annex 2 harmonization work in canena n.
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Annex 2 Harmonization work in CANENA PowerPoint Presentation
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Annex 2 Harmonization work in CANENA

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Annex 2 Harmonization work in CANENA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annex 2 Harmonization work in CANENA. Rafael Nava in behalf on Tony Flood –president oct.18.2004. IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava. What is, and is not CANENA?.

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annex 2 harmonization work in canena
Annex 2 Harmonization work in CANENA

Rafael Nava in behalf on Tony Flood –president oct.18.2004

IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava

what is and is not canena
What is, and is not CANENA?

El Consejo de Armonización de Normas Electrotécnicas de las Naciones de las Américas, as wereported before, facilitates and promotes the development of harmonized electrotechnical codes and standards and uniform conformity assessment methods.

CANENA does not intervene in any way in the competitive efforts of industrialists and tradesmen.

CANENA is a not-for-profit organization which supports international electrotechnical standardization.

CANENA does NOT produces standards, is the “umbrella” to work in order to send harmonized documents to the incumbents SDO’s

IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava

canena arena

CANENA harmonization projects are product sector specific and market driven.

CANENA membership and facilities for harmonizing

electro-technical standards anywhere in the Americas are

available to all.

CANENA will continue to promote better cooperation between standardization bodies in the Americas that will help facilitate mutual beneficial harmonization.


IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava

canena and fta s

In the Americas we have quite a significant number of Free Trade Agreements related with America- north, so we started within NAFTA countries (more than 60,000 million dollars of electrotechnical components and products are traded in this area).

However, in a very short period of time Mexico signed 3 agreements with Central America (1 more in process), and 4 FTA’s with South America nations, plus 2 ACE’s. Only 5 out of the 15 countries involved are part of the IEC, and some of them don’t belonge to COPANT, so it was evident something broader has to be done.

That’s why, nowadays CANENA is working

with as many countries as possible.

Lately we are looking for an agreement

with COPANT to avoid any duplication of efforts.


IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava

global relevance
Global Relevance

Both the WTO and the IEC now require that international standards are designed for worldwide adoption without giving preference to the needs of one region over other regions or countries. In CANENA we strongly support the IEC basic procedural changes, under it's Global Relevance initiative, to encourage the development of IEC standards which reflect the essential needs of all parties and do not give preference to any one region. 

IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava

iec and canena sign cooperation agreement
IEC and CANENA sign cooperation agreement

The IEC signed a cooperation agreement with CANENA, SEP. 2000

The IEC and CANENA have agreed to cooperate in a number of areas,

and among some other items to accelerate the standardization process and promote the development and implementation of IEC standards in response to market demand.

So the increasing dialogue between the two sides of the Atlantic, is a good example of how is possible to improve relations.

It is a pleasure for me to report......

IEC 2004 ® R.L. Nava

canena thc

The Technical Harmonization Committees now take into consideration first of all the IEC standards, and when a EDR is identified, ensuring consistent representation and participation from any american country,

the process is performed until a document is finished and sent to the

SDO to produced a standard.

So far more than 650 IEC standards are in place

with none or very small changes, of course there

are several hundreds of standards to work on, but

we are confident that with the GLOBAL RELEVANCE

approach the gap will be closed sooner.

IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava


Questions ???

IEC 2004 Korea ® R.L. Nava