Glenmore park child and family precinct
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GLENMORE PARK CHILD AND FAMILY PRECINCT Purpose of the Information Sessions To provide you with information about a child and family precinct in Glenmore Park To respond to your questions about the precinct To document your comments and forward them to the relevant Council Officers

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Purpose of the information sessions l.jpg
Purpose of the Information Sessions

  • To provide you with information about a child and family precinct in Glenmore Park

  • To respond to your questions about the precinct

  • To document your comments and forward them to the relevant Council Officers

  • To inform you about the next steps in the project and tell you how you can keep informed and contribute

History of the site l.jpg
History of the Site

  • 1989 - Glenmore Park rezoned from rural to urban land

  • 1993 – Glenmore Park Community Plan adopted and Council commence collection of funds from developers for community facilities

  • 1995 - Development Control Plan (DCP) identifies the site for future community facilities and neighbourhood business centre

  • 2001 – Planning for Blue Hills site commences

  • 2005 - Council adopted the concept of a Child and Family Precinct

  • 2006 – Architect engaged and community information sessions commenced

Informing the planning process l.jpg
Informing the Planning Process

Consideration will be given to your views along with what we already know from:

  • Independent community consultations and needs analysis

  • Demographic predictions based on census data

  • Formal and informal discussions with residents

  • Site assessments

  • Budget capacity

What our research told us l.jpg

Child care especially for babies and toddlers – occasional child care

Small community meeting rooms

Community workers

Adventure play area

Small Coffee shop/store

Access to clean well maintained toilets

Off street parking

Outdoor seating

What our research told us

What our research told us7 l.jpg

A safe area child care

No graffiti

Well maintained area

Community Safety Program

Management Plan with a regular maintenance program

The planning will be required to adapt sustainability features

What our research told us

Slide8 l.jpg

Planning for the Precinct child care

  • Six functional areas will make up the Glenmore Park Child and Family Precinct:

  • Children’s/Community Facility

  • Outdoor Meeting Area/Public Domain

  • Adventure Play Area

  • Coffee Shop/Store

  • Open Space

  • Car Parking

Child and community facility l.jpg
Child and Community Facility child care

  • A welcoming, homely building that will provide children’s services for 0-5 year olds, space for community activities, community groups and programs

  • The children’s service will comply with NSW licensing requirements

  • The community meeting rooms will be available for small group hire e.g. playgroup, fitness group, computer group, gardening club, sewing circle

Outdoor meeting area public domain l.jpg
Outdoor Meeting Area/Public Domain child care

A landscaped focal point of the precinct where:

  • You can sit and relax

  • You can socialise

  • Children can play in a safe environment

  • Community groups can hold activities such as: raffles, white elephant stalls

Adventure play area l.jpg
Adventure Play Area child care

  • A play area that is attractive and challenging to your children regardless of age and ability

  • Created as part of the natural environment

  • It will be unique to Glenmore Park

  • It will ensure an interesting and attractive precinct

Coffee shop store l.jpg
Coffee Shop/Store child care

  • A local meeting place within walking distance of many homes

  • Outdoor terrace area with views of the wet land and Blue Mountains

  • Take the family

  • Hold small informal group meetings

  • Pick up bread and milk on your way home

Open space area l.jpg
Open Space Area child care

A well maintained area for:

  • Kicking the ball

  • Walking the dog

  • Riding bikes

  • Organised community gatherings and activities

  • Family picnics

  • Access to clean toilets adjacent to the coffee shop

Off street parking l.jpg
Off Street Parking child care

  • Parking will be off street

  • According to legislation

  • Minimal impact of vistas

  • Disability and pram spaces

How the six planned elements meet identified need l.jpg
How the six planned elements meet identified need child care

  • Acknowledging that the outdoor meeting spaces are as important as indoor areas and need to be well planned and well maintained

  • The creation of an interesting and attractive place that will draw people of all ages together to join in community life

  • Provide a range of services in one location

  • Providing a combination of elements that will ensure valid use of the precinct 7 days a week and limit opportunities for graffiti

  • Provide open doors and staff to meet and greet you

Where we re at in the planning process l.jpg
Where we’re at in the planning process child care

  • A Child and Family Precinct concept is developed and adopted by Council

  • Architectural services are engaged

  • We are talking to residents who live adjacent to the site about the development of the Precinct

Where to next l.jpg
Where to Next child care

  • Site Assessment (July 2006)

  • Development of options for Precinct layout (August 2006)

  • Development of designs (Sept 2006)

  • Development Application on Public exhibition (Oct 2006)

  • Construction commencement (Jan 2007)

  • Construction completion (Dec 2007)

Slide18 l.jpg

How to find out what is happening child care

  • Look on Council’s Web

  • Provide your email address for any up-dates

  • Library/Community Centres

Who to contact l.jpg
Who to Contact child care

  • Children’s Services Development Officer

  • 02 4732 7828

  • (M) 0407 10 8399

  • Community Programmes Co-ordinator

  • 02 4732 7936

  • (M) 0418 27 2670