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Lazy Marsupial  PowerPoint Presentation
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Lazy Marsupial 

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Lazy Marsupial  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lazy Marsupial . KOALA. By: LR. Introduction. Mammal species marsipial. Some are 3 feet most are 2 feet. Small ears. Big noses. ears. Not good vision. Weighs between 10 to 30 pounds. nose. Physical Features. Small furry ears Large black nose Little mouth Their chest is white

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Lazy Marsupial 

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  • Mammalspecies
  • marsipial
  • Some are 3 feet most are 2 feet
  • Small ears
  • Big noses


  • Not good vision
  • Weighs between 10 to 30 pounds


physical features
Physical Features
  • Small furry ears
  • Large black nose
  • Little mouth
  • Their chest is white
  • The rest of their body is grayish
  • Big nails on their hands and feet
  • Little black squinty eyes
  • Koalas can’t live much longer because 80 percent of the habitat is lost.
  • People are cutting down their trees
  • They are making houses/malls/golf courses and roads
  • People are not caring for koalas
  • Koalas can live up to 17 years in expectancy male koalas live up to 10 years

Habitat and Climate

  • Koalas live in Australia
  • They like Australia because they have more forests
  • Queensland is notgood for koalas because it is too hot
  • They live in cold areas but not too cold
  • They like eucalyptus trees
  • The koala mostly lives in the forest
  • The koala lives in the northern and western Australia

Koalas never like to be hot!

Koalas live in the coldest part of Australia they like to be cold

food and prey
Food and Prey
  • The koala eats eucalyptus leaves
  • They don’t have prey
  • They are herbivores
  • They also drink milk
  • Their predators are dingoes
  • The koala is smart and stays in their tree because they are slow on ground
  • Dingoes are fast and they can eat koalas
  • Koalas are mainly nocturnal because it’s cooler out at night
  • Koalas do not live in families
  • The koala when it gets in its tree they stay there
  • The koala scratches its tree to remember the tree
  • The other koala can’t take the tree
  • When the koala dies they have to wait a year until it takes the tree
  • A koala as a baby is called a Joey
  • When it is born it cant hear and it has no fur
  • The size of when it is born is a size of a kidney bean
  • Male koalas make a bellowing sound to attract females
physical adaptations

. . .

Physical Adaptations
  • It can get windy up in the trees but koalas have thick fur to keep them warm. It is called insulating ability
  • Each paw has five digits to help it grip the trees
  • Rough pads on the palms and soles help it to grip tree trunks
  • On the hind paw, there is no claw on the biggest digit and the third digits are fused together to form a double-clawed digit which is used for grooming purposes, such as for removing ticks.
behavioral adaptations
Behavioral Adaptations
  • Koalas like to sleep a lot but when they need food they climb 150 feet to get the leaves
  • They may even leap through the air to get to a new tree to get leaves
  • They make billowing sounds to attract females
  • They keep their tree as their home because there are not a lot of trees available to them.
physiological adaptations
Physiological Adaptations
  • They have bad vision so they rely on their hearing
  • Its body is lean and muscular and its long, strong limbs support its weight when climbing
fun facts
Fun Facts
  • When koalas aren't eating they are sleeping
  • Koalas don’t have nests
  • They wrap themselves into a ball when they sleep
  • Males are larger than females