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Nursery Crop Insurance

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Nursery Crop Insurance New York Crop Insurance Education Program Risk Management Agency USDA New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets Causes of Loss Adverse weather; Fire; Wildlife; Earthquake; or Volcanic eruption.

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nursery crop insurance

Nursery Crop Insurance

New York Crop Insurance Education Program

Risk Management Agency USDA

New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets

causes of loss
Causes of Loss
  • Adverse weather;
  • Fire;
  • Wildlife;
  • Earthquake; or
  • Volcanic eruption.
  • Insurance is also provided against the following if due to a cause of loss listed above.
    • A loss in plant values because of an inability to market such plants, provided such plants would have been marketed during the crop year;
    • Failure of the irrigation water supply; or
    • Failure of, or reduction in, the power supply.
uninsurable losses
Uninsurable losses
  • We do not insure against any loss caused by:
    • Disease or insect infestation, unless:
      • A disease or insect infestation occurs for which no effective control measure exists
uninsurable losses continued
Uninsurable losses continued
  • The inability to market the nursery plants as a result of:
    • The refusal of a buyer to accept production;
    • Boycott; or an order from a public official prohibiting sales including, but not limited to, a stop sales order, quarantine, or phytosanitary restriction on sales;
uninsurable losses continued5
Uninsurable losses continued
  • Cold temperatures, if cold protection is required on the eligible plant list, unless:
    • You have installed adequate cold protection equipment or facilities and there is a failure or breakdown of the cold protection equipment or facilities resulting from an insurable cause of loss.
    • The lowest temperature or its duration exceeded the ability of the required cold protection equipment to keep the insured plants from sustaining cold damage.
uninsurable losses continued6
Uninsurable losses continued
  • Collapse or failure of buildings or structures, unless the damage to the building or structures results from a cause of loss.
  • Any cause of loss, if the only damage suffered is a failure of plants to grow to an expected size.
  • Failure to follow recognized good nursery practices.
  • At least 50% of the gross income must be from the wholesale marketing of plants.
  • Note: Amount of insurance is based on reported insurable plant inventory values
insured crop year
Insured Crop Year
  • 2011 Crop Year:

Starts June 1, 2010, ends May 31, 2011 (Sales Closing: 05/01/10)

  • Subsequent Crop Years will start on 06/01 and ends on 05/31
  • Continuous enrollment available with 30 day waiting period for protection to begin.
coverage and price election choices
Coverage and Price Election Choices

Only You Can Decide

What Coverage Is Right For You!

  • Catastrophic Coverage (CAT) 50% of your average yield and 55% of the Price Election
  • Buy-Up Coverage

50% to 75% of your average yield and up to 100% of the Price Election

plant types
Plant Types

Buy-up Insurance

Buy-up Insurance

Small Fruits

Herbaceous Perennials


Ground Cover and Vines



Palms and Cycads


  • Deciduous Trees

(Shade & Flower

  • Broadleaf Evergreen Trees
  • Coniferous Evergreen Trees
  • Fruit and Nut Trees
  • Deciduous Shrubs
  • Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs
insured crop and plants
Insured Crop and Plants
  • The crop insured will be all nursery plants and plant types in each practice, contained on the Eligible Price List, in which you have a share, and that:
insured crop and plants13
Insured Crop and Plants
  • Are shown on the Eligible Plant List
  • Includes plants grown in the nursery, that meet the minimum size requirements, but are not included on the growers’ wholesale catalog/price list. Note: you may submit a supplement to the catalog on or before the sales closing date to add plants.
insured crop and plants14
Insured Crop and Plants
  • Are not grown for sale as Christmas trees;
  • Are not stock plants, or plants being grown solely for harvest of buds, flowers, or greenery;
  • May produce edible fruits or nuts provided the plants are made available for sale; and
  • Are not produced in nursery containers that contain two or more different genera, species, subspecies, varieties or cultivars.
wholesale catalog or price list
Wholesale catalog or price list
  • At a minimum, your Wholesale catalog or price list must:
    • Be type-written and legible;
    • Show an issue date on the cover page (may be handwritten);
    • Contain the name, address, and phone number of your nursery;
    • Be provided to customers and used in the sale of your plants; and
    • List each plant’s name (scientific or common), field grown plant or container size, and wholesale price.
coverage levels
Coverage Levels
  • You may select either catastrophic risk protection or additional coverage for each insured practice.
  • $300 Administrative Fee owed for each practice.
insurance attachment
Insurance Attachment
  • For New Policies:
    • Insurance attaches 30 days after the date you submit your request.
minimum container size
Minimum Container Size
  • Minimum container size is 1” in diameter
    • Liners are defined as plants in standard nursery containers with a diameter equal to or greater than 1 inch but less than 3 inches
production inventory value report pivr
Production Inventory Value Report (PIVR)
  • PIVR must be submitted at time of application
  • PIVR must be submitted by May 1, prior to start of crop year for insurance to attach on June 1st.
    • Insurance doesn’t attach until PIVR is submitted, subject to a 30-day wait
    • Previous crop year PIVR cannot be rolled-over
peak inventory endorsement
  • Peak Inventory Value Report - A report that increases the value of insurable plants over the value reported on the PIVR, and declares the coverage commencement, and coverage termination dates.
  • Limited to 200% of basic unit value
rehabilitation endorsement
Rehabilitation Endorsement
  • New Endorsement - covers cost for rehabilitation of Field Grown plants
  • Available only for Buy-up insurance
  • Endorsement must be elected:
    • At time of application for initial crop year; or,
    • Prior to start of crop year if already insured under policy
  • If endorsement is elected, all Field Grown plants must be insured.
pilot nursery grower s price endorsement

Pilot Nursery Grower’s Price Endorsement

Pilot Endorsement Available: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Washington, Oregon and Alaska

pilot nursery grower s price endorsement23
Pilot Nursery Grower’s Price Endorsement
  • You may use your wholesale plant price that is reported on your Upgraded Plant Report.
  • This price is greater than the price contained in the Plant Price Schedule but is less than, or equal to the price in your catalog or price list.
loss example
Loss Example
  • $100,00 – Plant Inventory Value
  • X 65% Coverage = $65,000 Amt. of Ins.
  • In the event of a Loss

$100,000 Field Market Value Before Loss

-$50,000 Field Market Value After Loss =

$50,000 Value of loss

-$35,000 Deductable =

$15,000 Indemnity Payment

building the 2010 revenue bridge crop ins is the foundation slide courtesy of steve johnson iasu
Building the 2010 Revenue Bridge -Crop Ins. is the Foundation Slide courtesy of Steve Johnson, IASU