engineering the classroom space
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Engineering the Classroom Space

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Engineering the Classroom Space - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engineering the Classroom Space. Abel L. Villarreal Austin Community College Teacher Certification Program. “What Starts Here Changes the World! ” Walter Cronkite (for Univ. of Texas) . A well engineered classroom has four elements in balance: . School required dictates

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engineering the classroom space

Engineering the Classroom Space

Abel L. Villarreal

Austin Community College

Teacher Certification Program

“What Starts Here


the World!”

Walter Cronkite (for Univ. of Texas)

a well engineered classroom has four elements in balance
A well engineered classroom has four elements in balance:
  • School required dictates
  • Home comforts
  • Technology tools
  • Backup systems
school required dictates
School Required Dictates

School dictates are things the school

requires a teacher MUST have in the

classroom. The list includes a U.S. flag, a

Texas flag, bell schedule, fire drill escape

route, fire extinguisher, school rules.

Like it or not , school dictates MUST be

considered FIRST when engineering

your classroom. Maintain these items

In top working order at all times.

home comforts breathe life into a classroom
Home Comforts Breathe Life into a Classroom

Home comforts are materials, objects, personal effects students and teacher bring to the classroom from home. Such items may include photos, plants, drawings, art, furniture. The right comforts add character,soul and a sense of safety to its occupants.

birthdays as a home comfort

Birthdays as a Home Comfort

Keep a big monthly calendar and have students write in their birthday. When the day come, celebrate it with them; give them a goodie from your special “Birthday Box.”

In engineering the learning space, the

teacher must understand that he/she is

sharing the learning space with at least 15

other people. SHARE!

four basic types of classroom spaces
Four Basic Types of Classroom Spaces
  • Fun classroom spaces.
  • Smart classroom spaces.
  • Organized classroom spaces.
  • Nurturing classroom spaces.

Read pp 74-78, Rookie Teaching for Dummies by Michael Kelley

fun classroom spaces
Fun Classroom Spaces
  • Teacher usually has an extroverted personality.
  • Classroom is heavily decorated, especially on holidays.
  • Many K-8 teachers fall in this category.
smart classroom spaces
Smart Classroom Spaces
  • This classroom teacher is very knowledgeable in the subject area or field.
  • The teacher take students learning the subject very seriously.
  • Classroom is usually decorated with informative and thought provoking posters, quotes, or materials.
  • Many high school teachers fall in this category.
organized classroom spaces
Organized Classroom Spaces
  • Teacher is very specific and particular about how things are done.
  • Everything has its specific place and function.
  • Many teachers who teach honors or advanced placement classes fall into this category.
  • List a few clear, concise rules of the class on poster size paper.
nurturing classroom spaces
Nurturing Classroom Spaces
  • Teachers in this category form strong family bonds with students.
  • Walls and bulletin boards are filled with student work, art, photos.
  • Posters with “catchy” slogans have REAL meaning to students.
Since you will be spending about as much

time in the classroom as you will at home,

keep your “home away from home” clean,

maintained, and inviting.

technology tools
Technology Tools
  • New School Technologies
    • More powerful computers (gigahertz)
    • Software on DVD and electronically downloaded
    • HD-TVs, DVD, HD-DVD, BlueRay
    • Internet is wireless, WiFi, Wii, Google
    • Computer connected color projectors
    • Interactive video conferencing
    • Ipods, Blackberrys, bluetooth cell phones
    • White boards and Smart Boards
  • Old School Technologies
    • Slower computers (megahertz)
    • Software on CD-ROM and 3.5” disks.
    • Analog TVs, VCRs
    • Internet is “wired” and slow
    • Cell phones are bulky, have limited range, and expensive
    • Blackboards, chalk and overhead projectors
Technology is in constant flux. What is

“cutting edge” and new school technology

today may be obsolete or old technology in

a very short time.

About 30 years ago ….

This was big screen

television on the

cutting edge.

This was cutting edge

computer technology.

This was a state of the

art laptop computer.

This was expensive,

cutting edge

calculator technology.

58 years ago, blackboards

and chalk were classroom

MUST HAVE tools!

We have flat screen HD-TVs that are a mere

2 to 3 inches thick, weighs less than 60

pounds and can display a 50 inch or larger

picture using a fraction of the power.

We use laptop computers that

operates at 1.8 gigahertz,loads

software wirelessly, has no internal moving parts,does not need an optical drive, has 64 gigabytes of flash memory, runs 4 to 5 hours on a single charge, weighs 3 pounds, and is over 1000 times faster than its 1980’s predecessor

This calculator is 100+ times more

powerful than its 1980’s parent,

costs just over one-tenth of its

ancestor, and runs for months on

a set of batteries. It is a standard

tool in today’s math classes

across the country.

Blackboards and chalk, on the other hand,

just keep going and going and going and…

In terms of classroom technology tools,

what do these pictures suggest?


Some classroom tools evolve while

others are ageless. This means that the classroom teacher MUST master ageless (old school) technology as well as learn/apply new school technology!

pitfalls and sand traps
Pitfalls and Sand Traps
  • Just because blackboards and chalk are ageless does NOT give educators license to be

one-dimensional teachers.

  • Just because you use cutting edge technologies to teach does NOT mean you are a good teacher.
what is your first thought that comes to you when you see this ad
Take a Minute

What is your first

thought that comes to

you when you see

this ad?

food for thought
Food for Thought
  • 21st Century Summit: What students need:
    • Digital-age literacy Inventive Thinking
      • Literacy in all technologies Problem solving using tools
    • Effective Communications High Productivity
      • Collaborate Planning
      • Interactive Use of tools
      • Social responsibility Produce products
more food for thought
More Food for Thought
  • How fast is technology moving????
    • 38 years for radio to get to 50 million users
    • 13 years for TV to get to 50 million users
    • 16 years for PC’s to get to 50 million users
    • 4 years for Internet to get to 50 million users
backup systems
Backup Systems

Backup systems are people, knowledge,

tools, procedures, and equipment that

keeps a classroom running smoothly and


backup systems people
Backup Systems People
  • Janitor
  • Secretary
  • Computer Technician/specialist
  • Counselor/administrator
  • School security officer/hall monitor
  • Teacher next door
  • Nurse

Why are these people so important?

janitor as your mommy

Janitor as your Mommy

The janitor is like your mommy: He/she will keep your classroom running like your second home.

secretary as a body guard
Secretary as a body guard

Think of the secretary as your body guard:

He/she will watch your back and give you

inside info on everything going on at school

and keep you a step ahead on everything.

computer tech as your auto mechanic and doctor
Computer tech as your auto mechanic and doctor

The computer guy/gal is like your friendly

auto mechanic and family doctor in one:

He/she will fix/repair your teacher tools

(computer, printer, projector, etc.) and keep

you “healthy and fit” with school deadlines

(grades, attendance, etc.).

counselor as a gatekeeper
Counselor as a gatekeeper

A school counselor/administrator is your

gateway to administrative solutions to

problem students and situations. Be very

selective on who this person(s) is (are).

security monitor as your guardian angel
Security/Monitor as your guardian angel

A security guard or hall monitor is like a

guardian angel: he/she will keep you and

your students safe and will take extra care to

watch over your “second” family and home.

neighbor as a sitter
Neighbor as a sitter

Think of the teacher next door as a “student”

sitter when you have to step out of your

room on emergencies or running late. Of

course, you will do the neighborly thing and

reciprocate when called upon.

nurse as your medical advisor
Nurse as your medical advisor

Think of the school nurse as the expert

medical source and supplier of first aid stuff

(band aids, alcohol pads, etc.) on campus.

He/she can diagnose medical student

problems, advise you how to deal with a

wide variety of common student ailments

(headaches, nosebleeds, seizures, fainting

spells, etc.)

remember your backup people
Remember your Backup People
  • Respect their skills.
  • Treat them well.
  • Remember their birthdays.
  • Share family news.
  • Put them on your Christmas list.
  • Visit with them off and on.
backup procedures
Backup Procedures
  • Post fire drill exit route
  • Reboot/reset procedure for computer, projector, computer network.
  • List of emergency phone numbers and room locations (office, nurse, security).
  • Procedures to execute phone functions.
backup tools and equipment
Backup Tools and Equipment
  • Compact Tool kit (screw drivers, pliers, etc.)
  • 1st Aid bag (various sizes of band aids, jelly

alcohol pads, peroxide).

  • WD-40
  • Cleaning supplies
    • Formula 409
    • Rags, paper towels
    • Teflon scrubber
  • Home comforts
    • Facial tissues
    • Hand lotion
    • Plastic ware (cups, plates forks, spoons)
two rules to teach by
Two Rules to Teach By
  • Will the tools and methods I use make me a better teacher?
  • Will my students WANT to learn more?