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Policies and Politics

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Policies and Politics Policies – rules, funding, other actions taken by government in pursuit of its goals In this class, focus on smart growth and metro equity policies Politics – in part, is the process of making policy decisions

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policies and politics
Policies and Politics
  • Policies – rules, funding, other actions taken by government in pursuit of its goals
    • In this class, focus on smart growth and metro equity policies
  • Politics – in part, is the process of making policy decisions
    • Creating the “metropolitan majority” of residents in communities that are declining or at risk because of sprawl and polarization
politics interviews questions
Politics Interviews - Questions
  • What words come to mind when you hear the word “politics”? Why?
  • What has been your experience in politics? What have you done? Why? How did that feel?
  • How would you like politics to change?
  • What do you expect will be your participation in the future?
politics interviews findings
Politics Interviews - Findings
  • Feelings
    • Cynicism
      • [vs. skepticism]
    • Apathy
    • Disillusionment
  • Experiences
    • Elections - school, city, national, etc.
    • Community organizing
alternative view of politics from talk by ernie cortes rogers cold anger pp 16 17
Alternative View of PoliticsFrom talk by Ernie Cortes – Rogers (Cold Anger) – pp. 16-17
  • Currently, “politics” is limited for most people to elections in which they have no real power
  • Politics can be much more, involving everyday people in the key decisions of society
  • This kind of politics lifts up and empowers people, gives them a greater purpose and makes them more fully human
  • It takes hard work and skilled organizing to create this kind of politics
holding ground the rebirth of dudley street
Holding Ground: the Rebirth of Dudley Street

Tells the story of DSNI - the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

This story is about both policies (New Urbanist principles) and politics (community organizing)

See also: Streets of Hope: the Fall and Rise of an Urban Neighborhood / Peter Medoff and Holly Sklar Boston, Ma: South End Press, C1994

policies and politics conclusions policies
Policies and Politics – Conclusions:Policies
  • Key policy areas
    • Smart growth: land-use policies to stop sprawl, direct investment back to the core
      • E.g. urban growth boundary
    • Metro-equity: policies to stop and reverse socioeconomic polarization and racial segregation
      • E.g. inclusionary zoning, tax-base sharing
policies and politics conclusions politics
Policies and Politics – Conclusions:Politics
  • The “metropolitan majority” coalition
    • Is the key to promoting smart growth and metropolitan equity policies
    • Is based on the short-term and long-term self-interest of:
      • Core cities
      • Inner-ring suburbs
      • Fiscally-stressed outer suburbs
      • Affluent outer suburbs where people want to limit growth
metropolitan majority continued the process of building the coalition
Metropolitan Majority, continued: The Process of Building the Coalition
  • Key players – elected officials, labor and business leaders, organized religious communities, neighborhood and civic organizations, community organizing groups
  • Process: relationship-building, education, action, reflection, organizing
  • Opportunities – self-interest of the great majority, increasing awareness of problems and opportunities
  • Challenges – fragmentation and history of competition, distrust (political, economic, racial) interests; top-down versions of regionalism; lack of leadership at the state level
regional economic competitiveness one basis for larger coalition of the winners and losers
Regional Economic Competitiveness – one basis for larger coalition of the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’
  • Basis for the coalition:
    • Regions are the basic economic unit of the global economy
    • Regions that coordinate their economic development tend to be more competitive
    • Smart growth and metro-equity policies can be part of this regional cooperation
  • Recent stories
    • “Team NEO” – Lack of successful regional economic cooperation in NE Ohio
    • Successes in other regions