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Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association

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Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association 8/15/07 Football Meeting Attendance Announcements / Games New Rules Field markings If not marked, contact AD and WIAA Future Rules Read new definitions Flagrant foul Helmet contact Passer – must be a legal forward pass

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new rules
New Rules
  • Field markings
    • If not marked, contact AD and WIAA
  • Future Rules
  • Read new definitions
    • Flagrant foul
    • Helmet contact
  • Passer – must be a legal forward pass
    • Can have a personal foul (different penalty)
  • Head coach disqualified
    • Can appoint a new one for calling timeouts
new rules that actually matter
New Rules That Actually Matter
  • Defensive foul on touchdown
    • Consistent with other scoring plays (except safety)
    • Can enforce penalty on PAT or ensuing KO
    • If another foul on PAT, have to choose
    • Does not carry over half-time or into overtime.
      • These are not “ensuing kickoffs”
    • Signals if fouls on both?
  • signal the penalty
  • signal the team committing the foul
  • signal that the TD counts
  • point upfield by using an arching motion with the outstretched arm to indicate the delayed enforcement
  • the BJ would walk off the penalty and give the signalNow if there was a foul on the try
  • give the penalty they were declining first, show it being declined
  • then give the one accepted and point upfield in the same way.
  • BJ just give the signal of the penalty he walked off.
new rules that actually matter7
New Rules That Actually Matter
  • New basic spot 10-5-6 and 7
    • Study this and review it before games
    • Fumble goes from the EZ, into the playing field, then OOB
      • Key is where is the end of the run
      • If it looks like a touchback (w/o fumble), basic spot is the 20.
      • If it looks like a safety (w/o fumble), basic spot is the goal line (as it has been).
rule book and case book changes
Rule Book and Case Book Changes
  • Go to the football page on the National Federation page for corrections
2006 rule changes
2006 Rule Changes
  • four-snap chin strap shall required
  • Mouth guards shall be of any readily visible color, other than white or clear
  • Phones and headsets are permitted for use by anyone during a authorized sideline time-out
  • An authorized sideline time-out shall be held directly in front of the team box and within the 9-yard mark
  • A holder may now recover a snap and retain the same options of going back to a knee for the kick, advance, pass or running the ball.
    • It allows the holder to rise to catch a snap that has bounced in front of him.
    • The NOTE still says he can’t return to a knee after recovering a muffed or fumbled snap.
  • The option to use a “planned loose ball” has been removed.
  • The act of illegally touching the ball by an ineligible player carries the same penalty whether the act occurs behind, in or beyond the line of scrimmage – it is now illegal touching! 5-yards and loss of down.
2005 rule changes
2005 Rule Changes
  • 9-yard marks
    • Players have to be within 9-yard marks after the ready for play and before the snap
  • Do not extend a period for a foul that carries a loss of down penalty
  • No more “illegal procedure”
    • It’s illegal formation, illegal shift, illegal motion
  • Only one forward pass during a down
  • No pass interference away from the ball
  • Momentum exception now includes all loose balls
2004 rule changes
2004 Rule Changes
  • No limit on the number of team players who may participate in a timeout conference at the sideline
  • New Term - Forced Touching
    • The touching of the ball by a team R player that is caused by a Team K player pushing or blocking R into contact with the ball or if Team K muffs the ball into contact with R.
    • Forced touching of a kick is ignored.
  • The PSK window now opens when the ball is snapped (rather than when it crosses neutral zone). The position of the football when Team R fouls is not important.
  • Why is it important to penalize illegal formation?
    • Not enough players on the line – big deal
  • Really?
  • How many eligible receivers are there?
    • 4 backs (including QB) & 2 players on end of line = 6
  • Knowing that – defenses are designed to account for up to 5 or 6 receivers (someone has to pass the ball!)
  • Give the offense one more – defense can’t cover the extra reciever
  • Question 84 brought up a great topic
  • Free kick is laying still on the 5 yard line
  • R kicks it through his end zone
  • Result of Play
    • Touchback or safety?
  • Touchback
    • A kick is a kick is a kick.
    • 2-13-4 Force is not a factor on kicks going into R’s end zone, since these kicks are always a touchback regardless of who supplied the force (casebook 6.3.1)
    • 2-24-2 A kick ends when a player gains posession or when the ball becomes dead
  • Penalty enforcement
    • Loose ball play – basic spot is the previous spot
    • 5 yard penalty and rekick
bubble coverage
Bubble Coverage
  • Theory – there are big bubbles and little bubbles we have to cover
    • Little bubble – the action around the ball
    • Big bubbles – everything else
  • Running Play
  • Passing Play
  • Scrimmage Kick
  • Kick off
  • FG/PAT kick
goal post coverage
Goal Post Coverage
  • Starts a few steps back from the goal post
  • Even with your upright
  • BJ has upright and crossbar
  • Wing has upright
  • Communicate “yes” or “no” to each other
  • Take 3 or 4 steps straight out – together
  • Pause one step – signal
  • If wide – only the person on that side signals “wide”
  • If no good – stand up straight to give signal
    • Don’t bend over at waist
swoa clinic
SWOA Clinic
  • My clinicians
    • Big 10/Arena League referee Dennis Lipske
    • Leading WIAC referee/ Arena League Terry ? From Oostburg
  • Others
    • Big 10 umpire
    • Several WIAA state officials
swoa notes
SWOA Notes
  • Lipske uses Sharpie to write notes on his hand!
    • Kicker, QB
  • Good umpires create positive relationship with defense early – use it later when you need to straighten out stuff
  • Make it be there
  • Get the Big One
  • Wings – go to goal line on snap inside the 5 – NO MATTER WHICH DIRECTION YOU’RE GOING!
  • Umpires – have signal with wings to indicate you see the ball in the end zone
  • On scoring kicks – what if the wing doesn’t get to the goal post in time? Plan for it
  • Wings – always mirror each other’s spots
  • We were conspicuous in our non-attendance