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  1. 补缺补差系列讲座 强调句 主讲: 武维旺 E-nail:

  2. 强调句 I saw kate in the park last week. It was I that/who saw kate in the park last week. It was kate that/who I saw in the park last week. It was in the park that I saw kate last week. It is(was)+被强调部分+that(who)+其余部分 It was last week that I saw kate in the park.

  3. 注 意 • 1.当被强调部分指人时,可用that,也可用who;指物时,只用that It was Tom who(that)I met last week. It is a new boke that his brother wants to buy. • 2.强调状语时,只用that,不用when,where. It is at 5 o'clock that(不用when) the train will arrive. It was in the park that (不用where)I saw kate last week.

  4. 注 意 3.被强调的部分是主语时,注意句子的谓语动词和被强调的主语保持一致。如: It is he who is late. It is they that were late. 4.一般疑问句的强调句为“Is (was) it + that…?”;特殊疑问句为:“特殊疑问词+ is (was) +that…?”结构。如: Was it ten years ago that his father died? When is it that you will set off?

  5. 注 意 5. “not…until…”句型的强调结构为“It is not until…that…”如: I didn‘t go home until rain stopped.强调句为: It was not until rain stopped that I went home. 6.被强调成分是作主语的代词,用主格,是作宾语的代词,用宾格。 It was he that helped me yesterday. It was me that he helped yesterday.

  6. 注 意 7.区分定语从句和强调句型某些定语从句和强调句型形式差不多,容易混淆。如果去掉it is /was that句子仍然通顺成立,则为强调句型,不成立不通顺,则为定语从句。比较: It was at six o’clock_______ he got home. It was six o’clock________ he got home. that when At six o’clock he got home. (√ ) Six o’clock he got home. (×)

  7. 练 习 √ 1It was not until 1936___baseball became a regular part of Olypic Games. A.thenB.whichC.thatD.when 2.___in 1943___the harmful smog made its appearance in Los Angeles. A.Only/thatB.It was/then C.That it was/whenD.It was/that 3.It was on the National Day___she met with herseparated sister. A.that B.when C.where D.which √ √

  8. 练 习 √ 4.___in this room that our first meeting was held. A.Just whenB.WhenC.WhereD.It was 5.It is near the place ___there is a bomb____ we found the dead man. A.where/where B. where/that C.that/where D.that/that 6. It was Mike and Peter who____the reading room this time yesterday. A.are cleaning B.were cleaning C.cleaned D.cleans √ √

  9. 练 习 √ 7.It is the room____ we will have the meeting. A.that B.which C.where D.there 8.It is I who ____ watching TV . A. is B. am C. are D. being 9.It___ the Chinese people that ___hardworking. A.was/was D.are/are 10.It was midnight ____ he arrived home. A. that B.when C.which which √ √ √

  10. See You Next Time