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Tom Goes To The Future

Tom Goes To The Future.

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Tom Goes To The Future

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  1. Tom Goes To The Future One hot sunny day Tom was sulking in the garden , “I want to go on another adventure,” grumbled Tom . Just at that moment Anthony – Rolf ,Mehki , Isaac , Lucy and Darren whizzed up to him. “What are you doing here?” said Tom . “Nothing!” Whispered Darren with a very strange look on his face that made Tom laugh so much he almost fell off his chair. “How would you like to come to the future? Said Isaac. “I’d Love to!” Shouted Tom.

  2. Chapter Two When they had got to the future, Tom thought they had arrived in the middle of nowhere . “Where are we?” shivered Tom . But before they could say a word they saw somebody riding a skateboard , but Tom thought it was an weapon !So he drew back his sword and slashed at the skateboard , the skateboarder lost his balance and fell of . “Just look what you did Tom !” shouted Mehki . “Yes !” shouted the skateboarder , as he ran away at the sight of Tom’s sparkling sword. After the situation got cleared up Tom and the others went over to the class who were having a trip to the park . “I saw what happened ,”laughed Benjamin .“Yep ,” giggled Emma .Then , everybody stared at her .

  3. Chapter two , part two Tom started to wonder where they where going , but as he thought, Connie cheerfully shouted “The play area!” Oh the play area, he thought . After they played for a bit they had an ice scream , but Tom had a packet of crisps and finished very quickly . So Miss Aston gave Tom £2.00 to spend on a fruit Shoot. Soon enough it was time to get on the bus. Tom sat next to Temi and talked about his life and when he got kidnapped.

  4. Chapter three As the bus zoomed around a corner, the engine broke down and a vw Golf and a Saab 9-3 crashed into it! “Ow!”screeched Tyler. Then Miss Aston phoned the repair Shop. In five minutes the van roared past and found another broken down car and fixed that one! “ I want to go home!” shouted Molly angrily. “Is the future meant to do this?” grumbled Tom. “yes,”murmured Temi sleepily. WHAAAAAAT!”shouted Tom. “I mean no, "grumbled Temi. “Oh,” snored Tom.

  5. Chapter four Early next morning they felt like they were having a dream, especially Tom; of somebody towing the bus. Mehki was the first to discover that it wasn't a dream! It was real, it was his mum towing the bus! He was so delighted he shouted “It’s not a dream, it’s real!” Tom was the next to wake up –“What?” Murmured Tom, “Nothing.” said Mehki cheerfully. They arrived rather quickly back at the school gates. “Wait there” shouted Tom, “I’ll be right back” and off he returned to find his town where his mum had been waiting for him, in the garden. “I was far away in the future, having some fun with my new friends...” he said, “I want to introduce you to them. Please come with me in this time machine.” “It looks rather like a big box to me” said Tom’s mum as she got in and had a good look around at the sparkling levers and posh seats and beds. She settled herself into a seat as did some of the others she lived with, as Alan and Susan both sleepily climbed into a bunk bed.

  6. Chapter 5 In the blink of an eye, Tom and his family appeared in front of the 21st century crowd gathered by the school gates. Tom’s family stepped out of the shiny golden time machine and gaped, mouths wide open, at the many things they had never seen before, particularly the cars, as shiny as the time machine itself. Mrs Wilson stepped forward and invited them to have some lunch of fish and chips in the school canteen. The End

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