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The Republic: Book I

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The Republic: Book I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Senior Seminar - Civitella & Verguldi-Scott. The Republic: Book I. Peloponnesian War fought from 431-404 B.C.E. Golden Age of Athens under Pericles 461-429 B.C.E. Pericles Funeral Oration 431 B.C. Read Pericles Funeral Oration.

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golden age of athens under pericles 461 429 b c e
Golden Age of Athens under Pericles461-429 B.C.E.

Pericles Funeral Oration 431 B.C.

read pericles funeral oration
Read Pericles Funeral Oration
  • Circle, underline and make comments comparing events occurring in American history or current events that you can relate to Pericles’ words.
  • Be prepared to discuss
book i
Book I
  • What is justice?
  • Why should we be just?
1 what is cephalus position on justice
1. What is Cephalus’ position on justice?

Justice means living up to your legal obligations and being honest

2 what is socrates response to cephalus
2. What is Socrates’ response to Cephalus?

Returning a weapon to a madman,

this would be an unjust act since it is jeopardizing the lives of others.

(therefore justice has to be more)

3 what does cephalus say is the greatest benefit of having wealth
3. What does Cephalus say is the greatest benefit of having wealth?

Not having to act unjustly and fearing retribution in the afterlife

4 polemarchus position on justice
4. Polemarchus’ position on justice?
  • It is just to give to each what is owed
  • Justice means that you owe friends help, and you owe enemies harm.
  • Shares the same idea as Cephalus: the imperative of rendering to each what is due and of giving to each what is appropriate
5 socrates response to polemarchus
5. Socrates response to Polemarchus
  • It is never just to harm anyone
  • Because our judgment concerning friends is fallible this idea of justice will lead us to harm the good and help the bad.
  • We are not always friends with the most virtuous individuals, nor are our enemies always the worst people in society. One should not harm someone else in the name of justice
6 thrasymachus position on justice
6. Thrasymachus’ position on justice?
  • Justice is the advantage of the stronger. He really means to delegitimize justice by saying that it does not pay to be just. Just behavior works to the advantage of other people, not to the person who behaves justly. He believes that justice is an unnatural restraint of our natural desire to have more and the rational thing to do is to ignore it.
  • Those who behave unjustly naturally gain power and become rulers.
7 socrates response to thrasymachus
7. Socrates’ response to Thrasymachus?
  • Exposes the sophist’s campaign to do away with justice and all moral standards entirely.
  • S. makes T. admit that he is actually promoting injustice as a virtue. Meaning that life is a competition to continually get more than someone else.
thrasymachus questions
Thrasymachus questions

Is justice forced on us by rulers?

By society?

What is the punishment for acting unjustly?

Consider the offense: fraud, robbery, rape, adultery, murder, treason?