forestry and conservation l.
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Forestry and Conservation

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Forestry and Conservation. By: Donald Gilman Worth County Middle School Sylvester, GA Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office May 2004. Forest and Conservation. Soil Conservation-Management practices that prevent soil loss.

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forestry and conservation

Forestry and Conservation

By: Donald Gilman

Worth County Middle School

Sylvester, GA

Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office

May 2004

forest and conservation
Forest and Conservation
  • Soil Conservation-Management practices that prevent soil loss.
  • Erosion-A force that depletes topsoil and fertility : Caused by exposing unprotected soils to wind and water.
crp conservation reserve program
CRP- Conservation Reserve Program
  • A government program that provides payment to land owners that voluntarily take erodible land out of production. The most common cover crop used for this program is pine trees.
what are forest
What are Forest?
  • Valuable Natural Resource
  • Renewable Resource- a resource that is not used up; it continues to produce more of its’ kind
  • Habitat for wildlife
  • Basis for our lumber industry
  • Erosion control device
multiple use management
Multiple Use Management
  • Concept of managing forest lands:the forest lands are used by many user groups in this setting
  • Timber is harvested
  • Mines if available are operated
  • Grazing is open up for public bidding
  • Recreational purposes are established: Fishing, Boating,Camping, Hunting
forest and watershed
Forest and Watershed
  • Water shed- the area from which water drains as it emergences from springs and moves into the streams, rivers, lakes and ponds
  • The forest slows down the movement of water causing it to be absorbed and then it is released through out the year.This water seeps into underground springs and aquifers where it is later deposited into streams and rivers replenishing the water supply for a continuous flow
surface water
Surface Water
  • Includes the water in our rivers,lakes,streams and reservoirs.
  • These waters are used for human consumption;irrigation of farmlands;and recreation
  • Underground layer of porous rock and/or sand that contains water.
  • Water that is obtained from an aquifer is called ground water.
  • Much of the ground water is used for human consumption.
  • Water from aquifers have less contaminants than river and steam water.
  • Ecosystem is made up of all of the forms of life that inhabit a particular area.
  • Each ecosystem is related .
government agencies
Government Agencies
  • USDA-Makes regulatory policy for all Ag enterprises.
  • USDA Forest Service - set regulatory policy for all federal forest lands
  • Department of Interior - sets regulatory policy for all lands set aside under the federal government’s control
  • USDA Soil Conservation Service - Makes regulatory policy for the use of land and conservation practices to be employed
  • State Agencies - DNR, Forestry, Fish & Wildlife
the future
The Future
  • There will be some government agency established to measure and regulate water usage.