the texas revolution sam houston and the alamo n.
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The Texas Revolution Sam Houston and the Alamo PowerPoint Presentation
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The Texas Revolution Sam Houston and the Alamo

The Texas Revolution Sam Houston and the Alamo

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The Texas Revolution Sam Houston and the Alamo

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  1. The Texas RevolutionSam Houston and the Alamo Pages 444-446

  2. Manifest Destiny • Manifest Destiny was the belief shared by many Americans that is was the certain future of the United States to stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Texas Beginnings • The colony of Texas was founded by Moses Austin in 1820. • He asked Spanish leaders if he could start a colony of Americans in Texas. • Austin died before he could carry out his plans. • His son Stephen Austin started the colony in southeastern Texas.

  4. Life in Texas • Texas belonged to Mexico who had won its independence from Spain. • American settlers worked hard. They grew cotton and corn and raised cattle. • In time Mexico’s leaders became worried about the growing number of Americans on their land.

  5. Stop the Americans! • In 1830 the Mexican government passed a law that said no more American settlers could come to Texas. • Settlers also had to obey Mexico’s laws and pay more taxes. • These changes angered Texans!

  6. A New Mexican Leader • In 1834 General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna took over the Mexican government. • He sent soldiers to Texas to enforce Mexican laws. • Fighting broke out between the American settlers and Mexico.

  7. The Battle at the Alamo • The Alamo was a Spanish mission in San Antonio. • General Santa Anna marched with thousands of soldiers planning to attack and take over the city in 1836. • Texas rebels took shelter behind the walls of the Alamo.

  8. The Battle at the Alamo • For 13 days Mexican soldiers attacked the Alamo. • Texans defended the Alamo to the end. • 189 Texans were killed. General Santa Anna spared the lives of the women and children. • The Alamo had fallen in defeat.

  9. The Alamo

  10. Texas Independence • During the attack on the Alamo, Texas leaders met and declared independence from Mexico. (March 2, 1836) • This was the beginning of the Republic of Texas. • A republic is a government in which power belongs to the citizens through their right to vote.

  11. Texas Leadership • David Burnet was chosen as president of the Texas Republic. • Sam Houston was commander of the army. • Sam Houston was from Tennessee. He was once the governor of Tennessee.

  12. Santa Anna Makes His Move • After the battle at the Alamo, General Santa Anna moved quickly to stop the revolution. • He ordered 300 prisoners killed at Goliad. • Texans kept fighting. • Their battle cry was Remember the Alamo. • Sam Houston’s army took the Mexicans by surprise.

  13. Battle of San Jacinto • Sam Houston captured Santa Anna. • Houston offered to let Santa Anna live in return for Texas’s independence. Santa Anna agreed. • Texas remained an independent republic until it became a state in 1845. • Sam Houston served twice as president of the republic and later as governor of Texas.

  14. Other Texas Battles