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MiPRINT Flexible Solutions in a Managed Environment October 1, 2004 Why Did DIT Re-evaluate the DOMS program? DIT formed task force to review and report on DOMS because of: The high volume of printer-related problems coming into DIT Client Service Center

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Flexible Solutions in a Managed Environment

October 1, 2004

why did dit re evaluate the doms program
Why Did DIT Re-evaluate the DOMS program?
  • DIT formed task force to review and report on DOMS because of:
    • The high volume of printer-related problems coming into DIT Client Service Center
    • The high maintenance cost and business continuity risk associated with keeping old, end-of-life printers in service
    • Feedback from agencies that high-volume devices do not meet all functional needs
results of the review
Results of the Review
  • The cross-functional task force reviewed the existing DOMS program and recommended:
    • Expanding agency options to include both Per-Page and Purchase solutions
    • Eliminating the waiver process in favor of a list of pre-approved devices
    • Replacing the mandatory assessment with an optional output evaluation
    • To signal a substantial change in the program, change the name of the program to MiPRINT
goals of miprint
Goals of MiPRINT
  • Give agencies more control over purchasing decisions for document output devices
  • Give agencies the information they need to make good decisions
  • Provide agencies with flexibility and choices within a managed environment

Optional Output Evaluation

Agency need

Purchase Solution

Per Page Solution

Standard device list

Vendor solutions


MiPRINT program goes live October 15, 2004

per page option
Per-Page Option
  • High volume multi-function networked devices, high volume fax, and replacement of analog copiers
  • Output evaluation is available but optional
  • Agencies work through their Agency Program Coordinators (APCs) to request output evaluations or obtain high volume Per-Page devices
  • IKON is vendor (at least through December 31, 2006)
  • Agencies that are comfortable with the DOMS program will find this option provides them with the same advantages
purchase option
Purchase Option
  • Almost exclusively low volume devices
  • Output evaluation is available but optional
  • Agencies may purchase devices from standard device lists on the DITservice web site using the standard DIT procurement process – no more waivers
  • Standard device lists include total cost of ownership for each device
  • Agencies who have document output needs that are not met by the high volume Per-Page solution will find this option useful
standard device lists
Standard Device Lists
  • Lists were developed to meet the needs of various state work environments and include:
    • Network printers
    • Desktop printers
    • Portable printers
    • Desktop scanners
    • Production plotters
    • Small office multifunction
  • Lists will be refreshed quarterly by the Consistent Client Architecture/Hardware (CCA-H) Committee, which includes agency representation
outside of the miprint program
Outside of the MiPRINT Program
  • Some types of devices are now so low-priced it costs the state more to maintain than to replace. Items that fit into this category include:
    • Stand alone (low volume) fax machines
    • Label printers
  • These devices may be purchased through the Boise Office Solutions catalog.
  • Agencies are encouraged to purchase the manufacturer’s warrantee and replace the item when it breaks down after the warrantee expires. DIT Field Services will not provide break-fix for these devices as it is not cost-effective for the state.
outside of the miprint program10
Outside of the MiPRINT Program
  • Some devices are tied to particular applications and thus do not warrant a standard; for example, production scanners.
  • Some devices are unique to the business needs of a particular agency or service. Agencies may request exceptions for these non-standard devices.
exceptions for non standard devices
Exceptions for Non-standard Devices
  • Exception requests may be submitted by either the DIT Procurement Liaison as they process the DIT-15 or by the Agency Program Coordinator (APC).
  • Agencies must provide business case for any exception. What need does the requested item meet that the existing standard does not meet?
  • Fast track requests may be accommodated providing the request is well-documented and the business case is warrants the exception.

Note to the viewer:

This presentation is meant as a quick orientation to the MiPRINT program. Your Agency Program Coordinator (APC) can provide you with more information about the program and assist you with requests for output evaluations and/or high volume Per-Page equipment.

A full listing of agency APCs may be found on the DITservice web site at