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Computational Advertising

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Computational Advertising. Duygu Gunaydin Lu Li Shuanglong Wei. Marin Software provides an online advertising management platform for advertisers and agencies to manage their paid search, social media, display advertising, and mobile campaigns. Visualize Data with Interactive Charting

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computational advertising

Computational Advertising

Duygu Gunaydin

Lu Li

Shuanglong Wei


Marin Software provides an online advertising management platform for advertisers and agencies to manage their paid search, social media, display advertising, and mobile campaigns


Visualize Data with Interactive Charting

  • Customize Report Delivery According to Business Needs
  • Analyze by Custom Categories with Dimensions
  • Optimize According to Channel Interactions
  • Understand Actions at a Visitor Level

Automated Expansion

    • Increase relevance with automated keyword expansion
  • Creative Testing
    • Automated testing identifies creative that drives maximum value
  • Manage Campaign Structure
    • Efficiently restructure campaigns to improve performance and decrease cost
  • Improve Ad Targeting
    • Duplicate campaigns and define targeting parameters in bulk to ensure ads are reaching valuable audiences

An Example of Automated Expansion

  • Add relevant new keywords to your campaign based on user queries that convert
  • Expand negatives using keywords and placements that don’t convert

Bidding Algorithm

    • Accommodate multiple business models
    • Optimize spend based on cost per acquisition, return on ad spend, margin or custom targets
  • Maximize Value By Bidding to Multiple Conversion Events
  • Long Tail Efficient
    • Discover profitable traffic with predictive bidding on

long-tail ads

  • No Burn-In
    • Efficiently scale programs by calculating accurate bids for

new keywords quickly


Efficient Campaign Creation

    • Create and manage targeting settings across ads in bulk
  • Improve Audience Insight
    • Understand performance as it varies by demographic, likes, and interests
  • Optimize to Facebook Interactions
    • Maximize Likes, RVSPs and App installations driven by ads
  • Maintain Ad Freshness
    • Automatically rotate creative to prevent ad-blindness and drive performance

Accurately Value Retargeting

    • Measure the true cost of acquisition across search, display and retargeting efforts
  • Cross Channel Efficiency
    • Manage retargeting from a unified online advertising management platform
  • Automation with Control
    • Bid optimization for retargeting provides automation based on business goals
  • Rapid Insight
    • Test and measure retargeting lift over control groups
  • Single Tracking Tag
    • Marin Tracker enables both conversion tracking and retargeting


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