chapter nineteen lecture two l.
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Chapter Nineteen Lecture Two

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Chapter Nineteen Lecture Two - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter Nineteen Lecture Two. The Trojan War The Gathering at Aulis. The Gathering at Aulis. Menelaus appeals to Agamemnon Odysseus resists going Pretends to be mad Telemachus Palamedes Calchas says Troy won’t fall without Achilles. More False Starts.

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chapter nineteen lecture two

Chapter NineteenLecture Two

The Trojan War

The Gathering at Aulis

the gathering at aulis
The Gathering at Aulis
  • Menelaus appeals to Agamemnon
  • Odysseus resists going
    • Pretends to be mad
    • Telemachus
    • Palamedes
  • Calchas says Troy won’t fall without Achilles
more false starts
More False Starts
  • The stories of Achilles’s near invincibility
  • Thetis, Achilles’ mother, hides him in a harem
  • Achilles exposed through the “gifts for the girls”
the journey to troy5
The Journey to Troy
  • Mysia and Telephus
  • Telephus gets his wound healed
  • The sacrifice of Iphigeneia at Aulis
    • Clytemnestra brings her because of Agamemnon’s lie that she’s to be married to Achilles
    • In some versions a doe is substituted for her at the last minute


in the ninth year of the war . . .

the journey to troy7
The Journey to Troy
  • Philoctetes left on Lemnos because of his snake bite
    • Has the bow and arrows of Heracles and so will have to be retrieved later in the war
  • Protesilaus the first Greek killed in the war
helen on the wall9
Helen on the Wall
  • Odysseus and Menelaüs try to negotiate, but to no avail
  • Iliad begins not at the beginning of the war but in the tenth year
    • Not about the Trojan War but about what happens to the Greeks when Achilles gets angry and leaves the army
helen on the wall10
Helen on the Wall
  • Helen (implausibly) describes the Greek warriors to King Priam
    • Why should she be doing this only in the tenth year?
the anger of achilles12
The Anger of Achilles
  • Chryses
  • Chryseïs
  • Briseïs
  • Achilles nearly kills Agamemon, but goes away when Athena intervenes
  • Pleads to his mother Thetis to ask Zeus to make the Greek suffer
the confrontation
The confrontation
  • Iliad, 1.68 –
  • timê and geras
hector and andromach15
Hector and Andromachê
  • Hector’s scene with his wife Andromachê and their infant son, Astyanax
  • This scene, and other such domestic scenes, suggests that Homer was very sympathetic with the fate of Troy and its warriors
embassy to achilles17
Embassy to Achilles
  • After things go badly for the Greeks, Agamemnon repents and sends Ajax, Odysseus and Phoenix to Achilles to try to persuade him to come back
  • He rejects their gifts and petition
embassy to achilles18
Embassy to Achilles
  • The Greeks are nearly defeated
  • Achilles allows his friend Patrocles to go into battle in his armor
  • Patrocles is killed by Hector
the death of hector20
The Death of Hector
  • Achilles gets new armor
  • His slaughter is so great that the river god Scamander takes after Achilles and nearly kills him
  • Eventually he kills Hector in single combat
  • He abuses the body of Hector
the death of hector21
The Death of Hector
  • But Achilles relents when Priam visits him and lets him take his body back for burial
  • The Iliad ends with a line about the burial of Hector
    • This is the symbolic end of Achilles’s anger which started the epic
plot and character
Plot and Character
  • The Iliad is a story about something – Achilles’s anger – and ends when his anger is released
  • Thus it has a plot and isn’t just “one darn thing after another”
  • His characters aren’t just action figures; they express their inner selves in action