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Clean Energy Venture Summit May 15th, 2007 Austin, TX J. Bryan Vincent, CEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Clean Energy Venture Summit May 15th, 2007 Austin, TX J. Bryan Vincent, CEO

Clean Energy Venture Summit May 15th, 2007 Austin, TX J. Bryan Vincent, CEO

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Clean Energy Venture Summit May 15th, 2007 Austin, TX J. Bryan Vincent, CEO

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  1. Clean Energy Venture Summit May 15th, 2007 Austin, TX J. Bryan Vincent, CEO

  2. Company Snapshot • Solid State Lighting Design and Manufacturing company, founded 2003, San Angelo, TX, U.S.A. • 19,000 Sq. ft. Office, R&D, and distribution facility • Employees: 18 (2007); Plan: 25-30 (End 2008) • 2006/ 2007: Expansion into Europe & Middle East, sales office in London • Holding Company is divided into two distinct markets: • * Signage & Architectural Lighting • * Micro-Lighting for a range of enabling applications • Strong IP: 24 Patents either issued or licensed covering key products • Private Company • Primary Investor – McCombs Enterprises; The Royal Group (Abu Dhabi) • Historical Funding: • Seed Round (09/03): $1.4MM - Product Development • Series A Round (02/05): $2.5MM - Commercial Expansion (Signage) • Series B Round (05/07): $10MM - Market and Product Expansion • Financials: Cash Flow Positive / >55% GM / FY 2007 Run Rate $14MM USD

  3. Growth in LED Lighting TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTION: HAITZ LAW: LEDs had been doubling in brightness every 18 months since they were first commercialized and there is every expectation that this trend will accelerate *LED Market penetration in the signage industry has grown from 3% in 2002 to 14% in 2006 Fixtures Lighting Systems Street Lights Calculators Indicators Toys Flash- lights Niche Lighting Channel Letters Automotive

  4. Advantages of LED Lighting • Low-Voltage (12 or 24 VDC Systems) • Reduces Wiring requirements, Safety – fire / shock • High Luminous Efficiency (up to 130 Lumens /Watt) • Most efficient lighting available • Reduced heat vs. Incandescent (reduces AC Load) • Contains no mercury or lead glass (vs. fluorescent / neon) – ROHS Compliant • Long Life (30,000-100,000 hours to the ½ life) • Reduces maintenance costs and environmental waste • RGB options for color changing and other effect lighting • Reduced breakage • Varying beam angles (i.e. directional) allowing for efficient use of light

  5. Current Lighting Products Signage Message Centers and full color video displays Wayfinding and box signage Channel Letters Neon replacement Window signageArchitectural Lighting Decorative and accent lighting Cove lighting Border LED neon Wall and window washings LightWireTM – micro lightingElectronic and Industrial Components High-brightness LED components Micro-electronic LED packaging Segmented and alphanumeric micro-displays

  6. Sample Customers

  7. New Products • New Series of Architectural Lighting Products for Commercial & Residential Applications • LED Under-cabinet Lighting • LED Downlights • LED Fixtures to replace higher-end fluorescent fixtures • Transition to LED technology is beginning to be legislatively driven: • Mercury Added Neon banned in Vermont in 2007 • 2010: Australia to ban incandescent bulbs • 2012: Canada and California to ban incandescent bulbs • Similar initiatives driving other markets towards LEDs

  8. Agilight – Micro-LED Technology • AgiLight´s NanoFlex are the world’s smallest LED lighting packages • Beyond the current products, Nan flex offers enormous growth possibilities to build a multi-billion dollar solid-state-lighting holding company • The immediate next focus is the high-security smartcard (credit card/ health card) • In addition, the technology will be the platform for other huge market opportunities: Flexible Displays, backlighting for ultra-thin handheld electronics, illuminated fabric, lighting for automotive/ aviation

  9. Technology Advantage • Key Technical Advantages: • Large tangential bonding area (rugged and flexible) • Thinnest possible means to produce and LED package (200% smaller) • LCP substrate: high temperature processing • Precision stamping and laser ablation (reliability) • Only way to achieve 360 degree emission pattern (enhanced light output) • Excellent thermal transfer for high flux applications • Amenable to automated manufacturing processes

  10. Strategic Roadmap - Technology Holding • Strategic focus on large volume vertical markets for Nan Flex LED • 4 key vertical markets: • Flexible Displays and Smart Cards / Smart Labels* (1st Product offering and initial focus) • Accent and General Lighting • Industrial and Printed Circuit Board Products • Automotive & Aviation • Leverage existing sales/marketing infrastructure to deliver products directly to the lighting and industrial markets • Be an OEM partner for the Smart Card industries and PCB; strategic partnerships with established distribution channels • Already, AgiLight has a number of letters of intent / support outlining specific product and manufacturing requirements based on the NanoFlex solution (Advantage: we make what we have sold!)

  11. Smart Card: Competitive Advantage • Exceeds all ISO standards for credit card thickness and flexibility • Integrated keypad input for security • Multiple output: Magstripe, IR, Smart Card contact, Contactless RFID • Flexible battery that provides up to 3 years of life • Preferred LED display technology • Emissive: Visible day or night and at any viewing angle • Readily multiplexed • Low voltage, no need for additional drivers or chip sets • Environmentally friendly: no mercury and ROHS compliant • Coplanar (Micro-site) packaging of all electronics (ultra-thin / flexible) • Display and electronics integrated onto a common flex circuit • Single microprocessor required to operate both the display and card • Leverages readily available manufacturing processes and equipment • Capable of fingerprint authentication (future)

  12. Summary • Example of a successful green energy start-up • (that’s actually making money) • The growing signage/lighting business will be complemented by the entry into the micro-LED and smart card business. • Technology path and products are clearly defined and achievable • Believe strongly we can grow AgiLight into a billion dollar green LED holding company Contact: J. Bryan Vincent, President & CEO, 3669 Porter Henderson Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904