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Matthew and Tilly

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Matthew and Tilly. Written by: Rebecca C. Jones Illustrated by: Beth Peck. Background Knowledge. What is it like to have a good friend and to be a good friend? What are some good times you’ve had with a good friend?

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matthew and tilly

Matthew and Tilly

Written by: Rebecca C. Jones

Illustrated by: Beth Peck

background knowledge
Background Knowledge
  • What is it like to have a good friend and to be a good friend?
  • What are some good times you’ve had with a good friend?
  • Friends do many things together, such as share toys, wear the same color clothes, walk hand in hand, tell one another special stories.
  • We are going to read a story that is realistic fiction. The characters seem real and the events in the story could happen in real life.
  • picky: hard to please or satisfy
  • business: a company that buys and sells goods, or makes products
  • rescued: to save someone from a dangerous situation
  • remembered: to recall something that had been forgotten
  • brave: having courage
  • crabbiest: bad tempered or irritable 
  • grouchiest: to complain or grumble
  • stomped: to walk heavily and noisy
  • customer: a person who buys goods or services
  • probably: likely to exist or occur
  • wondered: to have a question about
good readers
Good Readers…
  • Make connections while they read. Use your own experiences to better understand the characters’ feeling and actions.
  • Monitor and clarify will help readers understand the meanings of words and difficult ideas.
focus questions
Focus questions:

1. What games do you play with your friends?

focus questions6
Focus questions:

2. Why do we sometimes not get along with friends when we play games?

during reading
During Reading…
  • Think about the friendships you have.
  • How are they alike and different

from Matthew and Tilly’s friendship?

let s read our story
Let’s Read Our Story!

Don’t forget to print track with your finger!

checking comprehension
Checking Comprehension
  • 1. What did you find out about playing games by reading what happened to Matthew and Tilly in the story?
  • 2. Which things in the story make Matthew and Tilly seem like real children?
  • 3. What do you think Matthew and Tilly learned about their friendship in the story?
  • 4. Why did the two friends have an argument and how did they resolve it?
theme connections
Theme connections
  • 1. Why did Matthew and Tilly stop playing with each other?
  • 2. Why did Matthew and Tilly decide to be friends again?
  • 3. In what other story is getting along important? Why?
main idea and details
Main Idea and Details

The author always has something specific to say to the reader. This is the main idea. The author will strengthen this main point with details to help the reader understand.

When you identify the main idea it will help you better understand what the story is about.

main idea matthew and tilly are friends 132 137
Main idea:Matthew and Tilly are friends (132-137)


*they rode bikes

*they played hide and go seek

*they sold lemonade

*they played sidewalk games

*they ate ice cream

*they rescued kitten

*they chewed gum

*they shared memories

main idea sometimes they got sick of each other 138 141
Main Idea:Sometimes they got sick of each other. (138-141)


*the crayon incident

*their faces in the illustrations

*their body language

*name calling

main idea matthew and tilly are by themselves playing all alone 142 147
Main Idea:Matthew and Tilly are by themselves, playing all alone. (142-147)


*Matthew stomped up the stairs.

*Tilly made chalk drawing alone.

*Matthew played store alone.

*Tilly played sidewalk games alone.

main idea matthew and tilly are friends again 148 151
Main Idea:Matthew and Tilly are friends again. (148-151)


*They are looking out the window, wondering what the other is doing.

*They smiled at

each other,


then ran to play

together again.

  • PLOT: The series of events that characters go through in a story to solve a problem.
  • A plot has a beginning, middle, and an end.
  • 1. What was the central problem in the story?
  • 2. How did the characters try to solve their problem?
  • 3. How was the problem finally solved?
making connections in first grade
Making Connections in First Grade…
  • Think back to Black History Month.
  • Think about all the important leaders we learned about.
  • What does this story have in common with the life of Ruby Bridges?
diversity is a variety of something such as opinion color or style
Diversity is a variety of something such as opinion, color or style.

Why is




What diversity

do you see here?


Jesus loves the little children.All the children of the world.

Red and Yellow, Black and White.They are precious

in his sight.Jesus loves the little

children of the world.

sidewalk games
Sidewalk Games

Can you believe

these are chalk



This is




on a


Remember, both

his feet in reality

are flat on the

pavement .

unbelievable art
Unbelievable Art!

It looks like he’s digging a hole, but its really chalk art.




now let s have some fun
Now Let’s Have Some Fun!!!
  • We are going to go outside to create our own sidewalk chalk drawings!
  • Remember be creative!
  • Use your imagination!
  • Add LOTS of details in your picture.
  • Work cooperatively with your friend.