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Living In India PowerPoint Presentation
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Living In India

Living In India

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Living In India

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  1. Living In India A country of Celebrations

  2. Many Festivals India has many different communities and religions Different celebrations for different regions Environment – harvest, weather, seasons, animals Gods and goddesses – many linked to established religions National Festivals Children's DayGandhi Jayanti Independence DayRepublic DayTeacher's Day General Festivals Father's Day Halloween Mother's Day New Year Thanks Giving Valentine's Day Festival Rituals Aartis Azaan Festival Calendar Hindu Fasts Naamkaran Click here to see a timeline of Festivals

  3. Many Festivals cont…… Hindu Festivals Baisakhi Diwali Durga Puja Dussehra Ganesh Chaturthi Holi Janmashtami Karwa Chauth Mahashivaratri Makar Sankranti Naag Panchami Navratri Onam Pongal Rakhi Ramnavami Buddhist Festivals Buddha Purnima Hemis Gompa Losar Ullambana Christian Festivals Christmas Easter Good Friday Muslim Festivals Bakra Eid Eid-ul-Fitr Muharram Sikh Festivals Guru Nanak Jayanti Guru Purab Holla Mohalla Lohri Zoroastrian Festivals Gahambars Jamshed Navroz Khordad Sal Zarthost No Deeso

  4. Diwali Festival of Lights Region: Nationwide Religion: Hindu Celebrated: October/ November at the new moon Diwali customs: lamps rangoli art New clothes Religious Activities: Worship of Goddess Lakshmi, worship of Lord Ganesha, worship of Mother Kali, worship of Lord Chitragupta and worship of Govardhan Parvat. bright lights candles buy gold and silver new utensils

  5. Diwali Days 5 days: Day 1: Dhanteras – buy new utensils, gold, silver Day 2: bath before sunrise and rub special oil on body Day 3: new clothes, gifts, sweets, special foods, diyas (lamps), candles Day 4: Padwa – celebration of love and respect for husband and wife; Anna- Koot – preparation of 56 or 108 dishes to offer Lord Krishna. Gods bathed in milk, given new clothes, jewels, precious metals Day 5: brothers and sisters celebrate their relationship, give gifts to each other

  6. Traditional Indian Dance Much of this dance is from Natya, the sacred Hindu musical theatre styles

  7. Traditional Indian Music The basis for Indian music is "sangeet".  Sangeet is a combination of three artforms: vocal music, instrumental music and dance.  Sitar The most famous instruments are the sitar and the tabla Tabla

  8. Comparison with Australia Some similar celebrations – based in British occupation history and American influences Many different religions , so many celebrations but with same focus – harvest, weather, gods Similar traditions of decorating, dance, music, food, just different styles Some localised celebrations, some national just like Australia Similar traditions of giving and receiving gifts, just a different style

  9. The India Travel guide: Festivals of India information on festivals of India The India Travel guide: Map of India map of India showing regions I love India list of festivals in India Lonely Planet Map of India showing major cities and towns I Love India Information on diwali customs I Love India Information on when diwali is held I Love India image of rangoli art I Love India image of diwali diya I Love India image of diwali candles I Love India Information on dewali day 4 I Love India Information on bhai-duj and image of bhai-duj artifacts Google Images Images of traditional Indian dance

  10. Google Images Images of traditional Indian dance Google Images Images of traditional Indian musical instruments Chandra and David’s homesite Image of tabla Abydos Enterprises Image of sitar