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Introduction to MATLAB

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Introduction to MATLAB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to MATLAB. Chris Diduch University of New Brunswick January 31 – February 4, 2004 Royal Bhutan University RBIT, Rinchending Day-5. Robot Kinematics Animation. Robot Kinematic Animations. Build 3D cylinder shapes for each link

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Introduction to MATLAB

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introduction to matlab

Introduction to MATLAB

Chris Diduch

University of New Brunswick

January 31 – February 4, 2004

Royal Bhutan University

RBIT, Rinchending


robot kinematic animations
Robot Kinematic Animations
  • Build 3D cylinder shapes for each link
  • Coordinates of adjacent links are related through a homogenous transformation
  • The homogenous transformation specifies a rotation and translation of points
  • An end effector trajectory is generated by interpolating between points
  • Change the rotation and translation of each link as governed by the next interpolated point
  • Redraw or update the figure display
graphical user interfaces
Graphical User Interfaces
  • GUI’s are attached to figure windows
  • Pull down menus
  • Push buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Text boxes
  • Sliders
  • Popup menus
  • ….
gui for the pendulum
GUI for the Pendulum
  • Add a Pause and End push button
  • Add a Slider and Text box for changing and displaying the pendulum length parameter
day 5 proposed topics
Day 5 Proposed Topics
  • Symbolic math toolbox
  • Simulink
  • Control systems toolbox
  • Identification toolbox
  • Signal processing toolbox
symbolic math toolbox
Symbolic Math Toolbox
  • Manipulate and solve symbolic equations
  • MAPLE (licensed by Mathworks) is the underlying engine
  • Graphical entry tool for dynamic systems
  • A dynamic model relating outputs to inputs
  • May use Simulink for simulation
  • With other toolboxes (Real time workshop, xPC Target …)
    • May interface to data acquisition hardware
    • May be compiled and executed under a real time operating system
    • Supports multiple targets
control system toolbox
Control System Toolbox
  • System representation in many forms:
    • Transfer function
    • State space
    • Pole–zero
  • Step, impulse and transient response
  • Bode, Nyquist, Nichols, pole-zero plots
  • Statefeedback
    • Pole placement
    • LQG
  • Model order reduction
rlc circuit
RLC Circuit






lead compensator



Lead Compensator







system identification toolbox





Identification Toolbox

System Identification Toolbox
nonparametric model







Nonparametric Model
identification algorithms
Identification Algorithms
  • Spectral analysis, spa()
  • Predictive error method, pem()
  • Autoregressive, ar()
  • Instrumental variables, iv4()
  • Autoregressive moving average, arma()
  • Box-Jenkins, bj()
signal processing toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Filtering and FFT’s
  • Signals representation
  • Time and frequency response
  • IIR and FIR filter analysis and design
  • Statistical signal processing
    • Correlation and covariance
    • Spectral analysis
    • Windowing
    • Cepstrum analysis
digital filters and correlation
Digital Filters and Correlation
  • Input, u, is selected as a pulse
  • Plot u and filter output, y
  • Plot FFT of input pulse, u
  • Plot FFT of filter output, y
  • Plot autocorrelation of input pulse, u
  • Plot autocorrelation of filter output, y
final summary
Final Summary
  • MATLAB windows and navigation.
  • Arrays: create, append, index, delete.
  • Array operations: element-by-element, matrix arithmetic, relational and logical.
  • Data analysis: linear equations, linear algebra, least squares.
  • 2-D and 3-D plots.
  • Handle graphics and simple animation
  • Toolboxes