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Free * Labor! * Some Investment Required Janene Hill Young Adult Librarian Manhattan Public Library MPL has had Teen Volunteers for about 10 years Teens have contributed almost 550 hours in the past year

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Janene hill young adult librarian manhattan public library l.jpg

Janene HillYoung Adult Librarian Manhattan Public Library

MPL has had Teen Volunteers for about 10 years

Teens have contributed almost 550 hours in the past year

Teen Volunteers at MPL work about 10 months in a year, divided into 3 sessions of Fall, Spring, and Summer

Let’s learn a little about who’s here

Ways to think about teen volunteer involvement l.jpg
Ways to Think About Teen Volunteer Involvement

  • Youth Participation

  • Community Service

  • Focus Group

  • Program Assistance

  • Committee Members

Why do i want teen volunteers l.jpg
Why do I want Teen Volunteers?

  • Someone to do the “Dirty Work”

  • A chance to tackle those projectsyou never seem to have time for

  • Teen Involvement

  • Community Involvement (aka: positive PR)

  • Have a plan

  • Get everyone involved

  • Do the paperwork

  • Dedicate the time

Keys to success

How do i get ready l.jpg
How Do I Get Ready?

1. Establish some basic building blocks for your program

2. Have an idea of what they want from you

3. Figure out what you need to know from them

Building blocks decide what works for you l.jpg
Building BlocksDecide what works for you

  • What ages/grades

  • How many bodies

  • Number of hours or shifts per semester/week/month

  • How long to work during one shift

  • What do you want them to do?

What do they need to know getting them interested l.jpg
What Do They Need to Know?Getting them interested

  • What’s in it for them?Benefits, rewards

  • What are they going to be doing?Tasks, interactions, responsibilities

  • Expectations/Requirements

Rewards l.jpg

  • Intrinsic – important to us Self-confidence Social skillsJob skills and knowledge

  • Extrinsic – more important to them Community Service Hours Professional/Reference Contacts Scholarship Money Volunteer party Employee perks

  • “Stuff” – T-Shirt, candy, certificates, other gifts

Requirements and expectations of them l.jpg
Requirements and Expectations (of them)

  • Reliable transportation.

  • Dependable and responsible.

  • Can work at a steady and sometimes quick pace.

  • Talk and interact in a friendly manner with children and parents.

  • Self-starter, take initiative.

  • Work with minimal supervision.

  • Follow instructions.

  • Willing and able to work alone or with others

  • Accept guidance and instruction from library staff.

What do i want to know l.jpg
What Do I Want To Know?

How to find out

  • Applications

    • Start to get to know them on paper

  • Interviews

    • Get to know them in person

  • What information Do You Want?

Essential information l.jpg
Essential Information

  • Name, age/grade, contact information

  • Emergency contact(s)

  • How much/when they can volunteer

  • Past volunteer/work experience

  • What they like to do

  • Why they want to do this

  • Parent Permission/Signature

Where do i find them recruiting l.jpg
Where Do I Find Them?Recruiting

  • In the Library

    • Signs, Handouts

    • Library Staff!

  • Library Website

  • Contact Schools

    • Community Service Coordinator

    • Counselor

  • Other Organizations

  • Local Newspaper – write a column or letter to the editor

What can they do l.jpg
What Can They Do?

  • Make the task meaningful

  • Explain why it needs to be done

  • When possible, match the person to the task

  • Suggestions and Ideas?

Slide14 l.jpg

Task Ideas

  • Prepare handouts, nametags for storytimes and clubs

  • Sort book carts

  • Shelve and shelf read

  • Clean books

  • Clean and dust shelves, desks, computer stations

  • Put up/take down displays

  • Cover books (processing)

  • Help with computers

  • Homework assistance

  • Create book lists

  • Separate recycling

  • Assist with & run special events

  • Take head counts and keep statistics

  • Give out and keep track of Summer Reading prizes

  • Help register Summer Reading participants

  • Organize SR registrations

  • Build & work with online services (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Help with YA collections (selection, weeding, …)


Orientation training l.jpg

  • Icebreakers/Get to knowyou games

  • Tour

  • Introductions

    • Staff to Volunteer, Volunteer to Staff

  • Volunteer Handbook

    • All of the who, what, when, where, why, hows

  • Enthusiasm!!!

    • They are welcome and the library is a fun place!

Other tips l.jpg
Other Tips

  • Timesheets

  • Nametags

  • Dress Code

  • Address library “Jargon”

  • Teach call numbers and location codes

  • Have complete, written instructions and even a sample if applicable

  • Encourage, listen, maintain a sense of humor!

  • Other Suggestions?

Helpful resources l.jpg
Helpful Resources

Teen Volunteer Services in Libraries

Kellie M. Gillespie

2004, VOYA Books, ISBN 0810848376

Connecting Young Adults and Libraries, 3rd ed.

Patrick Jones, Michele Gorman and Tricia Suellentrop

2004, Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., ISBN 1555705081

101+ Teen Programs That Work

RoseMary Honnold

2003, Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., ISBN 1555704530

Numerous Websites

Google search: “Teen Library Volunteers”

Janene hill young adult librarian manhattan public library18 l.jpg

Janene HillYoung Adult Librarian Manhattan Public Library

785-776-4741 x. 170

Icebreaker get to know you last one standing l.jpg
Icebreaker/Get to Know YouLast One Standing

  • Everyone please stand up

  • As I read the statement,if it applies to you, sit down

Icebreaker get to know you four corners l.jpg
Icebreaker/Get to Know YouFour Corners

  • Which answer most fits you?

    • Go to the corner thatcorresponds with your choice

  • Example questions (Customize to your community or situation)

    • Which soda would you choose?

    • Which activity would you prefer to do?

    • What genre of book would you be most likely to read?