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The Maine Music Box

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The Maine Music Box - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Maine Music Box

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  1. The Maine Music Box Web-Wise 2005: Teaching and Learning with Digital Resources February 16–18, 2005 Marilyn Lutz and Laura Gallucci Fogler Library, University of Maine Funded in part with an Institute of Museums and Libraries award.

  2. Project Partners • Fogler Library, University of Maine, Orono • Bagaduce Music Lending Library, Blue Hill • Bangor Public Library, Bangor Funding: Institute of Museums and Libraries

  3. Collaborative Vision • Broaden access to music literature by digitizing unique collections of sheet music, scores, manuscripts • Provide a musical rendition of the sheet music or score • Develop a digital music library tool to support teaching and learning (in Maine schools) • Create a tool to deliver images of sheet music or scores, along with customizable options for sound files: control playback, tempo, instrumentation and key • Create preservation copies

  4. What is it? • An interactive, multimedia digital music library • Database of images of sheet musicand scores with associated sound renditions, cover artand lyrics • Enhanced functions—software plugin enables users to playback audio and manipulate the arrangement of the selected pieces by changing the key and the instrument.

  5. Software • “Scorch” filesrequire a Scorch plug in, free and downloadable program, compatible with most browsers (licensed) • Gives user ability to interact with the scores in the database on the server to the extent permissions are profiled

  6. Collections • 22,000 pieces of historical and popular sheet music, 1865–1990, written for voice and piano • “Parlor Salon” scores written specifically for piano • Notable composers from 1920–1990, including Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern, Victor Herbert, Percy Wenrich, Jean Schwartz, Paul Dresser, George M. Cohen

  7. Collections • Vocal, Popular Sheet Music Collection (Bagaduce) over 16,500 pieces of popular American music representing the many vocal styles from late 19th through the 20th Century • Parlor Salon Collection (Bagaduce) 3,569 scores organized in three unique collections: Vocal Parlor/Salon, Piano Parlor/Salon and Violin Parlor/Salon • Maine Collection (Bagaduce) over 2,200 pieces ranging from 1845–1997; includes keyboard, choral, vocal and instrumental music • Haywood Jones Collection (Bangor Public) 28 original manuscript scores primarily of marches and school songs, for local high school bands in New England

  8. Instruction Channel • Instruction tool keyed to digital music library • Lessons designed around instructions accessing full database of music (login required) • Number of registered logins – one-on-one music instruction – personal use

  9. Collections Instructional Violin The International Library of Music for Violinists; First steps, with supplement of easy violin solos Vol. 1 The Violinist First Book New York, The University Society, 1925

  10. a teaching and learning tool • Evaluate pitch and adjust speed by playing in unison with sound • Develop sight-reading ability by tracking playback • Enhance visualization process by transposing key signatures and chord symbols • Enlarge repertoire by transposing music for one instrument for another

  11. a teaching and learning tool Understand how changes in tempo and rhythm accent artistry by comparing computer generated files with actual recordings

  12. Enhancing the learning experience • See / hear solo within the score • See / hear solo played with accompaniment • See / hear exact rhythm on the score (follow the bouncing ball) • Slow down music for instructional purposes • View digital videos attached to lesson plan • Transpose piece (including accompaniment) to any key

  13. a teaching and learning tool … for the future of music education • Reinforcement of more comprehensivemusical training at a younger age • Opens up new possibilities: – distance education in music? – archive teaching techniques of the “masters” for future generations?

  14. The Maine Music Box

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