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Going Green: Water and Heat. Heat Pump Harvesting Nature’s Energy. With the aid of a heat pump, at least some of this natural energy can be harvested and utilized as heat for domestic hot water and central heating. A system of this kind is, in any case, always useful.

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Going green water and heat

Going Green:

Water and Heat

Going green water and heat

Heat PumpHarvesting Nature’s Energy

With the aid of a heat pump, at least some of this natural energy can be harvested and utilized as heat for domestic hot water and central heating.

A system of this kind is, in any case, always useful.

Heat recovery works even at outside temperatures far below zero.

Calculated over the year as a whole, nature will generally “reimburse” you most of your conventional heating costs.

The environment is full of energy.

You have to go as unbelievably low as

-273 deg. C before every last bit of energy has been extracted.

About stiebel eltron we have the energy to change things

Stiebel Eltron Factory locates in Holzminden, Germany)

About Stiebel EltronWe have the energy to change things

  • - Establish in 1924

  • Since 1976, Stiebel Eltron started the manufacturing of Heat Pump System

  • In 2007, we invested over 10 million Euro to develop a new Heat Pump production facility with a capacity of over 40,000 heat pump per year

What is heat pump
What is Heat Pump?

  • Heat pump – the Energy Saving System

    • >> Our Stiebel Eltron renewable heat pump utilizes environmental energy to generate heat for water heating.

    • Environmental energy can be from

    • Ambient Air

    • Water

    • Brine (Ground heat)

    • >>Compared with traditional heating system, it can save energy cost up to 80%.

Going green water and heat

What is the principle of heat pump ?

Electrical energy


Inlet line

(gaseous process medium/refrigerant)

Pressure line









Expansion valve

Injection line

Liquid line (liquid process medium)

How does a heat pump work
How does a Heat Pump work?

A Simple Principle

>>1. A Cooled, liquid refrigerant is pumped into the heat pump heat exchanger (evaporator) There is absorbs thermal energy from the ambience as a result of the temperature differential. In the process, the refrigerant then changes state and becomes a gas.

>>2.The gaseous refrigerant is then recompressed in the compressor.

The pressure results in a temperature increase.

>>3.A second heat exchanger (condenser) transports this thermal energy into the heating system and the refrigerant reverts to a liquid form.

>>4.The refrigerant pressure is reduced again in the expansion valve.

3 + 1 = 4

Going green water and heat

What is the efficiency of heat pump?

Power input=P0

P (pressure)




Heat abstracted=Q1

Heat output=Q0




h (enthalpy)

In theory, heat output=heat abstracted + power input


Co-efficient of performance (COP) is an evaluating indicatorof heat pump’s efficiency

COP=Heat output/Power input=Q0/P0

At the same heat output, a heat pump with high COP means more energy saving.

Going green water and heat

Variation of COP based on different parameter

How to judge COP?

  • COP is a parameter to judge the performance of a heat pump. However, it can be affected by:

  • Ambient temperature

  • Moisture level of ambient air

  • Inlet water temperature

  • Desired outlet water temperature

  • For example, the higher the ambient temperature or the more humid the air is, the higher the COP.

  • Thus, when we review COP, we can always use

  • - EN standard based on average COP as a bench mark

  • - Annual Energy saving between heat pump and other water heater (adopted by REC in Australia)

Going green water and heat

Air Source Heat Pump

  • Heating and cooling operation;

  • With Heat pump manager WPII, supplying DHW, heating and cooling in one system;

  • Electronic expansion valve

  • Application at outside temperatures from +40 ℃ to -20℃, suitable for most Chinese areas.

  • Extremely quiet operation

  • Energy-efficient defrosting

  • Heating flow temperature up to + 60℃

  • Integral electric booster heater

  • Indoor installation and outdoor installation version

  • Easy installation, saving installation cost

Going green water and heat

Air Source Heat Pump

Air as the heat source– air/water heat pump

Internal installation

External installation

Going green water and heat

Air Source Heat Pump

External installation

Internal installation

Going green water and heat

WPL cool—Heating, cooling and DHW in one system


DHW cylinder

Floor heating

Buffer tank

Heat pump

Going green water and heat


Air Source Heat Pump Installation at a Garage

Going green water and heat

Heat Pump Awards

Red Dot Design Award

The Red dot design award is a large and coveted international

product design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

in Essen,Germany.

The aim of the prize is to honor outstanding design quality and trendsetters.

Winning products are presented in the red dot design museum on the premises

of the Zollverein World Cultural Heritage site in Essen.

iF Product Design Award

The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is annually

conferred by the iF International Forum Design. Along with the red dot design

award it is the most important international product design award.

Every year it attracts more than 2,000 product entries from around 37 nations,

which are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF

seal of outstanding design quality. The best of the best are awarded with an iF

gold award, known as the "Design Oscar".

Going green water and heat

Heat Pump Awards


The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany is the country‘s highest

distinction in the field of design. It is known as the »Prize of Prizes«. The reason:

no other design award sets such strict criteria on entries. Thus, a company can

only enter the competition for the Design Award if its product has already been

awarded a national or international design prize. Another precondition for entry is

that companies must have been nominated by the Ministries and Senators of the

Federal States or by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Design Plus Award

The Design Plus award, presented by a distinguished jury in conjunction

with the Ambiente international consumer goods trade fair in Frankfurt, stands for

product design which is not merely an end in itself but instead very much

exemplary and trend-setting.

Obserceur Design Award

Each year, the Observeur selects more than 150 outstanding products from

our everyday environment designed, manufactured or marketed in France. The

selection covers consumers goods, packaging, graphic and commercial design.

This selection has received international recognition and the Observeur is

endorsed by ICSID.

Going green water and heat

Brine/water heat pump—WPF(S)

  • High integration of components

  • High Tech casing

  • High yearly COP

  • Attractive design

  • Small space required

  • Low cost for installation

  • High-performance refrigerant R 410a

  • Comfortable controlling-functions

  • Low operation noise

  • Integral heat pump manger and circuit pump

Air source compact heat pump for hong kong market
Air Source Compact Heat Pump for Hong Kong Market

Air to Water

Heat Pump

WWK 300 A/AP

Cross section diagram

Cold air out

Hot air in

Cross-section Diagram

Electric booster heater – reduce the heat-up time during peak demand

300l water tank – delivers in excess of 500l of 40oC domestic hot water

Coefficient of performance cop
Coefficient of Performance (COP)

All data acc. to EN 255 part 3

COP, A20H70 W20-60

Going green water and heat


*Water temp. cold = 200C

Ambient temperature = 200C

Heat-up Time

Usable warm water of wwk 300 a ap


J (°C)

Stiebel Eltron



Warm water volume [Litre]

Usable warm water of WWK 300 A/AP

Going green water and heat

  • Warm water outlet

  • P & T relief valve

  • Sheet metal housing

    • Weatherproof

    • UV Protection

  • Cold water inlet

  • Condensate drain

Features in 3D Look

  • All in one unit

  • Refrigerant cycle at the top

  • Cylindrical design

  • RAL white, weather proofed

  • Diameter: 660mm

  • Height: <1900 mm

  • Thread ¾”

Going green water and heat

  • Special Compressor

    • robust

    • durable

    • R134a, low GWP

  • 300l, enamelled water tank

    • hygienic

    • long life time

    • efficient

  • Roll bond condenser

    • broad surface

    • high efficient

    • aluminium

  • 3 three / adjustable

Features in 3D Look

Going green water and heat

Technical data

  • Refrigerant: 900g R134 a

  • Heating up time A20H70 W20-60: 8h

  • Reheating time A20H70 W36-60: 5h

  • Mid. therm.heating capacity from 20 to 60 C: 1.7kW

  • COP, A20H70 W20-60: 3.8

  • Capacity of emersion heater: 1.55kW

  • Mix water volume at 40°C: 516 liter

  • Volume of the tank: 300 liter

  • Max.water pressure: 6 bar

  • Max.pressure in refrigerant circuit: 22 bar

  • Min. outdoor temperature: 6°C

  • Max. outdoor temperature : 40°C

  • Heat loss: 1.27 kWh/24h, A15/H70 W15-60

  • Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V 50/60Hz, I max 3.5A, IP24

Payback analysis for a 6 person family
Payback Analysis for a 6 Person Family


  • On average, this family is taking nine showers per day, each people is taking 12 minutes shower non stop at 40℃ with a flow rate of 10l/min

  • We assume that each family is using hot water for dish washing at 40℃. Each person needs another 10 litre to wash their dishes

    Total water required: 1200 litre at 40℃

  • We assume that the average inlet temperature is at 20℃

  • We assume that each degree of electricity is costing $0.9

  • Our average COP based on EN standard at 20℃ ambient temperature is 3.8

Payback analysis for a 6 person family1
Payback Analysis for a 6 Person Family


  • Total power consumption by traditional electric water heater:

    (1,080 + 120) x (40℃ - 20℃)/ 857

    = 28kW hour

  • Running cost of using traditional electric water heater in 365 days

    28 x 0.9 x 365

    = $9,198

  • For each heat pump, we are consuming around 0.5kW of electricity and it can yield 1.7kW of heat energy per hour based on factory standard

  • Running hour of heat pump to generate the necessary hot water

    28kW hour / 1.7kW

    = 16.47 hours

  • Expenditure in using heat pump to produce hot water under the above scenario in a year

    $9,198 / 3.8

    = $2,420

    Annual energy saving is around $6,777 vs. traditional electric water heater

    (Please note that our heat pump is not running in full gear, saving can be as much as $10k+ a year if it is running 22 hours or above a day)

Advantages of heat pumps
Advantages of Heat Pumps

  • Heatpumps save energy

  • Heatpumps protect environment

  • Heatpumps work with a high efficiency

  • Heatpumps saving money

  • Heatpumps do not need any maintenance