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How to Promote Your Web Site PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Promote Your Web Site

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How to Promote Your Web Site
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How to Promote Your Web Site

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  1. How to Promote Your Web Site Faith in Action Web Skills Development Series: September 2006

  2. Learning Objectives • Understanding the core strategies for site promotion • Identifying keywords that will work do the most for your Web site promotion • Implementing promotion to drive target audiences to your site

  3. Basic Strategies--Site Promotion • Add Web address to all print materials, stationery and business cards • Search engine marketing (SEO) • Link campaign, with colleague, regional organization, and other complementary Web sites and directories • E-newsletter

  4. Expect These Supplementary Materials (via email) List of Relevant Keywords Search Engine Submission Guidelines (Google)

  5. Search Engine Marketing • Keyword strategy is your first step • List keywords and phrases users will enter to find your site • Use Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery to find additional keywords • From:, Ten Effective SEO Design Tips

  6. Search

  7. Optimize Your Site—Apply Keywords & Phrases • Optimize every page on your FIA Web site • Optimize your page names or titles • Optimize your page content, including keywords in site text when it makes sense • From:, Ten Effective SEO Design Tips

  8. Search Engine Optimization Tips • Name pages with keywords • For example • Instead of Index for your home page • Use: Kindness, Inc. Services • Instead of Resources • Use: Sherwood Faith in Action--Guide to Regional Services

  9. Search Engine Tips • Label your links and images with descriptive titles • Descriptive “anchor links” help visitors know what they’ll find when they click on that link, and search engines too • Make your site “spider friendly” • Limit Flash and JavaScript, which search engine spiders can’t digest • Replace with regular links and a site map (spiders can link each link within the map) • From:, Ten Effective SEO Design Tips

  10. More Search Engine Optimization Tips • Keep content fresh • Search engines respond to what works for readers, and that includes timely content • A blog or online message board are effective ways to ensure there’s new content on your site on a regular basis • Don’t try to trick search engines • By hiding keyword phrases, buying links or other sneaky practices, your site will be removed from the search engine listings • From:, Ten Effective SEO Design Tips

  11. Search Engine Marketing • Google Web Master Guidelines – A must read • • Lycos Search Engine Marketing Guide • • Yahoo Site Guidelines •

  12. Search Engine Marketing Available Site Listings • Posting times vary from Immediate to 6 weeks • (local available) • (local available) • • • • • • • • • • •

  13. Avoid • Services offering to submit to “thousands” of search engines for one low price • Services that guarantee top rankings for your site

  14. Your Link Campaign—Directories and Message Boards • Find relevant directories by doing a Google search on another volunteer/social services program closely related to your own, to see where that program is listed • Submit your URL and descriptions to these directories • Join and stay active with comments on related community message boards and blogs • Always include your URL in your signature line when posting comments

  15. Your Link Campaign—Related Web Sites • List colleague organizations and other sites where your audiences are likely to be on the Web • Draft a “form letter” email to send to those organizations • Set up a contact list for initial and follow-up calls • Be prepared • To respond to requests that colleague organization sites be linked from your program’s site • Reciprocity is the norm

  16. Site Promotion Responsibilities • Define keywords for optimization (one time) • Rewrite home page copy, Page Titles, alt tags and metatags (initial and ongoing) • Create/maintain link directory/resources list (ongoing) • Link Campaign (ongoing) • Monitor referral traffic to your site • Monitor Search Engine Ranking

  17. What’s working and what’s not? • Track site usage via a site statistics program like WebTrends • Review these stats for insight on where to focus your promotion efforts • Referrers (the Web sites or pages from which users are getting to your site) • Terms users type in to get to your site via search engines

  18. How much time? • Initial review and site modifications can be implemented in 4 to 6 weeks with team of Web Master, Web Editor and others • Once in place, ongoing work to monitor and maintain is a few hours a week

  19. Search Engine Optimization Resources • Monitor & compare your search standings • Keyword help (use free trial version) • Word Tracker • Keyword Discovery • SEO tools

  20. How to Promote Your Web Site • Phil Hagerty • RWJF •