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MOSCOW METROSTROY. Russian building company.

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Russian building company

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OJSC "Mosmetrostroy" is a versatile multifunctional construction company solving a vast variety of technical issues while executing all sorts of works, tunneling to design and decorating to track-laying to assembling-manufacturing of construction and finishing materials.

The company l.jpg
The company

  • Created in 1931 and involved primarily in Metro construction.

  • One of the leading Russian building companies.

  • 177 stations and 288 km of metro lines, more than 30 km of motorways, auto tunnels and junctions constructed so far.

  • Large contracts for road construction and successfulinroads in building constructionbusiness segments.

Key managers l.jpg
Key Managers

  • Gennady Shtern – General Director

    Has graduated from Samara Technical University as technical specialist – Bridges and Tunnels;

    Has unparalleled experience working for 23 years in metro planning and building in several executive positions.

  • Evgeny Kashin – First Deputy of General Director

    Has PhD in Science from Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.

  • Leonid Astrin – Financial Director

    MBA from Kellogg's Business School.

Financials l.jpg

Accounting data (for the last 5 years):

million USD

Financial conditions l.jpg
Financial Conditions

Financial Ratios (for the last 5 years)

Business strategy company strength l.jpg

Strengthening its leadershiponmetro construction market.

Increasing its presence in road construction segment.

Developing its business of construction of undergroundpart of buildings.

Image improve of the company byincreasingof quality of works and decreasing of term of construction.

Expanding in Russian regions and abroad.

Participation in tenders spent in Russia and abroad.

Solid core business.

Succesfull and growing in new business segments.

Strong management team.

Strong political support and network in Russia.

Experience with international contracts.

High technical level.

Business StrategyCompany Strength

Market share l.jpg
Market Share

  • The share of OJSC "Mosmetrostroy" onMoscow metro construction market is about 67% now and the company plans to hold it.

  • The share of OJSC "Mosmetrostroy" on Moscow road construction market is about 10%

Clients and projects l.jpg
Clients and Projects

  • The main clients of OJSC "Mosmetrostroy" are federal and municipal government, such as Direction of the Moscow Underground

  • The second large group of the company clients are general contractors involving "Mosmetrostroy" as a subcontractor

  • The third group are commercial organizations involving «Mosmetrostroy» in construction of private objects

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Recently completed projects

  • Tunnel– 3 126 km (with ramp part), 1 511 m of tunnels were constructed using closed technique and are a structure of 3 tunnels: two for transport with 3-lane motor road in the upper part of the tunnel and subway in the lower part,and one for service.

  • Earth pressure balanced tunneling with TMB “Herrenknecht” Ø14.2m (transport tunnel) and TMB “Lovat” Ø6.28m (service tunnel)

  • Execution of all construction works without damaging environment and landscape

Krasnopresnenskaya motor highway. Tunnel section

Slide12 l.jpg

Recently completed projects

Krasnopresnenskaya motor highway. Guyed Bridge “Zhivopisny”

  • The unique arch over the Moskva River with 409 span and hanging 2-level ellipsoid with panoramic glazing, a viewing point and a restaurant.

  • Type of the bridge: cable-stayed, the suspenton arche is length: 1372,5 m, main span: 409,5m, traffic area width: 45m

  • The bridge was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Brussels.

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Recently completed projects

Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line of metro (section «Chkalovskaya- Trubnaya»)

  • The tunnel section – 3,72 km.

  • Drill and Blastexcavation

  • Works close to working metro lines

  • Complex interchange schemes for operating stations

  • Two deep unique metro stations: “Trubnaya” and “Sretenskiy bulvar”

Slide14 l.jpg

Projects in progress


Bosphorus Tunnel Completion Construction

  • The Bosporus Tunnel will provide the connection between Asia and Europe across the Bosporus Channel.

  • Total length of proposed Bosporus tunnel is about 5500m of which some 1500m below sea water body.

  • The tunnel planned to be constructed as a single bore with an excavated diameter of some 6.11m for TBM section and 5.14m for conventional section allowing a final reinforced concrete lining to be placed with a 4.0 m internal diameter.

Slide15 l.jpg

Projects in progress

  • The tunnel section – 2,96 km. Tunnel diameter - from 5.5 m to 10.0 m.

  • Two deep unique metro stations: “Dostoevskaya” and “Maryina Roshcha”

  • Drill and Blastexcavation. Support is cast iron and reinforced concrete tubes.

  • Works close to working metro lines

  • The beginning of works in 2007. The end of works in 2009.

Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line of metro (section «Trubnaya - Maryina Roshcha»)

Slide16 l.jpg

Projects in progress

  • The tunnel section – 6,8 km. Tunnel diameter – 5.5 m.

  • 3 metro stations constructed by cut and cover method.

  • The section has the metro bridge across the Moskva River between the stations of “Myakininskaya” and “Volokolamskaya”

  • Earth pressure balanced tunneling with shield mechanized complexes.

  • The end of works in 2009.

Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of metro (section «Strogino-Mitino»)

Future projects l.jpg
Future Projects

Metro construction:

  • Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line – 12,37km long

  • Mitinsko-Stroginskaya line – 8,5 km

  • Kalininskaya line – 3,23 km

  • Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line – 3,38 km

  • Zamoskvoretskaya line – 2,9 km

  • Solncevskaya line – 25,76 km

    Road construction:

  • Central Ring highway (CKAD) – constructed in Moscow suburbs

  • Moscow – St. Petersburg highway

  • Fourth Transport Ring of Moscow