • Founded By: The Nevada Board Of Regents
  • Urban Setting
  • Campus Lot: 995.2 Acres
  • Number Of Students: 31,000
    • Undergraduates: 26,000
    • Postgraduates: 5,000


  • Mascot: Runnin’ Rebels
  • Colors: Scarlet And Grey
  • Fun Facts:
  • Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret dance in
  • Nevada’s Southern gym in the famous
  • scene from the film Viva Las Vegas
  • On April 27, David Ashley is inaugurated

as UNLV's eighth president.

university of nevada las vegas66



Michelle Yadegar

Chemistry Lab Group #7

Period: 2 3/20/08

university of wisconsin madison
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Madison’s population: 223,389 people

# of Students: 41,000

Colors: Cardinal & White

Mascot: Badger

Specializing In: Liberal Arts and biotechnology

Type: Public State University

The University is a public state college, located in Madison, Wisconsin. Well known for academic excellence, the University of Wisconsin has been called the “Public Ivy” and is ranked 38th best college in America according to US news and 7th best public university. The Wisconsin sports teams, competing under the mascot Bucky Badgers excel in hockey, basketball, and football. Notable for its large student body, the University of Wisconsin in Madison boasts over 41,000 students.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
university of wisconsin madison68
Although football is the most popular sport of the University, their basketball team is fairly successful. All of their sports teams except for hockey compete in the Big 10 conference. Their basket ball team, as of 2008, boasted a Win-Loss record of 16-2 reaching a national ranking of 6 and capturing the 2nd seed in the 2008 NCAA March Madness competition. Wisconsin basketball endured years of mediocre performance before finally achieving success in recent years.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison boasts a large selection of liberal and is well known for its spectacular biotechnology program. The student body well known for political activism.

Fun facts:

-Madison has the largest number of mopeds in use in the entire US.

-The University of Wisconsin is held in distinction as one of the largest party schools in the US as well as the top beer consumer.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Information taken from:
  • Alumni: Gina Chen and Charles Tu
  • Powerpoint by: Steven Yang
  • Period 4

School color: white, blue, gray, and navyIt costs $11995 per semester.Xavier is the third-largest independent institution in Ohio. And it is sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation

Xavieris a private coeducational university that was founded in 1831, and located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Their mission:

“The mission of Xavier remains today what it has ever been, to form students intellectually, morally and spiritually, with rigor and compassion, toward lives of solidarity, service and success.” –Michael J. Graham, S.J.


The University offers a diverse range of academic degrees and programs for undergraduate and graduate students and caters to full-time and part-time students as well as traditional and adult students. Courses are offered days, nights and weekends, on campus, and around the world through our many international programs and associations.

According to U.S. News & World Report 2007 edition of America’s Best Colleges, among 142 Midwest comprehensive colleges and universities, Xavier ranked:

  • second overall, now rating 12 straight years in the top 10.
  • first for the fourth straight year with an 90% freshmen retention rate.
  • first with a 76% graduation rate.
  • third with a 29% alumni giving rate.

Xavier provides a liberal arts education in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition. Sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation