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PA Nurse Aide Registry Update: PULSE PowerPoint Presentation
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PA Nurse Aide Registry Update: PULSE

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PA Nurse Aide Registry Update: PULSE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PA Nurse Aide Registry Update: PULSE. Key Points…. Benefits to Facility Administrations:. Facilitates notification of Registry action. Current employer may be directly notified when a nurse aide is annotated on the Registry.

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benefits to facility administrations
Benefits to Facility Administrations:
  • Facilitates notification of Registry action.
  • Current employer may be directly notified when a nurse aide is annotated on the Registry
  • Division staff will be able to query the database and identify if a nurse aide continues to be employed after Registry action and alert the current employer prior to issuance of deficiencies
benefits to facility administrations3
Benefits to Facility Administrations:
  • Reduces burden on Facility staff
  • While not releasing staff from responsibility of ensuring employees are in good standing, enhanced communications will help identify facility employees requiring follow-up
  • Facilitates tracking of agency employees by allowing tracking of multiple employers
benefits to facility administrations4
Benefits to Facility Administrations:
  • Reduce scheduling issues associated w/ renewal
  • Nurse aides may renew on-line up to and including the expiration date of their registration
  • Employers can facilitate renewal via education / training, as well as making resources available to staff
  • Employers can monitor renewal more efficiently
issues for clarification
Issues for Clarification
  • Facility staff should enter “hire” and “termination” dates for all nurse aides or other staff listed on the Nurse Aide Registry (current or lapsed)
  • If annotated on the Registry, an individual may not work in a nursing care facility in any capacity
Agency staff
  • Hire dates should reflect the first date the individual began working in your facility
  • Termination dates should reflect the date the individual became a “do not return”.

Employment history is not a matter of public record; therefore, it is not able to be made available to facility staff via the Registry

  • Employment History Issues
  • Act 69 permits communication for reference check purposes without retribution
  • Yearly educational CEU / training requirements are Long-term Care Licensure issues, not Registry renewal requirements
Data Entry Expectations
  • Facilities are encouraged to enter data as soon as possible after the system becomes available in October.
  • Anticipated that all staff should be entered within one year of implementation
Duplicate Registry Request Restrictions
  • Encourages nurse aides to be responsible
  • Discourages “identity theft” or “identity sharing”, as it may be…
  • Permits tracking of “problematic” requestors

Note: Duplicate renewal application materials may be requested, but will be mailed directly to the nurse aide. No phone disclosure of log-on ID is permitted due to security issues.


The Facility “EIN” or Employer Identification Number is also the Federal Tax ID Number

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