wearable electronics and textile applications l.
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Wearable electronics and textile applications

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Wearable electronics and textile applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wearable electronics and textile applications Erika Györvary Outline of the presentation Smart shirt with electronics resulting from EC IST WEALTHY project Wearable electronics and textile applications Leisure and fun Sport Professional Health / telemonitoring Portable biomedical devices

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outline of the presentation
Outline of the presentation

Smart shirt with electronics resulting from


Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 1

wearable electronics and textile applications3
Wearable electronics and textile applications
  • Leisure and fun
  • Sport
  • Professional
  • Health / telemonitoring

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 2

intelligent tele alarm system

Portable biomedical devices

Intelligent tele-alarm system


  • Development of an automatic and reliable fall detector


  • Activity monitoring
  • Detection rate of 95%
  • Interactive functionality
  • RF alarm transmission
  • Interface with base station

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 3


Portable biomedical devices



  • integration of HR monitorin an earphone

Technology platform

  • optical sensing of pulsatile blood flow
  • acceleration sensing for motion artefacts removal

Key features

  • comfortable and non-invasive method
  • robust and reliable pulse detection during sport activities
  • low-power consumption

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 4

sensation non invasive hemodynamic sensor

Portable biomedical devices

SENSATION – non-invasive hemodynamic sensor


  • development of a robust, non-invasive oximetry sensors
  • different targets (earphone, fingering)

Technology platform

  • optical sensing of pulsatile blood flow withacceleration sensing for motion artifact removal

Key features

  • differential SpO2 measurement
  • integrated sensor unit (ambient artifacts)
  • wireless
  • active artifact cancellation for long term monitoring under real life conditions

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 5

parkinson disease management

Portable biomedical devices

Parkinson disease management


  • Monitoring of patients suffering from Parkinson disease or spasticity
  • Eventually closing the loopfor drug dispensing


  • Wireless monitoring of tremor and spasticity parameters
  • Acquisition on several limbs
  • Data collection on portable base unit (body area network)
  • On-body signal processing
  • Downloading (Ethernet or USB)

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 6

ltms aurora programme

Portable biomedical devices

LTMS - Aurora Programme


  • architecture design of intelligent and comfortable monitoring system


  • monitoring ECG, SpO2,respiration, activity and NIBP
  • wireless communication to base station
  • data management and transmission from Concordia to Europe

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 8

from multi parameters to redundant sensors textiles
From multi-parameters to redundant sensors: textiles

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 9

roles of the on body electronics
Roles of the on-body electronics
  • Provide a wired interface with the garment sensors
  • Provide a wireless interface with a mobile phone or PDA and a link to the professional interface
  • Perform signal acquisition, digital conversion and local data storage
  • Perform signal processing (feature extraction, classification, etc.)
  • Manage the wearable application

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 10

textile platforms second skin
Textile Platforms: Second skin

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 11

textile platforms catsuit and long sleeve
Textile Platforms: Catsuit and long sleeve

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 12

bed sheets
Bed sheets

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 13

plethysmography by piezoresistive fabric
Plethysmography by piezoresistive fabric

Two piezoresistive fabric sensors integrated in a seamless shirt providing information about thoracic and abdominal respiration

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 14

strain sensors based on carbon loaded silicone coating
Sensor advantages

Easy to wear

Multi-dimensional movement representation

Fast response to stretching

Sensor disadvantages

Long settling time after relaxing

High to very high impedance values

Tracks connected in series

Strain sensors based on carbon loaded silicone coating

Piezoresistive sensors originated from a coating process by using carbon loaded silicone

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 15

patient portable unit
Patient Portable Unit
  • Small and LightweightOnly 145g, small PDA size
  • Easy user interface
  • Data transmission over GPRS link
  • Sensor interfaces for:
    • 5-lead ECG
    • Impedance measurement (respiration)
    • Piezo-resistive bands (movement)
    • Skin temperature
    • Standard oximetry sensor
    • Integrated accelerometers
  • Signal processing
    • Heart rate
    • ECG enhancement
  • Powered by a Li-Ion battery
    • Autonomy up to 4 hours with real-time streaming of all signals over GPRS

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 16

myheart electronics
Acquired signals

3-lead ECG (5 and 6 elec.)

1 impedance cardiogram (ICG)

1 respiration by impedance

1 respiration by piezo-resistance

1 skin impedance

3D or 2x2D accelerometers

1 respiration sound

32 strain resistance (FE-2)


Download of stored data and streaming mode over Bluetooth

Link with mobile phone and PC


88 x 67 x 18 mm

100 grams (incl. battery)

Generic processing modules

HR, RR, ECG index features

BR, BA features

ACC fo, power, motion index

Activity classification

MyHeart electronics

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 17

the journey to tomorrow
The journey to tomorrow

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 18

sfit today
SFIT: today

Cardiovascular diseases and rehabilitation

Sensing, processing and communicating

EC IST MyHeart & Wealthy projects

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 19

sfit tomorrow

Microsystems physical sensors

(attitude, fall, health, …)

SFIT: tomorrow

Micro-communicating: sensor interface, processing and wireless

Flexible displays

  • Nano-engineered surfaces
  • Conductive fabrics
  • Micro-interfaces

Point of care

Micro-energy generators

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 20

sfit the journey to tomorrow the main trends
SFIT: the journey to tomorrow, the main trends
  • Adding biochemical sensors to physiological measurements
  • From monitoring single parameter to multiple parameters
  • Adding actuation capability to sensing and monitoring (closing the loop)
  • Towards fully autonomous system (energy, communication, actuation)
  • Towards implementing plastic electronics

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 21

biotex as part of an instrumented textile roadmap
BIOTEX as part of an instrumented textile roadmap
  • Current developments are mainly focused on physiological measurements with first applications targeting sport monitoring and prevention of cardiovascular risk
  • Biochemical measurements of on-body fluids are needed to tackle very important health and safety issues
  • European co-financed FP6 STREP project started in September 2005 and lasting 30 months

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 22

hydrogel opal sensors
Hydrogel Opal Sensors
  • Hydrogel inverse opal : 3D mesoporous ordered hydrogel structure using a polystyrene opal template
  • Measurable shift in the diffracted wavelength with swelling of the hydrogel inverse opal
  • Reversible swelling of antigen-responsive hydrogel (competitive immunoassay)
  • Connection of the sensor to a spectrophotometer and incorporation into a textile for wound healing monitoring




Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 23

protection e textiles micro nano structured fiber systems for emergency disaster wear


Protection e-textiles, micro-nano structured fiber systems for emergency-disaster wear
  • Textile and fiber-based integrated smart wearables for emergency disaster intervention personnel
  • Improvement of safety, coordination and efficiency of professionals
  • Optimization of survivor management
  • European co-financed FP6 IP project started in February 2006 and lasting 48 months

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 24

plastic optical fibers integrated in the fabrics
Plastic Optical Fibers integrated in the fabrics

Source: Penelope

Wearable electronics | EGv | Page 25