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The Joy-Luck Club

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The Joy-Luck Club
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The Joy-Luck Club

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  1. The Joy-Luck Club October 26, 2011

  2. Interesting Facts About China The Great Wall of China is NOT visible from outer space. Its too thin. Its just a myth that it can be seen. The only man-made structures visible from space are: The Pyramids of Giza and the Hoover Dam. Tea, popularized by the Chinese was first bagged and shipped around the world in 1903. China manufactures 60% of the world's bicycles (the United States buys 86% of the world's bicycles). Gunpowder was first discovered in China where it was used to create fireworks, signal flares and small missiles used for military purposes. In September 2005 China surpassed Canada as the #1 exporter of goods to the United States.

  3. Book Reviews Turn in completed Book Reviews in the basket. Staple the blue assignment sheet/rubric to your report Do not forget your name.

  4. Vocabulary Word Families Complete your word families chart with the vocabulary words.

  5. Study Guide Questions For each question- make sure you have the correct answer and you understand. Listen carefully to your peers. Fill in any blanks you may have.

  6. Feathers From a Thousand Li Away 1. In the story, what was the swan before it became a swan?

  7. Feathers From a Thousand Li Away 2. On her journey to America, what three things does the woman tell the swan about her future life?

  8. Feathers From a Thousand Li Away 3. Why would the woman give her daughter the swan?

  9. Feathers From a Thousand Li Away 4. Why did the woman forget what she had dreamed about once she arrived in America?

  10. Feathers From a Thousand Li Away 5. When the woman was old, why had she still not given her daughter the swan feather? What is the other reason that the woman does not give?

  11. Feathers From a Thousand Li Away 6. In her dream while traveling to America, the woman had hoped that her daughter would “always be too full to swallow any sorrow.” When she was old, the woman “had a daughter who grew up speaking only English and swallowing more Coca-Cola than sorrow.” Why does it seem that "sorrow" has now become a positive image for the woman?

  12. The Joy Luck Club 1. Why is Jing-mei Woo about to replace her mother in the Joy Luck Club?

  13. The Joy Luck Club 2. What is the Joy Luck Club?

  14. The Joy Luck Club 3. When and where, in America, did her mother start the Joy Luck Club? How old was Jing-mei at the time? In what year, therefore, was Jing-mei born? Jing-mei is 36 at the time she tells the story. What year is “NOW” in the story?

  15. The Joy Luck Club 4. What made her mother think of creating the Joy Luck Club in America and before then, in China?

  16. The Joy Luck Club 5.  What was her mother’s Kweilin story? What happened to the mother’s two babies?

  17. The Joy Luck Club 6. Why does Jing-mei feel that she cannot replace her mother at Joy Luck?

  18. The Joy Luck Club 7. Before she knew her mother’s Kweilin story, how did Jing-mei think of the Joy Luck Club?

  19. The Joy Luck Club 8. Why did her mother always criticize other people? Why did Jing-mei’s mother criticize her? What “element” did Jing-mei represent in her mother’s eyes?

  20. The Joy Luck Club 9. What was her mother’s position at the mah jong table? Why was that significant to Jing-mei?

  21. The Joy Luck Club 10.  Why did Jing-mei believe that she and her mother had difficulty communicating with each other?

  22. The Joy Luck Club 11. Why was Auntie Lin’s daughter Waverly Jing-mei’s rival?

  23. The Joy Luck Club 12. Why do her aunties give Jing-mei a check for $1,200 ?

  24. The Joy Luck Club 13. Why does Jing-mei have doubts about her ability to realize her mother’s dream? What do her aunties tell her she can say about her mother?

  25. The Joy Luck Club 14. What thoughts run through Jing-mei’s mind when she realizes that her aunties believe that she represents each of their daughters? How is she similar to their daughters?

  26. Scar 1. Why did An-mei Hsu think her mother "was a ghost"?

  27. Scar 2.  How did she know her father?

  28. Scar 3. At what age did she meet her mother? Look at the analogies. How did she "see" her mother?

  29. Scar 4.  Why did An-mei not call her mother by name?

  30. Scar 5. According to Popo, why had An-mei's mother brought shame to the family?

  31. Reading Read “The Red Candle” with tape. Follow along in book.

  32. Individual Work Time Complete Study Guide Questions and add to your character chart.

  33. Notebook Check Week 6 Sentences Week 7 sentences Week 8 sentences Week 9 sentences Syn/Ant Chart wk 8 (acquiesce) Notes on Confucius Mr. Brown/Mr. Smith Venn Diagram TFA Headlines Worksheet Study Guide Joy Luck Character Chart for The Joy Luck Club