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Mooving to Moodle

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Mooving to Moodle. Amy Brown and Deana St. Peter Guilford Technical Community College. What LMS is your school using?. Blackboard WebCT Educator Moodle Other/Not Applicable. Is your school considering Moodle?. Yes No Maybe. What is the main thing your school likes about Blackboard?.

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Presentation Transcript
mooving to moodle

Mooving to Moodle

Amy Brown and Deana St. Peter

Guilford Technical Community College

what lms is your school using
What LMS is your school using?
  • Blackboard
  • WebCT
  • Educator
  • Moodle
  • Other/Not Applicable
what is the main thing your school likes about blackboard
What is the main thing your school likes about Blackboard?
  • It’s familiar.
  • Menu/folder organization
  • Look and feel
  • Gradebook
  • We don’t use Blackboard.
what s the main thing your school does not like about blackboard
What’s the main thing your school does NOT like about Blackboard?
  • Price
  • Menu/folder organization
  • Look and feel
  • Gradebook
  • Limited options
  • We don’t use Blackboard.
gtcc backstory
GTCC backstory
  • Over 10 years on Blackboard
  • Part of NCLC Blackboard consortium
  • Experienced some customer service issues with Blackboard and ASP hosting
gtcc moodle
GTCC - Moodle
  • System Office was pushing Moodle as a solution.
  • RFP for second wave of NCMUG project
  • Distance Learning and five faculty attended Moodle training summer 2007



blackboard vs moodle
Blackboard vs. Moodle
  • Annual license fee vs. Open source
  • Folders vs. blocks
  • Content management system vs. dynamic learning environment
  • Faculty/Publisher-created content vs. “Everyone-created” content
move to moodle
Move to Moodle
  • Training (summer 2007)
  • Pilot with faculty and students (fall 2007)
  • Migration (spring 2008-fall 2008)
  • Final Blackboard semester (spring 2009)
gtcc number of sites
GTCC number of sites
  • Fall 2007 semester
    • Blackboard – over 800
    • Moodle – over 15
  • Spring 2008 semester
    • Blackboard – over 800
    • Moodle – over 50
  • Fall 2008 semester
    • Moodle – over 800
    • Blackboard – between 50-75
gtcc faculty
GTCC faculty
  • Blackboard is limiting
  • Setting up assignments in BB is more time consuming—multiple steps
  • Students can’t contribute to course content (like glossaries and wikis)
  • Can get bulky—go to this folder, open this sub-folder, download this file
  • Moodle is more dynamic—students create profiles with pictures, I can see all of their activity in one place, it’s easier for me to respond to them
gtcc faculty17
GTCC faculty
  • Reaction to Moodle training
    • “Wow! Look at all the cool toys!”
    • Different types of assignments allow for different student interaction and different student-teacher interaction
    • News forum, internal messaging, etc.
gtcc faculty18
GTCC faculty
  • Selling features of Moodle
    • Profiles—I can “see” my students next to all of their work
    • Activity reports—show posts, blogs, submitted assignments, etc. all in one place
    • Easier to navigate
blackboard vs moodle admin
Blackboard vs. Moodle Admin
  • Logging in as a someone else
  • Search and add students to course
  • Settings for self-creation of accounts
  • Self-enroll process
  • Enrollment file (user/course vs. user/course/group)
  • Groups keep sections separate!
pros for switching to moodle
Pros for switching to Moodle
  • Open source – better long-term financial investment for GTCC
  • Flexibility and options
  • More learning centered than Blackboard
  • Faculty already online savvy, but switch gives us a chance to redefine what we do.
cons for switching to moodle
Cons for switching to Moodle
  • Migration of content
  • Retrain faculty
  • Running/Paying for 2 Learning Management System for migration
  • Resistance to change
  • Lacking a true equation editor
  • Publishers are new to Moodle
what is your top concern about moving to moodle
What is your top concern about moving to Moodle?
  • Migration of content
  • Retraining faculty
  • Publisher content
  • Reaction of faculty
  • Other
learning from mistakes
Learning from Mistakes
  • Moodle 1.8 gradebook
  • Adaptive mode in quizzes
  • Question “names”
  • CamelCase in wikis
  • Typos in “News Forum” and “Mail now”
  • Can’t “block” students
gtcc decision
GTCC decision
  • Moodle server with Remote Learner – Level 4
  • Use Blackboard through June 2009
  • On-going training both face-to-face and online
  • Aim for 95% of courses to be on Moodle by fall 2008
team teaching with moodle
Team-teaching with Moodle
  • Advantages:
    • Teachers can co-develop and share assignments without having to share students or a grade book.
    • Students are put in separate groups and have access to their group only.
    • We don’t have to create separate forums, for example.
innovative instruction
Innovative Instruction
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Responsibility for their own learning
administrating moodle
Administrating Moodle
  • Blackboard head
  • Tools are present, less “sophistication”
  • Course copy process – more options
  • Enrollment file (users/courses vs. users/courses/groups)
moodle lessons from others
Moodle Lessons from others
  • Like learning to drive a new car—same buttons in different places.
  • Learning to use the grade book and creating tests are tricky, but this is because I’m used to BB, not because Moodle is “hard.”
  • Moodle has more features than BB—part of the challenge as an educator is determining how to use them.
future of moodle at gtcc
Future of Moodle at GTCC
  • Five instances
    • Curriculum
    • Business and Industry / Continuning Education
    • Internal Training
    • Testing
    • Public
  • iTunes U authentication part of login process
  • 10% report - # of hits, not actions
  • Attendance form
  • Streamline enrollment
  • Amy Brown, Distance Learning

Deana St. Peter, English

students are telling us that they like moodle better than blackboard because
Students are telling us that they like Moodle better than Blackboard because _______________________.
  • It’s easier to use.
  • They can create content as well as faculty.
  • Profiles make it easier to interact.
  • All of the above
the group feature in moodle allows you to keep the sections separate yet see the same content
The group feature in Moodle allows you to keep the sections separate yet see the same content.
  • Yes
  • No
this was a good presentation
This was a good presentation.
  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree