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Hurricane Preparedness PowerPoint Presentation
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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

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Hurricane Preparedness

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  1. Hurricane Preparedness 2 Lt Delorit 81 CES/CEX

  2. Overview • Hurricane Background • Preparation • Form 21 – Accountability • Evacuation • Sheltering

  3. Hurricanes Season: Jun 1-Nov 30 5 Categories • Cat 1: Winds 74 – 95 mph • Cat 2: Winds 96 – 110 mph • Cat 3: Winds 111 – 130 mph • Cat 4: Winds 131 – 155 mph • Cat 5: Winds Greater than 155 mph • Forecast calling for 17 named storms, nine hurricanes and five intense hurricanes between June 1 and Nov. 30.

  4. Hurricane Conditions Hurricane Conditions signal when our area can expect to receive winds of 58 mph. • HURCON 5: Signals the beginning of hurricane season • HURCON 4: 72 hours • HURCON 3: 48 hours • HURCON 2: 24 hours • HURCON 1: 12 hours

  5. Hurricane Damage Boat on road Road Washed Out Building Fan on Car Destin Pier Pensacola Bridge Storm Surge

  6. Insurance Hurricane Season is Not the time to buy flood insurance for your home.

  7. Form 21/Accountability • Keesler AFBForm 21/Sheltering Intentions • Prepared at your Unit Orderly Room • Storm Mission Essential – Shelter • Storm Mission Non-Essential – Evacuate (preferred) • MONTHLY Updates/Verifications REQUIRED per CAT Directives • Leaves, TDYs, and day passes will be controlled during this period • For updates go to:

  8. Possible Scenarios • 81 TRW/CC’s decision: • Category 1 or 2 storm: • Limited evacuation • Students and Support personnel shelter • Category 4 or 5 storm: • Maximum evacuation, includes TRG • 100-200 personnel left on base • Category 3 storm: • Could go either way

  9. Evacuation Procedures • Evacuation of Storm Mission Non-Essential Personnel ordered by Wing Commander. • Storm Mission Non-Essential Personnel: evacuate to a Safe Haven location 150-600 miles away from Keesler and out of the path of the storm. • On-base shelters are activated during HURCON 1 to accommodate Hurricane Essential personnel and students, dependents allowed, but not recommended. • Evacuees:After arriving, call in your Safe Haven location to the Accountability Team at Maxwell AFB. • LEAVE EARLY!!! If you will be evacuating, leave as soon as possible after order has been given. Members have become stranded due to traffic jams, blocked roads and bridges, flooding, and lack of gas. No entitlements will be issued until an official 81 TRW/CC evacuation order is given. • After the Hurricane has passed: contact the • Keesler Accountability number1-800-673-9356 or AFPC number 1-800-435-9941 to get return info.

  10. Evacuation Routes • E/W: I-10, I-20; 90 is out • N/S: 49, I-59, I-65 (farther from the coast = better) • Contra-flow will likely be in effect • Monitor radio for traffic information

  11. Evacuation “Benefits” Psychological: • Dependents, Storm Mission Non-Essential members safe • Don’t have to sit in a room with 20 other people for several hours Financial: • Mileage to extent of Evacuation Order • Protect your vehicle

  12. Shelter Caveats • Power may go out, generators are for mission/operational support only • Most rooms will not have lights or A/C • Showers will not be available inside the shelter • Expect to share a room w/ 20 people – coed • The more shelterees we have, the less we can focus on local support • Fire Dept can’t respond above 70 mph winds • NO SMOKING in the shelter, you won’t be released during the storm for a smoke break

  13. Emergency Supplies • Prescription Medications • Food and Water Container (3 day supply) (Water in Shelter will be provided) • Flashlights/Spare Batteries • Blankets • Portable Radio • First Aid Kit • Manual Can Opener • Important Documents/Cash May Bring to Shelter or when Evacuating

  14. 81st Training Wing Mission First. People Always. America Forever. Medical Readiness 81 MDG/SGAX I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e

  15. Medical Readiness The Medical Center is no longer an approved shelter!! 1. No patients, no dependents or staff will shelter in the Hospital 2. All patient care limitations will depend on severity, Category, and Path of the Hurricane - these decisions will be made as the storm approaches 3. Access to medical care will begin to be altered/limited 3-4 days prior to anticipated landfall. Closure of all medical services will be closely associated with base evacuation or base closure. 4. Medical personnel assigned to the Rapid Recovery Team (51 personnel) will evacuate with the trainees or will shelter on base if trainees are unable to evacuate. All other “non-storm essential” MDG personnel will evacuate as directed by 81 TRW/CC. 5. Medical personnel assigned to the Personnel Accountability Team (PAT) (5 personnel) will depart to Maxwell AFB about 60 hours from landfall 6. Ride-Out Team (11 members only) will shelter on base for most storm scenarios. These personnel are separate from the RRT. 7. There will be 1 Medical Team (4 Medics) at each of the 6 base shelters in support of trainee sheltering or ride out team support. No routine medial care is offered. Access to these teams is limited to sheltered personnel only.

  16. 81st Training Wing Mission First. People Always. America Forever. Claims Process 81 TRW/JA I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e

  17. Claims Process • Take valuables and irreplaceable items with you. (ie. jewelry, legal papers, photos, receipts) • Leave other household goods behind. Do not attempt to store household goods in your vehicle. • Park vehicles you are not using at your residence. • Claims Paperwork can be picked up at Claims Service Center after storm. • Claims can be asserted up to 2 years after the storm.

  18. 81st Training Wing Mission First. People Always. America Forever. Hurricane Evacuation Entitlements SSgt Kimberly King 81 CPTS/FMF I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e

  19. Basic Ground Rules during an Evacuation • Member’s duty status must be covered • On Duty • Temporary Duty (TDY) • Permanent Change on Station (PCS) • Leave

  20. Regulatory Guidance • Military members and their dependents are authorized entitlements under JFTR Vol I, Chapter 6 • Civilian employees and their dependents are authorized entitlements under JTR Vol II, Chapter 12 • Both regulations provide authority for the Installation Commander to order an evacuation or limited evacuation. • An evacuation/limited evacuation must be caused by emergency circumstances such as natural or other disasters.

  21. Limited Evacuation • A Limited Evacuation is ordered when the length of the threat can be determined and the evacuees can return after the threat passes.

  22. Limited Evacuation Per Diem Rates • Military Members = 100% per diem rate • Military Dependents 12 and older = 100% per diem rate • Military Dependents under 12 = 50% per diem rate • Civilian Employees = 100% per diem rate • Civilian Dependents 12 and older = 100% per diem rate • Civilian Dependents under 12 = 50% per diem rate ** All dependents receive 100 and 50% respectively for the first 30 days, rate is reduced after 30 days to 60% of per diem rate for dependents 12 and older and 30% of per diem rate for dependents under 12

  23. Limited Evacuation • GTC • GTC will be used by all personnel eligible for a GTC • Travel Advances (Not eligible for GTC) • Member/Employee without dependents $250 • Member/Employee with dependents $500 • All advances must be issued on sponsor’s SSAN • Active duty military are authorized a local transportation allowance of $25 per day if dependents do not have a vehicle at their Safe Haven. Reimbursement must be requested on travel settlement voucher.

  24. Limited EvacuationSpecial Circumstances • IAW JFTR par U2100, reimbursement for travel is not authorized when travel is performed before receipt of written or verbal orders.  Similar provision is in and JTR par C3051. • Travel must begin on the date ordered by the Installation Commander. • Travel beyond authorized points in evacuation order limits reimbursement to the Standard CONUS per diem rate. Mileage reimbursement is limited to the authorized distance in the evacuation order only.

  25. Limited EvacuationSpecial Circumstances • Members on leave away from the PDS at the time of evacuation: if commanders determine member should not return to the PDS at the end of the leave period, they may order the member into a TEMPORARY DUTY status at the leave point. • Allowances for escort of dependents incapable of traveling alone: the member, a DoD civilian employee, or another person is entitled to travel and transportation allowances, in accordance with TDY rules, to escort dependents incapable of traveling alone to a safe haven.

  26. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) • Members ordered to evacuate non-government quarters may occupy government quarters for no more than 30 days without forfeiting BAH. • Members may occupy temporary lodging facilities (TLF/NAF owned) with their dependents in excess of 30 days without forfeiting BAH. • Members must report to the Housing Office upon moving in or out of Military Family Housing to prevent BAH overpayments.

  27. Family Separation Allowance (FSA) • Authorized if separation by military orders is for more than 31 consecutive days (distance must be a minimum of 50 miles or 1.5 hour commute) • Must be requested on DD Fm 1561 when filing travel settlement voucher.

  28. 81st Training Wing Mission First. People Always. America Forever. Pet Haven 81 MSG/SVD I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e

  29. Pet Sheltering – Pet Haven • Instance Pet Sheltering will be permitted • Military Personnel has no dependents to evacuate with pet and must shelter on base. • Prior: • Pet Owner Must stay at a KAFB Shelter • Pet Haven Admission Form and Photo • Shots: • Canine – Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella • Feline – Rabies, Distemper, and Leukemia • Approved Carrier (no wire or soft-sided type allowed) • ONLY dogs and cats allowed. No pit bulls or pit bull mixes. • Day of Sheltering: • Location: Blake Fitness Gym • Time: TBD via CAT Directive • Bring food and water for 48 hours • Statement of Agreement and Understanding and Waiver of Liability Form • After: • Pick-up pet within 2 hours of being released from your shelter • Must clean-up after your animal prior to departure

  30. Contact Information Email Questions to: 81 CES Readiness Flight (Emergency Management) Comm. 377-3811 or 2655