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Graduate Programs in Psychology

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Graduate Programs in Psychology. Melinda Schuricht - Psi Chi President Randee Kirkemo – Psychology Club President Lindsey Roberge- Psi Chi Vice President . Outline. Types of graduate degrees and programs What graduate schools are looking for in an applicant Programs offered at SDSU

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graduate programs in psychology
Graduate Programs in Psychology

Melinda Schuricht - Psi Chi President

Randee Kirkemo – Psychology Club President

Lindsey Roberge- Psi Chi Vice President

  • Types of graduate degrees and programs
  • What graduate schools are looking for in an applicant
  • Programs offered at SDSU
  • How to get involved as an undergraduate
types of degrees
Types of Degrees
  • PhD- Doctor of Philosophy
    • Many areas
    • Research focused
  • PsyD- Doctor of Psychology
    • Practitioner focused
  • EdD- Doctor in Education
  • MA, MS, MEd- Masters in Arts, Masters in Science, Masters in Education
  • MFT- Marriage and Family Therapist
  • MSW, LCSW- Masters of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
types of graduate programs
Types of graduate programs
  • Clinical
  • Industrial Organizational Psychology aka I/O
  • Neuropsychology
  • Social/ Personality Psychology
  • Counseling
  • MFT
  • MSW
  • School Psychology
  • School Counseling
  • Educational Psychology 
  • Others- Forensic, Sports, Developmental, Rehab, Vocational
clinical psychology
Clinical Psychology
  • The purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress, abnormal or dysfunction.
  • M.A.
  • Ph.D. vs. Psy.D.
  • Types of jobs/career
  • Helpful website: or
industrial organizational io psychology
Industrial Organizational (IO) Psychology
  • Psychological concepts and methods to optimize human potential in the workplace
  • M.S. in Applied Psychology prepares students for jobs that require the application
  • Types of careers
  • Helpful website:
  • Investigates the complex relationships between mental events and behaviors and the electrical, biochemical, and structural changes of the nervous system
  • In terms of graduate programs, similar to Clinical psychology
  • Helpful website: or
social personality psychology
Social/Personality Psychology
  • Studies the effects of social and cognitive factors on the way individuals and groups perceive, influence and relate to other individuals and groups
  • Ph.D. & M.A.
  • Types of jobs
  • Helpful website or
counseling psychology
Counseling Psychology
  • Similar to the Clinical PhD
    • Different populations
  • Eligible for licensure and internships (APA approved)
  • Generally 4-5 years
  • Acceptance rate 6-10/year
  • Work Environment
    • University settings, private practice, research
  • MA option
  • Helpful website: or
  • Emphasizes on relationships within the family or “system.” Brief, solution-focused, specific with attainable therapeutic goals, designed with the "end in mind."
  • Generally 2-3 years
  • Internship
  • Populations
    • Families, couples, ID patient within a system
  • Work Environment
    • Private practice, military, teaching (MFT programs), integrative collaboration
  • Website:
  • Committed to the pursuit of social justice, to the enhancement of the quality of life, and to the development of the full potential of each individual, group and community in the society
  • MSW vs. LCSW
  • Work Environment
    • Case management, medical social work, counseling (psychotherapy), human services management, social welfare policy, community organizing, advocacy, teaching (in schools of social work), and social science research
  • Helpful website:
school psychology
School Psychology
  • Have specialized training in both psychology and education. Provide Consultation, assessment, intervention, prevention, education, health care provisions, research and planning.
  • Work with students, parents, teachers and school administrators to pinpoint the sources of students' academic, social or behavioral difficulties.
  • Work environment
    • public and private schools (majority)
    • School-based health centers
    • Clinics and hospitals
    • Private practice
    • University, community and state agencies
  • Degrees available
    • MA, MS, MEd, EdS, PhD, PsyD, and EdD
  • Helpful website: NASPONLINE.ORG
school counseling
School Counseling
  • A counselor and educator who helps students understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal problems.
  • School Counselors work with parents, teachers, school adminstrators, school psychologists, school nurses, and social workers to ensure all students receive comprehensive counseling.
  • School Counselors meet the needs of student in three basic domains of development:
    • Career
    • Academic
    • Personal and social
  • Work environment
    • Elementary, Middle and High School
  • Degrees available
    • Masters w/ or with out PPSC, PhD, EdS, and EdD.
  • Helpful website:
educational psychology
Educational Psychology 
  • Educational Psychology is the study of how humans learn in an educational setting. Develop educational tests, evaluate educational programs, consult schools to implement teaching and testing changes
  • Work as researchers studying classroom dynamics, teaching styles and variables that can influence learning.
  • Work environment
    • Schools, universities, learning centers and other human development settings.
  • Graduate degrees for educational psychologist’s:
    • MEd: Masters in Education
    • EdD: Doctor of Education
  • Website: APA.ORG
  • Forensic, Sports, Developmental, Rehab, Vocational
  • Licensure information in California
programs at sdsu
Programs at SDSU
  • Clinical Psychology PhD
  • MA in Psychology
  • MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Program Evaluation
  • MA in Counseling (CBB)
  • MS in Counseling (School Counseling)
  • MS in MFT
  • Ed.S in School Psychology
  • MS in Rehabilitation Counseling
how to get involved as an undergraduate
How to get involved as an undergraduate
  • Peer Advising
  • Peer Educator Program
  • Peer Health Educators
  • Research, publications, and conferences
  • Senior or Honors Thesis
  • TA
  • Internships
  • SCOPE or previously FSMP
  • Community Service
  • Work experience
  • Psi Chi and Psychology Club