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Hope+More. An integrated approach to employee giving campaigns that makes a difference in the lives of our employees and in the communities we serve. Hope+More. 2. About the Campaign. An integrated approach. Integrated giving campaigns at all facilities

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hope more


An integrated approach to employee giving campaigns that makes a difference in the lives of our employees and in the communities we serve.

an integrated approach

About the Campaign

An integrated approach
  • Integrated giving campaigns at all facilities
  • Easy online pledging option through payroll deduction for employees
  • Online reporting tools to help track campaign progress
  • HCA Foundation match for Leadership Circle donors giving $500 or more
  • Corporate staff support to help you run effective campaigns


why an integrated campaign

Why an integrated approach to employee giving campaigns (Hope Fund & United Way)?

Why an integrated campaign?


Efficient & Effective – reduced staff time

Promotes a thoughtful approach to individual philanthropy

Opportunity for match programs

Colleagues and Community Message

campaign leader responsibilities
Campaign Leader Responsibilities
  • Work with your Leadership Chair to plan a meeting which includes facility O’s.
  • Recruit your campaign team at your facility (recommended composition includes Marketing, HR, Administration, Fund Leader, and employee representatives)
  • Work with your CEO and Leadership Chair to solicit the leadership team for the Leadership Circle Hope Fund Gifts ($500+ gifts)
  • Set achievable goals for your facility in concert with any division goals
  • Provide the Hope Fund staff with total dollars raised through facility fundraisers (donations not recorded as individual contributions)


how we do it
How We Do It
  • Campaign season is from September - December
  • Focus on two things:
    • Employee participation rates (payroll deduction)
    • Leadership giving & participation
  • Start with your leadership campaign
  • Keep it short: 2 to 4 weeks
  • Use and brand the resources provided for you


setting goals for your campaign
Setting Goals for Your Campaign
  • Start with the number and percentage of employees who participated in your 2010 Hope Fund and United Way Campaigns
          • We will furnish Hope Fund data from the 2010 campaign
  • Determine your target employee giving participation (aim to beat last years participation by 2%)
  • Set a goal for the leadership team’s participation (shoot for 100%)
  • Increase the number Leadership Circle donors over your prior year’s campaign

Hope Fund Employee Participation categories (13% is overall goal):

Needs attention: 0-<5%

Room for improvement: 5%-<10%

Good: 10%-<20%

Great: >20%

FYI- Leadership Team is defined as facility “Os” and Division and Group Leadership (VP and above)


employee participation defined
Employee Participation Defined
  • Participation is defined as...
    • One time donations not tied to facility fundraisers (check & credit card)
    • Payroll deductions
  • Facility fundraisers count toward the total raised, but not toward your overall employee participation rate
  • Payroll deduction gifts are proven to generate better results and establish a pattern of giving.


matching gifts united way
Matching Gifts: United Way
  • We encourage you to consider a establishing a matching gift program for United Way
    • Example: If you are currently making a corporate gift this can easily be shifted to a corporate match
  • Matching gift programs are popular with donors and improve employee morale and loyalty


matching gifts hope fund
Matching Gifts: Hope Fund
  • All donors who give $500 or more are members of the Leadership Circle
  • The CEO and leadership team of every facility are asked to consider making Leadership Circle gifts
  • Leadership gifts of $500 are eligible for a 1:1 match from the HCA Foundation, up to $200,000 system-wide


hope fund a deeper dive
Hope Fund : A Deeper Dive


The HCA Hope Fund’s goal is to be an effective and reliable way for HCA employees to help one another, providing hope and financial assistance in times of need. The Hope Fund offers financial aid for illnesses, injuries, disasters and other special circumstances such as domestic violence that create an unavoidable financial strain.



fast fund facts
Fast Fund Facts
  • Inspired by the 2004 Florida hurricanes
  • Designed to help employees and their immediate families who are affected by hardship.
  • Structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, separate from HCA.
  • 33% of all contributions must come from the general public in order to maintain charity status.
  • More than 95% of Hope Fund employee contributions go directly to helping employees in need.
  • Not an employee benefit.


how does the hope fund operate
How Does The Hope Fund Operate?
  • Staffed by HCA, with volunteers at each facility and the corporate office
  • Overseen by a 28-member Board of Directors representing 17 facilities, 8 divisions, and each of our 3 groups
  • Fundraising campaigns implemented by each facility
  • Grant applications reviewed by each facility with recommendation to the Hope Fund staff


numbers that give us hope
Numbers that Give Us Hope

2009 Numbers that Give Us Hope

  • Campaign Results
  • Donors: over 15,000
    • 1922 Leadership Circle donors
  • Donations: $2.45 Million
    • 9% employee participation
    • 83% hospital participation
  • Grant Results
  • Number of grants approved: 702
  • Total amount of assistance provided: over $ 653,000
    • Average grant: $ 930
      • 71% for illness/injury
      • 19% for other (e.g., domestic violence, funeral expenses)
      • 10% for disaster


happy birthday hope fund
Happy Birthday Hope Fund

Happy 5th Birthday

HCA Hope Fund

  • What can be done in just 5 years?
  • $10.5 Million in assistance provided to more than 9700 families
  • $13 Million contributed to help HCA employees in need


campaign competition
Campaign Competition
  • Competition Categories:
    • Category 1 (0-499 employees)
    • Category 2 (500-999 employees)
    • Category 3 (1,000+ employees)
  • Top facility within each category based on Hope Fund Giving based on employee participation will:
    • Campaign Leader and CEO invited to the annual “Celebration of Giving “ event
    • Funds will be awarded towards a facility improvement project to benefit the employees
  • Top facility based on Hope Fund donations will be invited to an annual dinner


sample campaign timeline
Sample Campaign Timeline

By August 31:

  • Recruit Your Campaign Team
  • Plan and hold your initial Leadership Team meeting
  • Work with CEO to complete Leadership Giving Campaign

By September 28:

  • Conduct hospital-wide kickoff or rally to promote campaign
  • Campaign Team distributes solicitation materials to everyone in their departments

By October 30:

  • Departments conduct special campaign events to raise awareness (optional)
  • Designate a week when employees can get help to enroll online from the campaign team on-site - One suggestion is to set up a laptop or computer access in employee areas during a Culture of Caring Week to promote online enrollment
  • Hospital Campaign Leader and Team use online reports to track “no Decision” and insure all paper pledge forms are turned in

October 31: All forms to be faxed to: 877-687-3968 -or- mail to: HCA Employee Giving Program, PO Box 8809, Princeton, NJ 08543-8809

November: Give your CEO and Leadership team an update on facility giving results

Use real-time reports to continuously rally employees and build excitement!


best practices campaign management
Best Practices: Campaign Management
  • Build a plan for success with key events and communications
  • Engage your CEO and Leadership Chair
    • Ask your CEO to make a Leadership Circle gift to lead off with a great example!
  • Recruit and Prepare your Campaign Committee
  • Recruit and Educate Campaign Team Leaders
  • Promote and Publicize
  • Make the Ask
  • Report your results
  • Say Thank You


what worked for them
What worked for them?*
  • Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, FL – 62% employee participation in 2009
    • Constant follow-up with team leaders, keeps CEO informed
    • Use large goal-tracking thermometers in the lobbies and small ones in each department
  • Fairview Park Hospital, GA – 24% employee participation in 2009
    • A local Hope Fund recipient spoke live at the leadership meeting and they played it back on a loop at the kickoff and team meetings
  • Corpus Christi Medical Center, TX - 20% employee participation in 2009
    • CEO made the campaign a priority and challenged his directors to do their part
  • St. David’s Georgetown Hospital, TX – 74% employee participation in 2009
    • Created a “Harvesting of Hope” display. Employees received a leaf for each donation


*statistics based on 2009 campaign results

2010 campaign resources
2010 Campaign Resources

“MORE” theme

Emailed to Campaign Leaders by August 11th

  • Historical data on facility giving to the Hope Fund
  • Video link and intro email for employees
  • Link to MediaWorks

Available on Mediaworks

  • Campaign Resource Guide
  • Campaign Wrap up Form
  • Employee brochure
  • Large Facility Poster
  • Small Poster (printable)
  • Table Tent (optional)
  • Large Card (optional)


behind the scenes

Behind the scenes


What is the technology platform we are giving through and what are its advantages (over other options)?


The technology platform is provided through a contractual agreement with a company called JK Group, Inc.

Founded in 1989, JK Group has become the leading provider of outsourcing support for corporate philanthropic programs. They currently serve over 200 corporate clients, including more than 40 of the Fortune 100, and disburse over $500 million a year in charitable contributions.

Contact Support at 1-866-746-7901 or HCA@easymatch.com if you need assistance accessing or navigating the online giving system.

Behind the scenes


things to know about payroll deduction
Things To Know About Payroll Deduction
  • All payroll deductions will be continuous until stopped or changed by the requestor
  • Donors who signed up for the Hope Fund and United Way last year don’t have to again, but can change their deduction with a new pledge.
  • Be sure to distribute the new integrated campaign giving form. Please destroy all other payroll deduction forms.
  • All employee paper forms should be faxed to: 877-687-3968 or mailed to: HCA Employee Giving Program, PO Box 8809, Princeton, NJ 08543-8809


paper pledge form
Paper Pledge Form

Do not let technology stand in the way of participation! –

Print off and make easily available the paper pledge forms to suit the needs of employees.

But also note to employees that online is the most accurate way to record your pledge.

Paper pledge forms will not post to online campaign reports for about 5-7 business days after receipt.

Forms must be received by November 15thin order for donations to begin with the January payroll.



Campaign Reports For You –

Facility Summary

  • All reports are real-time
  • Use to communicate campaign status as frequently as daily.



Campaign Reports For You –

Employee Giving

  • Additional Reports:
    • Giving By Agency (Hope Fund, United Way)
    • Employee Roster – list of all employees included in campaign count.
    • No Decision Recorded – list of all employees who have not been online to record a decision nor have submitted paper form.
    • Decision Recorded – Employees who have been online to record a decision, submitted a paper form, or have an active gift in the system from the previous year
    • Department Summary – summary listing of employee counts and pledge percentages.


more resources for you
More Resources for You
  • Campaign Leader Resources/Websites
    • www.hcamediaworks.com
    • www.hcahopefund.org
    • www.uw.org
  • Staff available at any time:
    • Deana Campbell deana.campbell@hcahealthcare.com
    • Joe Flynnjoe.flynn@hcahealthcare.com
  • “Ask the Expert”

Alexander Haas sandra.kidd@fundraisingcounsel.com

    • Promoting Leadership Circle giving and maximizing the match
    • Ways to approach the CEO and Os to encourage participation
    • How to recognize your donors as part of the culture of caring